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Thanks for your feedback.We take these reports seriously and will look into it soon.July 1, 2020 - CloakenToday, with a heavy heart, we are pausing our work on Vainglory: Community Edition. We are indefinitely postponing further feature development and bug fixes for VG:CE, at least until the successful launch of Catalyst Black. Vainglory servers remain up and running. We will still launch the community designed icon, and ensure the game remains playable, but we can no longer predict when the remaining features of Vainglory: Community Edition will become available. It’s not what we wanted, but it is important for the well-being of the team at Super Evil Megacorp.We first announced our plans around Vainglory: CE on April 1, a few days after we had saved the servers from being shut down overnight. We had hatched a plan for VG:CE to enable the game to live forever. We said the journey would be risky. But we were unable to appreciate just how much would be involved in our plans. We had intended to use the same resources that worked to maintain Vainglory with Rogue in order to build the necessary features for VG:CE. That did not work out. We tried to use nights and weekends, which meant things went much slower than we wanted. It’s been difficult for many of us, and it’s...Source by CloakenGreetings Vainglory Community,As some of you may be aware, Rogue recently made the call to shut down servers for Vainglory. Over the past few days, we have been clambering to sort out the best solution for the game and the player base that continues to support Vainglory (many from the very beginning!). In lieu of the sudden change, and a continued uncertainty with another publisher should we choose to explore a similar path–we ultimately feel that the best call is to put the future of Vainglory (outside of China) into the hands of the most passionate and ardent supporters–our community.Included here is rundown to support the plans and expectations outlined in our recent video announcement (embedded above). The goal is to give you a sense of where we’re looking to head in the coming days and weeks. There will be questions; please post them in our Reddit AMA thread and we’ll tackle them as quickly as possible.Check out the...The patch notes for Update 4.13 have been posted! Check out the official patch notes for details about the new hero Amael and other changes this patch.Looking for balance updates? You can find a full list of hero balance changes here.The VaingloryFire database is also fully updated for 4.13, so if you're itching to write a guide for Amael - now's the perfect time to get started!VixpoleAnka Assassin Full CP...Sep. 24th 7:58am:"I m soo happy there s still people playing..."dmnd99How do to get my old...Sep. 5th 10:00am:"anyone who has idea please share it,so..."miaprRecruiting active...Aug. 26th 2:02am:"Iam still new in this game and i just..."miaprVainglory: Community...Aug. 26th 1:57am:"I wish that they did at least add in a..."miaprUsing Koshka for team...Aug. 26th 1:50am:"You must not be affraid of engaging,..."Marauder32How do I login from an...Aug. 24th 7:04pm:" so I played this game a few years ago,..."PhucThe Ultimate 5v5 Lyra...Jul. 22nd 9:30am:"Hi, I would just like to say that this..."Hades4uVainglory: Community...Jul. 2nd 7:09am:"July 1, 2020 - CloakenToday, with a..."ragzVainglory: Community...Jun. 23rd 9:27pm:"Hi"RiverstarVainglory: Community...Apr. 26th 10:36pm:"I wish they’d at least add in a quick fix..."

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