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You might find yourself ordering from your local restaurants a lot during these uncertain times. It’s essential to find a balance and make sure your family is also eating healthy foods as much as possible. It may not prevent COVID-19, but building up your family’s immune system will help decrease the chance of someone getting … Read more The spread of the coronavirus has canceled school for millions of students around the country. We want to provide you with a variety of activities that will keep your children entertained so they can enjoy this time at home. It’s beneficial to change up the activities as much as possible, so your kids don’t get … Read more COVID – 19 is starting to spread, so it’s time to talk to your children about it. This might be a hard topic to explain because you want to give them the facts, but you don’t want to scare them about it either. Early data conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) … Read more It can be pretty overwhelming for children to learn about feelings. They don’t understand why they are acting a certain way when something happens, so they tend to throw a tantrum or act out physically. These books will be a useful tool for you to teach them the words and actions associated with their feeling … Read more As a teacher, you want to engage students and inspire learning. Since teaching has existed, teachers have looked for ways to inspire children to want to learn. Teachers want to take advantage of all resources to equip students to reach their learning potential. Developing a website classroom is a step in the right direction in today’s world. Everything is online and adding this layer of portal learning that your students can relate to and possibly embrace this style of learning as it relates to the current relationship students have with computer devices.Knowing what you want to achieve with your classroom website is an important question you should have answered before you begin building your site. This curriculum will help you bring resources and tools that express your lesson plan so teachers, parents, and students know what to expect from learning online. It is another tool that should exist in today’s classrooms as we live and interact more with technology. Check out other teachers’ websites to get ideas and learn what was successful for them and what were epic failures. Make a point to consider the following as you build your web classroom:Read moreOur Guide to Making a Great Classroom Website Though many parents are short on time, they still have a strong desire to become engaged not only in their student’s education, but also in their environment at school. Perhaps the single best way to make this happen is to join the PTO, which has traditional stood for Parent Teacher Organization. As its name implies, the PTO is concerned primarily with connecting teachers and parents so that they can better discuss the nature of their child’s education, the benefits and challenges facing the school district, and how volunteer efforts or any level of involvement might benefit all stakeholders in a dramatic, dynamic way.Many parents know of the PTO, but they’re still on the fence about whether or not to join the organization and dedicate some amount of time to it. With many households relying on dual incomes and plenty of time spent at the office, it can seem as if there just isn’t any time to spare for involvement in this way. There are, however, plenty of reasons to join and plenty of opportunities even for the most time-constrained parents in a given school district. The top ten reasons to join range from academic benefits to personal fulfillment and beyond.Read moreThe Top 10 Reasons to Join Your Child’s PTO You might find yourself having a sous chef when you’re in the kitchen. If one of your kids shows interest in cooking, you can encourage them to learn more by picking up one of these cookbooks. You will learn a lot about their taste in food and see what kinds of foods they like. It … Read more Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, and your kids are probably asking you about Valentine’s day cards to pass out to their classmates. Why buy them when you can let your kids make their own? Making valentines will let your kids express their creativity, and it’s more personal than buying them from the store. If they … Read more Are you tired of making the same old gingerbread house every year? We’ve got you covered. These are 10 creative ideas that will help you think outside the box and complete the dessert table at the family party. Some of these house ideas can be found in a kit and the rest can be made … Read more Are you tired of endless games of Monopoly or Candyland on family game night? We’ve got you covered. These 10 games are simple for children, but adults will have fun playing them too. It’s nice to get away from screens for a few hours and enjoy laughing and talking with family and friends. If you … Read more

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