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Bee PalmerChicago s FinestJack PettisConvention CityA Lost Film?This website is dedicated to the Jazz Age music of the 1920s and to the artists who performed the music. These Jazz Age pages feature accurate, original- research bios of some of the lesser known personalities of the era. Numerous rare, high-quality photographs and audio files are distributed throughout the website. The wonderful songs some of which were introduced by the Jazz Age 1920s artists featured on this website have stood the test of time. Click on a photo below or a link to the left to explorethe Jazz Age 1920s.RememberingRich Conaty1954-2016Click on each imagefor a larger viewThis web site is free to anyone who wants to view it from the internet. As you may know it is very time-consuming and somewhat costly to put one of these biographies together. To keep the preservation of the Jazz Age s popular music and research that you see here going, please consider a donation. All donations will go toward the funding of this research which includes travel expenses, materials, research fees, etc. Thank you for your support in preserving a piece of the World s musical heritage.

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Jazz Age 1920s

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