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Lightning Conductor Cable’s Class 1—Standard of the industry for buildings under 75’ high (Other sizes available). Copper Conductor Cable: Catalog #C-1 Copper                  $2.35 per ft. Braided approx., 7/16” diameter Copper Cable in smooth Basket weave configuration. Catalog #C-1-T Tinned Copper:  $2.92 per ft. Same cable as above but lead tinned for corrosive environments and light colored surfaces. Aluminum Conductor Cable: Catalog #A-1                          $ 1.45 per ft. Braided approx., 9/16” diameter Aluminum cable in smooth basket weave configuration.  Note: Aluminum cable is made thicker to equal the conductivity of copper cable. Copper or aluminum strap mount with cable clamp for use on ridge, flat or sloping roof’s.— Shipped flat but may be easily formed to fit any roof slope. Copper: Catalog #C-4-12 with  12” Rod $27.00 With 18” Rod #C-4-18  $33.00 Aluminum: #A-4-12 with 12” Rod $18.00 With 18” Rod #A-4-18  $21.00 Longer length rods add $1.00 per inch in copper .80 in Aluminum Swivel Lightning Rod with clamp base With 12” solid Rod.                 Great for installing behind Ridge Vent Heavy cast copper or aluminum. For use on back side of roof to hide mount from view. Copper: Catalog #C-16-12  with 12” Rod $34.50 With 18” Rod #C-16-18  $40.50 Aluminum: Catalog #A-16-12 with 12” Rod $24.50 With 18” Rod #A-16-18  $27.50 Longer length rods add $1.00 per inch in copper - .80 in Aluminum Economy Crimp Double Cable Splicer Fingers are crimped over the cable with pliers or hammered over the cable. (For a better bolted splicer see #10-Z  at right) Copper: Catalog # C-6    $2.90  Aluminum: #A-6   $1.90                Economy Crimp Straight Cable Splicer Fingers are crimped over the cable with pliers or hammered over the cable. (For a better bolted splicer, see #18 at right) Copper: Catalog # C-7    $2.90 Aluminum: #A-7    $1.90 Economy Crimp TEE Splicer Fingers are crimped over the cable with pliers or hammered over the cable. (For a better bolted splicer, see #19 at right) Copper: Catalog # C-8    $2.90  Aluminum: #A-8   $1.90 Economy Crimp Bonding Lug Fingers are crimped over the cable with pliers or hammered over the cable. (For a better bolted connector, see #20 at right) Copper: Catalog # C-9    $2.90  Aluminum: #A-9    $1.90 Multi-Purpose Parallel Bolted Clamp Heavy Cast Copper or Aluminum bolt pressure clamp with stainless steel bolt and washer. Accepts all cables and Rods up to 5/8” - This is a good all purpose splicer and can substitute for most other cable clamps. Bolted clamps allow for easy removal when re-roofing. Copper: Catalog # C-10  $6.75       Aluminum: A-10  $ 5.75                   Nails Copper and Stainless steel Roofing and Siding nail’s for corrosion resistant fastening. Stainless Steel  Nail with Neobond weather seal washer for metal roofing.     # 12    .35 ea. Stainless steel is compatible with both Copper and Aluminum       Metal Roof Seam Cable Holder For use on standing seam metal roof where no penetration of metal is desired. Comes complete with #2 loop cable holder which can be attached to either direction of seams.  - Also ideal for holding cable to metal “I” beam. Has 2 stainless steel bolts and a 1/2” opening on seam. SEE NEXT PAGE for Standing Seam Lightning Rod and Base.  Copper :    # C-3     $3.20 ea. Aluminum: # A-3       $ 2.80           for Flat Roofs Used for Commercial type membrane roof applications and where roof penetrations are not desirable. Tabs are bent or hammered over the cable. Copper:  # C-13      $1.20 ea.  Aluminum:  # A-13   $ 1.05 ea.   Chimney Flue or I Beam Clamp Lightning Rod Heavy casting for use on rim of Flue Liner tile or I beam up to 1-1/4” thick - 4 Stainless Steel bolts. Cable is bolted into bottom hole .  - The included rod is screwed into the top hole. Copper: # C-14-12 with 12” Rod  $29.00 # C-14-18 with 18” Rod $35.00 Aluminum: #A-14-12  with 12” Rod $20.00 #A-14-18 with 18” Rod $23.00                                                                      Rod is included Longer lengths $1.00 per Inch in Copper .80 in Alum. Side mount Straight Base Lightning Rod For use on side of pipe, pole, wall or chimney. Cable inserts into bottom and is clamped with included stainless steel bolts. The rod screws into the top. Rod is fastened with two # 2 Loop fasteners included. Copper: # C-15-12 with 12” Rod $ 24.00 # C-15-18 with 18” Rod $30.00 Aluminum: # A-15-12 with 12” Rod $ 15.00 #A-15-18 with 18” Rod $  18.00 Longer lengths Rods add 1.00 per Inch in copper .80 in aluminum Swivel Mount Base with Lightning Rod This is our most versatile mount and will adapt to most any application and any angle for sloped roof, side or top of wall mounting, behind ridge vent, etc. (Lightning Rod Included). Copper: #C-16-12 with 12” Rod $34.50 # C-16-18  with 18” Rod $ 40.50 Aluminum: #A-16-12 with 12” Rod $ 24.50 #A-16-18  with 18” Rod $ 27.50 Longer lengths Rods add 1.00 per inch in copper .80 in aluminum Flat or Side Mount Base with Lightning Rod Heavy cast Copper or Aluminum “Dual Threaded” for Mounting Flat or Side mounting. Stainless steel bolt cable holder. Includes lightning rod. Base is drilled two ways to accept a Lightning Rod for either Flat or Side mounting. Copper  for FLAT or SIDE mounting with Rod: # C-28-A-12 with 12”  Lightning Rod $29.00 # C-28-B-18 with 18” Rod $35.00. Aluminum FLAT or SIDE mounting with Rod: #A-28-A-12 with 12” Lightning Rod $21.00 #A-28-A-18 with 18” Rod $25.00 For longer length Lightning Rods add $1.00 per inch in copper .80 in aluminum. Offset Side Mount Lightning Rod Heavy cast Copper or Aluminum with a 2 inch offset to clear protruding wall edge. Includes lightning rod. Copper:  # C-16-12-OF  with 12” Rod  $ 29.00 # C-16-18-OF  with 18” Rod $ 35.00 Aluminum: # A-16-12-OF  with 12” Rod $ 20.00 # A-16-18-OF  with 18” Rod $ 23.00 Longer lengths Rods add $1.00 per inch.  in copper.—.80 in Aluminum Cross Run Cable Splicer/Connector Heavy cast 2 piece connector in copper or aluminum with stainless steel bolts. Used when two cables cross as shown. Copper:  # C-27     $12.25 Aluminum: # A-27   $10.50 Deluxe Bolted Straight Cable Splicer Heavy cast straight cable splicer in copper or aluminum. Connects 2 cables for a straight run. 4 Stainless steel bolts for tension on cables. Copper: # C-18         $ 8.75 Aluminum: # A-18   $6.50 Bolted connectors allow for easy removal when re-roofing. Deluxe Bolted TEE Cable Splicer Heavy cast 2 piece TEE cable splicer in copper or aluminum with 2 stainless steel bolts for tension on cable. Copper: # C-19      $11.00 Aluminum: # A-19    $7.75 Bolted connectors allow for easy removal when re-roofing. Deluxe Bolted Metal Bonding Lug Heavy cast copper or aluminum lug with stainless steel bolts for connecting to metal objects. Note: If connecting copper to aluminum, a stainless steel washer can be inserted between the two metals to avoid corrosion. Copper: # C-20             $ 8.00 Aluminum: # A-20     $ 6.25 Bolted connectors allow for Easy removal when re-roofing. Ground Rods and Ground Rod Clamps LEFT: Ground Rod is 1/2” x 8’ long made of copper clad hardened steel. Long life corrosion resistant. Note: Never connect aluminum underground. 8’ Ground Rod (Left) #22  $19.00 (Note: Additional shipping due to high shipping costs,  ground rods may be available locally at less cost).    Copper Ground Clamp (Right)  # C-23-A       for 1/2” or 5/8” ground rods $11.00        # C-23-B for 3/4” ground rods $12.00 Used for connecting copper cable to ground rod. Will fit 1/2” - 5/8” - 3/4” ground rods. Two stainless steel bolts with 2” contact length along axis of the grounding rod. Copper Ground Plate with Clamp 2 square foot x 0.032 thick copper flat plate. Comes complete with attached clamp for ground cable. Copper: # C-24   $ 62.00 Use in place of Ground Rods where shallow top soil is encountered - For soil depths of 1 to 2 ft. Use for connecting Copper to Aluminum Cable. Aluminum to Copper # 25          $ 13.00 Note: NEVER directly connect aluminum to copper and never put aluminum in the ground. Soil will deteriorate the aluminum.—For aluminum grounding, use a short piece of copper cable with this Bi-Metal splice.      Pipe Clamps for Cable to Metal Pipe Cast Copper and Aluminum pipe bonding clamps. Also Ideal for pole mounting of Lightning Rod or bonding to various size pipes.—Other sizes available. (Appearance may vary). Copper: # C-26-A for 3/4” to 1-1/4” OD pipe $ 12.00 # C-26-B Fits 1-1/4” to 2”  pipe $ 16.00 # C-26-C Fits 2” to 4”  pipe $24.00 Aluminum: #A-26-A  for 3/4” to 1-1/4” pipe  $8.50  #A-26-B  for 1-1/4” to 2” pipe $10.50  #A-26-C  for 2-” to 4-” pipe $16.00 Larger custom sizes are available, call. 1” long—Size #10         #12-S     .38 ea 1-1/2” long—Size #10  #12-SM  .48 ea 2-1/2” long— Size #10 #12-SL   .60 ea    Stainless steel Screws will not rust and are compatible with Copper and Aluminum materials and are ideal for mounting all of our equipment.       Cable Loop Fasteners Strap Copper or Aluminum loop type cable fastener requiring one nail or screw—1/2” wide. Use one for every 3 feet of cable. Copper:               # C-2               .30 each Tinned Copper:   # C-2-T            .35 each Aluminum:          # A-2                .24 each Thru-Wall or Thru-Roof Cable Connector Copper or aluminum connector used for thru roof or wall penetration giving rigid attachment on both surfaces. This assembly may be used for any type construction, wood, masonry, etc., . Both ends supplied with cable clamp connectors, stainless steel nuts and washers. Rod length 12”- Other lengths available. Copper      #  C-35        $ 22.95 Aluminum # A-35     $ 17.95 Longer lengths available in Copper $1.00 per inch.—.80 in aluminum. (See thru roof Lightning Rods on next page).           Support Braces for Tall Rods Copper and Galvanized Steel supports for tall Lightning Rods. Holes are in bottom of each leg for nails or screws. Copper: #P-1  24” tall $35.00 #P-2  18” tall $29.00 Plated Steel: #P-4  24” tall  $29.00 #P-3  18” tall  $25.00 Longer lengths add: Cop. $1.00 per inch. Plated steel .80 per inch

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