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This is where your newsletters will be delivered to and where will contact you with your new account information. New Dads: 5 Keys to a Joyful Family Being a new dad destroys a lot men. Unprepared, they find themselves disempowered and overwhelmed, while their relationships flounder. When my wife was pregnant with our daughter, I anxiously looked everywhere for real information about how to handle the emotional and personal challenges I sensed lied ahead. I found a number of keys that have m... moreWith the Covid-19 pandemic having put a stop to office culture, as most of us are forced to work from home rather than going into the office each day, it has meant that having a work-life balance has taken on a whole new meaning. Being able to find a quiet space at home where you are able to concentrate and work productively isn’t easy for every... moreINCLUDES GOURMET HERB SEED KIT (6 POD) - Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint a 3oz bottle of our patented, all natural plant nutrients (enough for a full season of growth) Review: Galaxy Zega The nice folks at Galaxy sent me a set to play with my son. We had previously reviewed the Anki Drive racing game which is a perfect point of comparison for the Zega.In several respects, they are more than a bit similar: Cool high-tech racing cars with special powers including missile-launching (AKA "tanks") Real-life play but controlled usi... more We've found the top 100 things to do with kids in 50 cities. We've even made it easy to search for them based on what type of adventure you're looking for, whether it be outdoors, a museum, or just a park to enjoy a weekend afternoon. Give it a try by choosing your city here. Finding a name you can both agree on isn't always easy. Use our simple name generator to get started. Just enter his email address and your name below and we'll let him know all about Daddy's Home "Change of Topic" Daddy's Home is a humorous commentary on today's family life, with an emphasis on the role of the modern father, through the eyes of a stay-at-home-dad. With a growing circulation of more than 4 million, it is published in leading newspapers around the world including The Washington Post and The Orange County Register.Daddy's Home is the creation of designer Gary Markstein and New York-based writer and illustrator Anthony Rubino Jr. Archived Cartoons (10) Man Named Nigel Plans 'Nigel Night' At Pub To Rally Fellow Nigels And Set Record September 13, 2019 What's in a name? There are plenty of people across the world who have common names, rare names, or somewhere floating around the vast in-between. Generally, there isn't much attention paid to such commonalities or rarities beyond a brief conversational mention. Then there's Nigel Smith, a UK pub owner disappointed at the lac >read moreSIGN-UP TODAY to receive the only baby newsletter written by dads, for dads. Act now and receive a free copy of the popular GreatDad E-Book!Having a solid understanding of personal finance is crucial for adults, but many parents overlook the importance of teaching these tenets to their children. Teenagers are in a particularly delicate time of their life where understanding the basics of budgeting, spending, and saving is essential to their >more > See more articles

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Great Dad is the only online parenting resource with Dad's point of view. Provides parenting advice for new dad, divorced, stay at home.

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