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Nurse progress notes quickly and efficiently. | Nurse TeachingsSkip to main contentToggle navigation Nurse TeachingsGeneralDiseases ProcessDietsMedicationsOthersDischargeProceduresSearchWelcome to Our website is the key to completing nurse progress notes quickly and efficiently. We offer over 2,600 teachings and growing. Each day more and more nurses are adding new teachings. You can also share your teachings. Our user friendly interface allows you to navigate this website without difficulty.Teachings for Nurses PatientsAtenolol Teaching 238Instructed to patient to comply with diet, exercises and weight control in order to get the most benefit from the Atenolol.Exercises Teaching 556Patient was instructed on Passive exercises or ROM exercises. All exercises are done smoothly and gently. Never force, jerk or over-stretch a muscle. This can hurt the muscle or joint instead of helping. Move the joint slowly. This is especially important when having muscle spasms. ROM exercises should never cause pain or go beyond the normal movement of the joint. Stop them if the person feels pain.Fall precautions Teaching 620Patient was instructed on measures to prevent falls at home during daily activities. Do not try to carry too many things at the same time. Have a place near the door where it is possible to place packages and groceries while you close the door and get ready to put things away.Pain Management Teaching 623The best treatment for nerve pain, ultimately, is to manage your diabetes well. In fact, a major study by the American Diabetes Association in 2006 showed that strict blood glucose control with intensive insulin therapy lowered the chances of having symptoms of peripheral neuropathy - tingling, burning, and pain - by 64%. While you can't control whether or not you get diabetic nerve pain, you can help control your glucose levels with diet, exercise, and mediations if you need them.Insulin Teaching 736Patient was instructed on Insulin. Insulin is a hormone released from the pancreas. A hormone is a chemical messenger secreted by a gland that then travels in the blood to act on other parts of the body. Insulin is the primary substance responsible for maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels. Insulin allows sugar to be transported into cells so that they can produce energy or store the glucose until it is needed.Diabetes Teaching 894Instructed on some signs and/or symptoms of high blood sugar, such as: nausea and dry, flushed skin.Activity Intolerance Teaching 1166Taught that eating a well-balanced meal and setting realistic goals are measures aimed to increasing tolerance in response to increased physical activity.Vancomycin Teaching 1284SN emphasize to patient the importance of adhering to the prescribed rate, as infusing too rapidly may cause hypotensive symptoms. Patient verbalized understanding of instructions given. Foot care Teaching 1665SN instructed patient to perform daily meticulous foot care, to be sure to dry feet completely after a bath, checking for any sores, cuts or scrapes and to report any wounds as soon as they appear to SN or MD. Also have a podiatrist cut toenails regularly to prevent ingrown toenails and other complications.Fall precautions Teaching 2006RN instructed patient and caregiver on balance in order to avoid fall that can produce complications in musculoskeletal system. RN explained that with age, a combination of factors decreases balance and the nerve endings in our feet don't detect impulses as readily and the balance control centers in our brain and our ears operate more slowly so age - related changes in vision and hearing, even when subtle, also contribute to the decline in balance and could increase the risk of falls. Patient and caregiver voiced understanding of all instructions this adPopular TopicsDiabetes 157Hypertension 69Wound Care 61PICC Line 50Fall precautions 45Osteoporosis 44Cardiac 44Miscellaneous 43Osteoarthritis 42General information 41Angina pectoris 38Hyperglycemia 37Tracheostomy 36Depression 35Colostomy 31Hypoglycemia 29Congestive Heart Failure 26Rheumatoid arthritis 25Heart Surgery 23Emphysema 23Contact usShare a TeachingDisclaimer: The content of this site including, but not limited to teachings, corrections and comments are not intended to teach a person how to perform duties of a health professional. If you want to report an issue with the site, complain about an ad, or contact the site admin, use the contact form in the right menu. 8-)Copyright © 2020 Nurse Teachings Privacy Policy

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Complete nurse progress notes quickly and efficiently. Find teachings for Diabetes, Hypertension, Wound Care, Fall precautions, Osteoporosis, and a lot more.

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