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Scanner was born in a hail of phlegm, defiance and attitude as an A5 print zine back in the Summer of 1998, in the English hamlet of Ipswich, Suffolk. It ran for near-on five years, culminating with a 92-page whopper in January 2003, which featured the likes of AVAIL, Exene Cervenka and Winston Smith.From small beginnings - the first issue was a comparatively small 40-page minnow - the zine grew steadily in stature with a final print run of over 1,000 and distribution throughout the UK and in various parts of Europe and America plus Australia and New Zealand with further readers in Japan and South Africa.The zine stopped not due to my personal lack of interest in the world of Punk Rock, or any kinda burgeoning disillusionment in an overtly commercialised and tame Punk Rock scene. Admittedly, I was getting tired of generic releases from say-nothing bands and Punx who cared more for the shade of their hair dye and brand of sneaker than they did for the ideals behind MDC or SUBHUMANS. Thankfully, this was constantly countered by bands like FOUR LETTER WORD, DILLINGER FOUR and many bands like them that released vital, energetic, intelligent and out-spoken releases. Of course, the old faithfuls - surely I don t need to name names - always revitalised the soul and scorched the ears.Nope, Scanner in print form stopped due to a life-changing move. In March 2004, I packed my bags and headed to New Zealand. At the time I had no idea whether it would be a long-term move. I sure wanted it to be, but due to seemingly limitless bureaucratic red tape bullshit from the Immigration Services, I had to wait a year to see if my future here in NZ could be even semi-permanent. During that year I set up this website in an attempt to continue where the zine left off.Move forward to August 2005... My application for Residency in NZ was approved and here I remain with no plans of leaving. From here, Scanner on-line continues and will continue until I either go back to a print form zine or get so disillusioned by the whole bloody world of Punk Rock and its seemingly increasing links to the safe, corporate and sponsored world of mainstream society that I would rather vomit all over my crotch than face another tiresome safe, major label band desperately wanting to be dangerous and/ or cool . Fuck em!Where is this website gonna go from here? Well, I hope it s just gonna get bigger and better, just as the print version did. I did have a News section, but due to lack of release news etc being forwarded, I ditched it. Except for a few notable labels - Fat Wreck, Revelation, Household Name, Recess and Alternative Tentacles in particular - I had no release news sent despite requests and adding myself to mailing lists.You can forward all review material to the address above that s shadowed by The Replacements. For electronic contact, hit this LINK and send me an email. My review policy remains the same - all releases sent WILL be reviewed, but anything on a major label does not run parallel to my ideals of Punk Rock. Period. Get over it and concentrate on your lucre-lusting contracts.Also hit the LINK if you wanna join the mailing list to receive emails of each and every update as it happens. OK - get on with it - self-explanation over. Enter and enjoy....June 22nd - TOP SOUNDS - Review of MORE KICKSJune 21st - TOP SOUNDS - Review of FAST EDDYJune 20th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of JOHNNY MOPEDJune 18th - TOP SOUNDS - Reviews (2) of DZTN 1980June 15th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of OPTIMISM/ REJECT boxsetJune 14th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of UNITED X BOMBSJune 13th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of DEVIL'S ELBOWJune 12th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of STATE FUNERALJune 11th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of HAWKWINDJune 10th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of the JOE STRUMMER FOUNDATION fundraiser from ZIPHEADS and NOSEBLEEDJune 9th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of BATTALION ZOSKAMay 28th - TOP SOUNDS - Reviews (3) of THE REVILLOSMay 25th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of THE VERNON WALTERSMay 23rd - TOP SOUNDS - Review of JORDAN JONESMay 22nd - TOP SOUNDS - Review of MAKEWARMay 21st - TOP SOUNDS - Review of FAZ WALTZMay 19th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of CTMFMay 18th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of MISS JUNEMay 17th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of WARP LINESMay 16th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of STANK VOOR DANKMay 15th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of THE CRAVATSMay 12th - BLOG - The JOE STRUMMER FOUNDATIONMay 11th - BLOG - Obituary for DAVE GREENFIELDMay 10th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of THE DROOGETTESMay 9th - READING MATTER - Review of SAN FRANCISCO YEAR ZERO bookMay 8th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of THE VICIOUS CYCLESMay 7th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of POPULATION CONTROLMay 6th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKETMay 5th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of CLOWNSMay 4th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of DECENT CRIMINALMay 3rd - TOP SOUNDS - Review of THE RESTARTSApril 30th - TV PARTY - Review of ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE documentary DVDApril 29th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of VULPYNESApril 27th - PODCAST - 59th Hey Suburbia PodcastApril 26th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of THE HUSSYApril 21st - TOP SOUNDS - Review of JUNKYARDApril 20th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of THIS IS NOT A DRILLApril 18th - TOP SOUNDS - Review of LAGWAGONApril 17th - ZINES - Review of FLASHMAG #4LP/ ALBUM/ CD REVIEWSSPECTRES - Nostalgia {Artoffact}; THE DAMNED - Black Is The Night {BMG}; CROCODILE GOD - Thirteen, HAKAN - III {Brassneck}; HAWKWIND - Roadhawks, THE PARTISANS - 1981-84, THE PRIMITIVES - Bloom {Cherry Red}; CHATHAM SINGERS - Of The Medway Delta, JOHNNY MOPED - Live At The Trafalgar Square {Damaged Goods}; PERSONALITY CULT - New Arrows {Dirtnap}; THE REPLY - The Complete Collection {Dischord}; VARIOUS - Stay Home {Drunk Dial}; BOMBPOPS - Death In Venice Beach, DAYS N DAZE - Show Me The Blueprint, FACE TO FACE - Live In A Dive, SUICIDE MACHINES - Revolution Spring, TOMMY AND JUNE - s/t, WESTERN ADDICTION - Frail Bray {Fat Wreck}; LITTERBUG - Abstract Melodies Saying Terrible Things {JSNTGM}; HERE LIES THE ORDINARY - Laughing In The Face Of... {Lockjaw}; JADE HAIRPINS - Harmony Avenue {Merge}; THE DROWNS - Under Tension, LION'S LAW - The Pain, The Blood And The Sword {Pirates Press}; MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT - Sinister Whisperz III: The Rykodisc Years {SleazeBox}; BITCH QUEENS - City Of Class, FAZ WALTZ - Rebel Kicks {Spaghetty Town}; SCHIZOS - s/t {Sweet Time}; UNION MORBIDE - Freely Chosen {TCBYML}; KNIFE CLUB - We Are Knife Club {TNS}; WYLDLIFE - Year Of The Snake {Wicked Cool}; ANSWERING MACHINE - Bad Luck {Wiretap}; ABOLITIONIST - Live At The Black Water, SUNSHINE STATE - The Mess, TRITA - Tunguskan {DIY}; 7"/ EP/ CASSETTEREVIEWSDOWN AND OUTS - Keep Walking, EPIC PROBLEM - Grace {Brassneck}; SINGING LUNGS - Mutter {Count Your Lucky Stars}; SPIDER - Energy Gone Wrong {Cpyrt Cntrl}; COURETTES - ...Like A Cigarette, RABIES BABIES - EP, WILLIAM LOVEDAY INTENTION - My Love For You {Damaged Goods}; SUSPECT PARTS - You Know I Can't Say No {Dirt Cult}: HAKAN - Drunk Dial #6 {Drunk Dial}; FANG/ NO IDEA - Split {Just4Fun}; DOMESTICS/ PIZZATRAMP - Split, TOKYO LUNGS - s/t {Kibou}; DAVE SMALLEY AND THE BANDOLEROS - Ignited {Little Rocket Records}; SUNLINER - Structure {Lockjaw}; BAR STOOL PREACHERS - Soundtrack To Your Apocalypse, TERRITORIES - Quit This City {Pirates Press}; KILLER HEARTS - EP, THE SCANERS - X-Ray Glasses: On, SICK BAGS - Only The Young Die Good {Spaghetty Town}; SOMETHING HAPPENING - Q {TCBYML}; THE OUTCASTS - Stay Young {Violated}; ABRAZOS - Angry All The Time, FLOAT HERE FOREVER - Stacking Tombstones, PSYCHIC PIMPS - Agents Of Instant Karma {DIY};DVD REVIEWSDUST - Full Circle, PUSSY RIOT: Act And Punishment, The Color Of Noise, Its Gonna Blow, Records Collecting Dust II, Room 37: The Mysterious Death Of Johnny Thunders {MVD};BOOK REVIEWSFace It: Debbie Harry {Harper Collins}; Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story {Omnibus};ZINESArtcore #39, Gadgie #42Scanner Hey Suburbia Podcast now has a new home!! You can stillstream it direct from this site (now via a natty player)and you canstill download it. Hit HERE to access recent broadcasts.The history of the Podcast and what bands have been played, can be access HEREThis website will forever rememberthosewho provided inspiration and continue to inspire. Let us neverforget those that paved the way for where Punk Rock is today and madesome of the most refreshing, rebellious and raucous music ever. R.I.P.guys...STIV BATORS, JOHNNYTHUNDERS, JOEY RAMONE, DEE DEE RAMONE, JOHNNY RAMONE, TOMMY RAMONE, JOESTRUMMER, PETE SHELLEY, DARBY CRASH, BOB STINSON, RANDY 'BISCUIT'TURNER, PIG CHAMPION, LOU REED, RON ASHETON, SCOTT ASHETON, DAVEALEXANDER, MALCOLM OWEN, PAUL FOX, POLY STYRENE, MIKE HUDSON, KIM SHATTUCK, DICKIEHAMMOND, JOHN 'STABB' SCHROEDER, STEVE SOTO, VI SUBVERSA, IAN 'LEMMY'KILMINSTER, LANCE HAHN, DENNIS DANELL, JIM CARROLL, JEFFREY LEE PIERCE,LUX INTERIOR, NICK KNOX, JERRY NOLAN, ARTHUR KANE, BILLY RATH, BILLYMURCIA, NICHOLAS 'RAZZLE' DINGLEY, STIG, PHIL VANE,DAVE GREGG, DIMWIT, RANDY RAMPAGE, WILL SHATTER, RAYBEEZ, DAMIENLOVELOCK, KURT COBAIN, WIZ, STEVO, MIA ZAPATA, MATTY BLAGG, KID KRUPA, DAVE GREENFIELD, TOMATA DUPLENTY, MIKEY 'OFFENDER' DONALDSON, ANDY GILL, ARIANNA 'ARI UP' FORSTER, PAULRAVEN, PHILIP CHEVRON, NIDGE BLITZ MILLER,D. BOON, TONY KINMAN, DAVEINSURGENT, FRED 'SONIC' SMITH, ROB TYNER, DAVID BOWIE, NIKKI SUDDEN,PETER LAUGHNER, IAN CURTIS, ROBERT QUINE, PHIL 'PHILTHY ANIMAL' TAYLOR,PHIL LYNOTT, BARRIE MASTERS, SID VICIOUS, TIM YOHANNON, GREG SHAW, JOHN PEEL

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