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Our cause

Stick to safety

We provide health care professionals with automatic safety IV and arterial catheters for a safe and successful insertion.
More about our cause Our cause

Stick to safety

We provide health care professionals with automatic safety IV and arterial catheters for a safe and successful insertion.
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Automatic safety IV and arterial catheters

CLiP® Neo IV catheter

CLiP® Ported IV catheter

CLiP® Winged IV catheter

SWiTCH arterial catheter

Features & benefits

Our IVand arterial catheters are designed with the health care professionals working environment in mind. Our focus is to provide products that are user friendly, safe, sharp and with a consistent quality, so you can focus less on worrying about needlestick injuries and more on giving the best care to your patients.

01 / Features & benefits

Automatic safety

The safety mechanism is passive so no additional action is required by the user during insertion. The automatic safety contributes to a reduction of accidental needlestick injuries and to a safe procedure for user and patient.

02 / Features & benefits

Excellent insertion properties

Patients and their conditions may vary, but our products must remain consistent to facilitate a safe and successful insertion. The sharp needles, the precise tip configuration and the quick blood response contributes to an effective and gentle penetration.

03 / Features & benefits

Comprehensive range

To minimize patient discomfort and boost user confidence our products are available in a vast variety of gauge sizes and lengths. The comprehensive range provides flexibility for health care workers and facilitates demanding physical conditions and different clinical needs.

04 / Features & benefits

Small environmental footprint

Our compact product and packaging design leads to low material consumption as well as reduced transport, handling, storage and waste volumes.

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Inspiration, news and tips for health care professionals working with peripheral IV and arterial cannulation. The content is provided by Vigmed - the legal manufacturer of CLiP® automatic safety IV catheters and SWiTCH automatic safety arterial catheters.

Field safety notice.

Vigmed AB has voluntary initiated a Field Safety Corrective Action (FSCA) for CLiP® Winged Automatic Safety IV catheter VW203211 batch number 94722N.

Pro’s outweighs Con’s with blood sampling from PIVC

There are several advantages with sampling blood from CLiP® automatic safety IV catheters. For example, minimizing the number of venepunctures needed...

The challenges of pediatric IV cannulation

Although Petra Langmayr doesn’t have direct contact with young patients anymore, her passion for helping children is always there. To help provide the...

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MM0001 (8) Brochure CLiP and SWiTCH 07.04.2021 MM0006 (8) Product sheet CLiP Neo 21.05.2021 MM0009 (6) Product sheet CLiP Winged 23.07.2020 MM0011 (6) Product sheet CLiP Ported 23.07.2020 MM0003 (5) Product sheet SWiTCH 23.07.2020 100902 (5) CLiP IFU 02.07.2020 10802 (10) SWiTCH IFU 02.07.2020 EC certificate 07.07.2020 ISO13485, ISO9001 07.07.2020

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