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Master Guru® is a fun, educational, learning tool that is based on the State Standards with over 2,500+ questions per grade proven to help raise test scores! Making learning fun and enjoyable is a critical component for kids in achieving the learning standards. Bob Bennett Chancellor, New York State Board of Regents This fun, learning approach has been proven to increase student involvement and preparation time for state exams. Master Guru is a tremendous teaching tool educators use to supplement and enhance the learning of the curriculum. Our acclaimed Master Guru Educational Software, currently used by over 100,000 elementary students, is now available online and ready for use in your classroom, no matter what state you teach in! Master Guru will help prepare your students for your State's exams in a fun, motivational format. Sign-up for the National Version and receive the State's history questions FREE! You will also receive our Question Designer to create your own questions as well as student tracking features and printable reports. Take advantage of this truly unique opportunity ... there is no other Online Educational Software like Master Guru. Sign up for your demo today! Play Master Guru at Home with our affordable Family Subscription! You will receive an administrator key and one student key. This means that one parent and one child can access the program and play the Grade 3 through Grade 8 version at any time for only $49.99 (yearly subscription). Go to the Sign Up page now to learn more. Be sure to sign up for the Master Guru Back-to-School Program to makekeeping up with homework fun and engaging. The Back-to-School version hasparent reports to track kids' progress and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7days a week. Back to Top Master Guru is the revolutionary new learning tool that kids love to play! State Specific Curriculum Guide (more) Based on the State Standards (more) Built in Student Tracking/Assessment Features and Printable Reports (more) Teaching Answers Help Explain the Correct Answer (more) Teachers Can Add Their Own Customized Questions (more) Character Education Questions Included (more) Students Enjoy Playing Master Guru (more) Contains all four core subjects: ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. Covers grades K 8 curriculum; over 2,500+ questions (plus teaching answers ) per grade. Questions developed by leading educators and curriculum coordinators. Built-in teacher (and parent) reports for instant feedback on how students are performing in each subject area. Reports link to teacher resources that relate to targeted questions giving teachers instructional support; Overall class reports and individual student reports available. Offers individualized learning and differentiated instruction in an easy and intuitive format. Gives teachers an area for formative and summative assessment. Includes math solutions, grammar rules, definitions, and facts to explain the answers in all subjects. Provides additional pictures, charts, graphs, maps, and U.S. history questions. Listening and reading passages included in the ELA section. Document Based Questions (DBQs) in the Social Studies’ and Math sections. Designed to alleviate test anxiety and empower students to engage with their education. Niagara University Comments From Study (View PDF, 66kb) Buffalo Biz Journals Wilson Company Scores Software Hit (View PDF, 836kb) We consider Master Guru an important component of our New York State test preparations. We have seen improvement in the NYS test scores in 4th grade since we started using Master Guru. Ms. Donna Miller Computer Lab TeacherRead more testimonials.

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Play Master Guru is a fun children's educational software game that teaches Math, Science, English and Social Studies to over 100,000 students in the third, fourth and fifth grade. (3rd, 4th, 5th grade) Kids learn in school, homeschools and at home!

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