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Badge Books inspire families to build a habit of reading that stays with children for life.

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For kids, reading is to the brain as exercise is to the body.

But 90% of kids are overdoing screen time and not reading enough.

Children who do not establish reading habits early have lower academic outcomes and perform worse on state tests. Kids who are most engaged with reading have four times higher levels of mental well-being and have more adaptable social skills.

So how do we get kids to watch less and read more?

Badge Books make reading more fun and motivate kids to read more — while keeping track of the books your family reads.

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Motivate With Reading Challenges

Welcome to Badge Books by Zoobean. Each Badge Book connects kids to a set of realistic reading goals, then rewards their efforts with over 100 themed stickers and digital badges.

The books work hand-in-hand with our free Beanstack Mobile App available on Android and iOS. Simply swipe your phone over any book cover to "log" the book and get credit for every minute your child reads.

Watch a 2 minute demo of kids in action

How It Works

Place your order and your child will receive a Badge Book on their doorstep.

An Exciting Registration Prize

Unwrapping their Badge Book gets kids (ages 5-10) energized about the reading challenges. They can start on the spot.

Log Reading on the Mobile App

Swipe to instantly log any book, record minutes, and track progress on reading challenge goals.

Build a Habit of Reading

As your kid hits their reading goals, they get rewarded with stickers and activities in the Badge Book.

Take a look inside.

Easy guide on where to place badges. Spiral binding so your child can lay the book flat. Fun activity pages get kids to dive deeper into favorite reads. Switch between all your kids with a tap, or log for multiple kids at once. No more typing or writing book titles - cover art, titles, and authors load automatically when you scan. New reading challenges and learning activities added regularly.

An entire year's worth of reading for enjoyment, starting at $49.

Get My Kid Reading

Badge Books make it easy.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Kids love getting their Badge Book package in the mail and unwrapping it to kick off the next reading challenge.

Themes Kids Love

Science, space, music, mystery, heroes, and more—something for every interest.

Cool Stickers

Each reading milestone comes with digital badges and matching full-color stickers, so kids can mark their own successes and clearly see their own progress.

Daily Rewards

Every Badge Book comes with a calendar-style tracker and dozens of "Daily Reader" and Hot Streak stickers, so kids can peel and place every single time they read.

Effortless Logging

The Badge Book works hand-in-hand with the Beanstack mobile app and optional Alexa Skill, making it a breeze to record the time your kid spends reading.

Who's Behind It?

Badge Books and Beanstack are both products of Zoobean, Inc.

Zoobean was founded by Jordan, the first head of K-12 education at Google, and her husband Felix, who was previously named Washington, DC’s Teacher of the Year.

After a feature on Shark Tank and an investment from Mark Cuban, Beanstack became the country’s premier reading challenge and tracker service. Last year, more than 2 million readers used it to boost their independent reading time

Jordan & Felix
Zoobean Co-Founders

Join the thousands of families already in the Badge Book community.

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