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Howdy Y’all, we are a small business working to help spread the knowledge of psilocybe cubensis. Above all, we do this by offering microscopy kits to research its first humble beginning – spores. Spores are single reproductive cells of fungi and are capable of giving rise to a new individual. At first, we started this because we feel it was our duty to give everyday people the ability to research them. 

Likewise, we believe in furthering the healing science of Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research by donating $1 from every purchase made. Together, we have raised over $1,000 to help fund research based around  treatment-resistant depression, end-of-life anxiety, addiction, and many more. In short, we exist to provide natures finest spores for microscopy and donate a portion of our profits to psychedelic science.

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Our Mission

Provide premium sterile psilocybe cubensis spores to everyday researchers who want to increase their knowledge in microscopy. 

Our Vision

Educate the world about the healing potential of multiple molecules and breaking the age-old stigma surrounding them.

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All of our Products and Spores are Sold for Microscopy use Only.

We do not condone nor support any illegal activities. We are here to provide premium sterile spores for microscopy research. All of the information we share is educational in nature with a goal of teaching people about current events and scientific discovery.
**Please DO NOT contact/message us about cultivation or growing. We will not respond.

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