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Our dry boxes are all built with a double water proof seal. The vertical rubber gasket is the primary seal with a heavy duty gasket that seals when the lid is closed. The flat seal is the secondary seal and which adds to the over all dryness of FrontierPlay's dry box system. Our dry boxes are built with nuts and bolts rather than rivets. Rivets are fast for construction; however over time they become a weak point where water will seep into the box. Using nuts and bolts with a thick heavy duty washer designed just for our dry boxes we are able to create a system where the dry box stays dry over time. Our boxes are built to be in the outdoors where they can be used and abused. Yes you can walk and jump on them without a problem. The double seal system with it's flat lid lip adds to the structural intquity of these boxes. Originally our boxes were built for rafting; however we are seeing boxes used as cabinets, scooter trailers, tool boxes and yes even grovers for the Ouray climbing park.

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We manufacture our own dry boxes and sale direct to the public with no Distributor or Dealers.

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