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(305) 640-0461 } Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) NCM Solutions provides the telecommunication technology to use optical fiber cable and coaxial cable in different portions of a network to carry broadband content

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Networking NCM networking equipments are as efficient as reliable

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ONT is an optical modem that connects to the termination point with an optical cable

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Optical network terminal (ONT) A single-subscriber device that terminates any one of the distributed (leaf) endpoints of an optical distribution network (ODN), implements a passive optical network (PON) protocol and adapts PON protocol data units (PDUs) to subscriber service interfaces. An ONT is a special case of an optical network unit (ONU).


The Optical Amplifier is a high performance 1550nm EDFA Technology Optical Amplifier

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The NCM-10271 series High Power 1550nm Optical Amplifier is a high performance 1550nm EDFA Technology Optical Amplifier. With a JDSU pump lasers, providing 26dBm~42dBm output power with built in CWDM per each port. It has an option of 4, 8,16, 32 or 64 outputs to save you space on extra external splitters. This NCM-10271 can be applied on GPON Network and make Triple Play, FTTH easily implemented in your network. To make CATV operators run their system easily, NCM-10271 also designed with a built-in Microcomputer.

Optical Line Terminal

OLT is the endpoint hardware equipment located in a central office of the PON network.

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Optical Line Terminal

Optical line terminal (OLT) A device that terminates the common (root) endpoint of an ODN, implements a PON protocol, such as that defined by [ITU-T G.984], and adapts PON PDUs for uplink communications over the provider service interface. The OLT provides management and maintenance functions for the subtended ODN and ONUs.

About Us

Welcome to NCM Solutions, where we take pride in the products and solutions we manufacture and distribute. As a distributor, NCM Solutions is dedicated to assisting our customers in deploying the networks of tomorrow.

NCM Solutions is a Hybrid of US Manufacturer and a distributor that Supplies solutions for the Telecommunications industry. NCM Solutions is dedicated to designing products that can be counted on to perform time and time again.

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Our FTTH Products NCM-3600-XX NCM-G-OLT-08BD complies with ITU-T G.984/G.988 and meets requirements about GEPON OLT in Network Access Read More NCM-10271 The NCM-10271 series High Power 1550nm Optical Amplifier is a high performance 1550nm EDFA Read More NCM-0G10000 NCM-0G10000 is an GPON device, which detects reciprocal interchange of gigabyte data business by Read More 1 2 3
New NCM line of Passives
with DOCSIS 3.1 capabilities

The NCM 1.25 GHz Tap product line is the latest evolution of the HFC network providing full support of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. DOSCIS 3.1 support will allow MSOs to fully and efficiently utilize their broadband networks to provide the services that their subscribers demand. Support for DOCSIS 3.1 means that the frequency capabilities of the devices is increased to the full 1.218 GHz spectrum as well as full compatibility with the new OFDM signalling requirements. These new capabilities will allow MSOs to increase revenue generation by allowing increased capability across their networks to drive new and improved services to their customer base.

In addition to the new DOCSIS 3.1 capabilities, the NCM 1.25 GHz Tap product line continues to support IEEE-compliant 6 kV surge protection which provides protection against voltage transients in lightning strike areas and locations with unreliable power networks. In addition, the NCM 1.25 GHz Tap products offer the same “make-before-break” capabilities of previous NCM tap products, which allow cable technicians to pull the tap’s faceplate and perform maintenance without interrupting service to subscribers located downstream.

The NCM 1.25 GHz Tap is the latest addition to the product line aimed at supporting DOCSIS 3.1 network architectures. NCM 1.25 Taps are an extended offering of NCM multimedia product family.

Hardline Passives

NCM offers an extensive series of hardline passives to meet every design requirement. We manufacture and distribute 1 GHz and 1.2 GHz, power inserters, line splitters, and directional couplers which can handle 15 amperes continuously on all ports. As an additional reliability measure, all units can withstand 25 amperes for two hours. The main line passives can also withstand multiple 6 kV surges (per IEEE C62.41-1991 Cat. B3). NCM hardline passive housings go through a corrosion protection process to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

These passives PCB can be mounted in the housing for troubleshooting without interrupting upstream and downstream signal or power when the baseplate is removed.

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