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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Gremlins, Goblins, and Ghouls OH MY Blog Hop

We just keep hoppin along...I'm a couple of weeks early, but I'm getting in the mood!Halloween started calling my name this week.
This years Halloween Hop is "Gremlins, Goblins and Ghouls, OH MY!"Otherwise known as the "GG&G hop".LOL!!
Being the Halloween junkie that I am, I'm thrilled to be hosting this year.It pretty much goes without saying, anything Halloween is perfect for this hop.Just put on your witches hat and see what you come up with.
If you want to play along with us, we would love to have you.Drop me an email with your name, your blog name, your blog URL and your email address.I do try to accommodate date requests, so let me know if you have a preference, as well.

This month Carla at "Creatin in the Sticks" is hosting...I'm excited to see just where everyone is off to!Send her all your info if you want to play along with us.
September Carol from "Just Let Me Quilt" is hosting...What's in your tool box that makes your quilt life easier?We are sharing our favorite tools and gadgets and maybe some tips to go along with them.
Drop her a line with your info, to play along in this hop

It's always a hoppin' good time, so we hope you'll join us!
til next time...Keep on Stitchin'

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Friday, July 29, 2022

UFO Blog Hop Day 5

Well, in the blink of an eye, the week is over. That always makes me a little sad, but WOW, did my blogging buddies come through on this hop. So many projects are officially now complete. I can safely say that most of us unearthed more than we anticipated and at least have them on our radar now.LOL!!
Danice shared her bright and beautiful Pachanga mystery quilt.
Julia finished up the cutest quilt and companion quilt from the scraps. I love bonus quilts! She and her daughter finished up a quilt from the early days of Covid when home schooling was going on. The smile on that little ones face, says it all.
Beth finished up the sweetest baby shark quilt for her niece who was nominated for an Emmy in casting an animated baby shark show. I love how Beth refers her sewing room to Area 51. I can identify with that. LOL!!
Carol finished a beautiful wild flower table runner and some absolutely gorgeous projects that her Aunt had given her partially done. Then there's a Thimbleberry quilt that made my heart sing!
Lastly, I was taken over by aliens apparently! I unearthed 2 totes full of quilts that just needed quilting. Thanks to a long weekend and a lot of motivation for the past few months, and I got 15 projects finished. No fancy quilting for this girl. I was just on a mission to get er done! :-)
A big thanks to all my fellow bloggers, you rocked this week with your projects.It's a double edge sword though, as I bounce between ohhhh...I want to do that one next, and seriously, you still have 2 totes of PIGS that haven't seen daylight in years!
You can find all this weeks projects posted on our Pinterest boardHERE
See you all next month at the

Thursday, July 28, 2022

It's My Day on the UFO Blog Hop

Welcome to my day on the UFO blog hop.

This post comes with a's very long!

"Alien's Among Us"

Here's a UFO, that I have no recollection of making, LOL!! Anyone else out there feel my pain? It was double batted with wool and was in a tote full of projects that have never been quilted. I would love to tell you just what my thoughts were on this, but it's a mystery to me. I quilted it up, using stitch in the ditch and added a few "Out of this World" appliques to fit the theme of this hop.

After that, I must have been taken over by said "Aliens" because something got into me! After finding 2 totes of quilts that were finished, but never quilted, I decided it was high time to get em done. Some were big and some were small, but in all I managed to get 15, yes 15 UFO's finished. I have to say, I am doing the happy dance here!

We were camping at Glendo State Park in Wyoming last weekand our campsite was perfect for taking photos.These 2 big guys are Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts.The top one is the 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery "Celtic Solstice".The bottom is is her 2015 Mystery " Grand Illusion".
This is a "Stack N Whack" that was done long, long ago, maybe 2006 or 2007???I was really hooked on them and have fabric for 2 more. If you never start them, do they still count as UFO's? LOL!!
"Halloween Who Knows"Don't have any idea what it was, or when I made it, but it's kinda ugly. LOL!!I would blame someone for adding to my stack of UFO's, but I recognize the fabrics, so I must have done it. Either that or someone snuck in and stitched it while I was sleeping. Was that one of you???
"Free flight Macaw". a 2019 pattern by Dione at "Clever Chameleon Quilting".When we were Island Batik Ambassadors, she asked me to pattern test this for her.It looks like she hasn't blogged for awhile. I know she moved to the Outback in Australia, and I haven't heard from her since. Hope your doing well, out there Dione!
"Stair Step Sampler". Pattern by Alison Vermilya at "Little Bunny Quilts".I actually cut a kit 3 years ago for a quilt retreat and never even started on it. Fast forward to this year, when my NY, NJ and PA friends were able to get together again for a retreat, and I actually got it finished. Not before I realized that I had forgot to cut part of the pieces! Eye roll here. I was able to find fabric that blended well enough anyway, and it's a finish.
"Ready for Christmas"Does this look familiar? It's a Carol Swift original...I went to Vegas last year and took a class from her. I finally got it quilted at the NY quilt retreat this year too! Carol's patterns are as fun as her classes are!You can find her pattern HERE
"Words to Grow By"2020 BOM from Sew Incredibly Crazy and Friends.It was so close but so far away. I added the borders and got it quilted.
"Mariner's Star"You just have to see it outside to appreciate the colors. This was done in my hand dye fabrics, to long ago to remember when, but it's possibly my favorite quilt now.This 60" x 60" beauty is hanging by my longarm, to keep it company!
"Stain Glass Angel"was designed by Deb Geissler at "Designs by Deb"I'm lucky that we live just across town from each other. She held classes for this in her basement back in 2015. I'm sure she would have a heart attach if she knew I just now quilted it!I added the lettering with "Crafters Edge" alphabet dies.
"Moose in the Pines"This is a "Round Robin" quilt that Bea Lee, from "BeaQuilter" hosted back in 2015.If your not familiar with how they work, you make your center block and the quilt label, then mail it off to the next person. Each person participating, adds a border and sends it on to the next person. You can see all the quilts on my post HERE.It was so much fun to work on all the different quilts. Unfortunately for the most part, those days are over due to the crazy prices of postage now.
Lastly, 3 miscellaneous table toppers and runner.
I'm so happy to not only see all your projects this week, but that I managed to blast through a bunch of my own as well. If the aliens who took over my body feel the need to do so again some time, feel free to "Beam Me Up Scotty". I've got a couple of totes of projects that haven't even been started yet!
On a side note here...I had to stop and read this twice!I found this on EtsyHEREand think my sewing room needs this for sure.LOL!Hope you all have enjoyed the week with us.You can find all this weeks projects posted on our Pinterest boardHEREPlease visit my fellow bloggers today!

Homespun Hannah's Blog


Words & Stitches

Just Sew Quilter


UFO Blog Hop Day 4

Daryl turned a couple of quilt blocks into a dust cover for her computer screen. Brilliant idea!
Carol finished up an awesome commission quilt and quilted her "Pop Star" quilt. The quilting is absolutely gorgeous!
Lynn bless her heart was able to finish off some adorable tote bags made with selvedges, after dealing with some health issues. You rocked it Lynn and we wish you a speedy recovery.
Becky's post really went into what happens to us, to cause UFO's. She cracked me up when she said "serial starter"! Yep, that's me for sure.
Roseanne finished a beautiful Sisters quilt and advanced a gorgeous quilt from "storage to shoebox". I absolutely LOVE that term. Do I see a new theme for a blog hop in the future or what? LOL!!

If you didn't get a chance to check it out on Tuesday, make sure you visit Sherrie at "Food for Thought".She got her flag quilt finished, and I do apologize for missing it myself.

Tomorrow we wrap up this weeks inspirational hop with 5 more bloggers who are excited to share...

Friday July 29

Homespun Hannah'sBlog


Words & Stitches

Just Sew Quilter


Leave them a little love with your sweet comments!

You can find all this weeks projects posted on our Pinterest boardHERE

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

UFO Blog Hop Day 3

Raewyn was busy working on a stitchery that she started a year ago. It's absolutely gorgeous. I had to laugh when she got distracted with churn dash blocks. Yep, that's how I end up with all those UFO's here. LOL!!
Bea shared a birthday pillow that she is making into a table runner, that she's had stashed. It's too cute. She's one of "those" who actually has an organized sewing room. As much as I wish, I don't see that happening here any time soon. :-)
Selina found a project that was at least 10 years old, complete with the pins still in it. Oh can I relate to that, here! Her Santa is officially finished and her pins put away. She even got the binding on her Tardis quilt from a past hop. You go girl!
Elizabeth pulled out a project she started last year and showed us the sweetest little turtle quiltie! I'm in love with it.
Cindy designed an adorable UFO tracker, complete with a spaceship! She also finished up blankets for her new grand daughter arriving in October. Congrats Cindy!
Gail made my day with her finish of an applique project. She is not a fan of applique! You just have to read her post about it. It's hilarious!
Tomorrow these bloggers are excited to share...

Thursday July 28

Patchouli MoonStudio

Quilt Schmilt

Lynns Blog

Becky’sAdventures in Quilting and Travel

Home Sewn by Us

Leave them a little love with your sweet comments!

...and this is my we have UFO's!
You can find all this weeks projects posted on our Pinterest boardHERE

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