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Down the SinkReviews and General Information on Garbage DisposalsHomeWaste KingInSinkEratorCOMPARISON TABLEDown the Sink is supported by our readers. When you purchase an item through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.Best Garbage Disposal ReviewsHi, my name is Doug and the first thing I would like to do is thank you for stopping by my garbage disposal review website. We’re not the largest website on the internet, but that means you’re just going to come across information that’s straight to the point, and most importantly, honest!I have been the brunt of many jokes from family and friends who think I take garbage disposals just a little too seriously; however you’ve probably found my site because finding the right disposal is important to you too, and rightly so!As someone who has been involved (and still is) with selling re-modeled or new kitchens and their appliances, I think I have a little more knowledge than the average person. But, I must say I couldn’t have put all of this together without the help of my trusted friend and co-worker Phillip who loves all things technical about garbage disposers.How to Pick a Disposer that Suits YouIf you haven’t got much time, I have put together a handy comparison table so you can see at a glance which models we have and what features stand out the most. If you have a little more time and don t want to dive straight in and start looking for the model you think will do the job for you, take some of the following into consideration.Continuous Feed vs Batch FeedMost people will opt with a continuous-feed garbage disposal, but if you re looking for a little more safety the batch-feed models are a better choice.Grind StagesBasically, the more grind stages your disposer has, the finer the waste will be when it’s sent to your sewage system or septic tank. Your choice should depend on what type of waste you want to get rid of.NoiseI can feel your eyes light up at this section. Noise is a massive issue for a lot of people, so make sure to check if your desired food waste disposer has sufficient insulation (I usually address this issue in my reviews).Other Options to ConsiderThe most important other factors that come to mind are price (obviously), size (especially if you need room for cleaning utensils) and type of waste to get rid of. Again, I usually address these issues in the reviews.Reviews and Top PicksOverallBest Garbage Disposal OverallThe InSinkErator Evolution Excel will knock your socks off in terms of durability and power. Sure, it comes with an above average price tag, but you just won’t find anything better.Best Value Garbage DisposalIt might be hard to believe but, yes, you can get one of the best garbage disposals on the market for less than $150 I ve even seen it under $100 when it was on sale!Best for Septic TankHaving a septic tank means being extra careful what to put down the drain. If you don t want grease and solids to clog the septic drain field, this is the unit to get.Best Batch-Feed DisposerIf you hate mess and you’re conscious about safety, this disposer is well worth a look. Batch-feed models usually cost a little more than continuous-feed systems, but InSinkErator has managed to deliver excellent value for money.Best Budget 3/4 HP Disposal UnitOK, it may not be as good as the high line Evolution Compact mentioned above, but it does have 3/4 Horsepower and is extremely well rated in customer reviews.Best-Value 1/2 HP Food Waste DisposerUnbelievable but true, the 1/2 horsepower Waste King L-1001 (which is part of the legend series) can be found for little over $60, and sometimes even for less than that. Plus, its slim body makes it easier to install.BUY ON AMAZONSEE REVIEWBrands You Will Find on our WebsiteMany of you viewing our website will be well aware of both Waste King and InSinkErator. These are the two giants when it comes to manufacturing food waste disposers, and they have been around for many years.However, I’m not the sort of person that isn’t about to miss out the smaller brands that some of you may not have heard of. For that reason, you will also find I’ve put some reviews together for models like Whirlaway, General Electric and Kitchen Aid have to offer. After all, choice is your right in the democratic world we live in!General Information, Hints and TipsAside from the reviews I’ve put together, I haven’t forgotten about people who are concerned about safety or who are having issues with their current food waste disposer. Below you will find some links to the information pages I’ve put together that will help you fix problems you might already have. For those of you that are confused over how to unclog a waste disposal unit, take a look at this page. On the same page, we also discuss waste disposal units that won t power up and units that are leaking.For those of you that don t plan on calling a plumber, yet don t know exactly how to install or replace a garbage disposal, I also added this installation page. It really is a job anyone can do, and this page will show you just how easy it is.Once you have a garbage disposer installed, maintenance is what keeps your unit going. By following this link, you will find a very easy to follow video which details some simple steps to help keep your disposal unit clean, and your kitchen free of bad smells and harmful bacteria. You see, my website isn’t just about telling you to buy this model or that right now or you’ll miss out on some good deals (although I have mentioned a couple of places you can take a look at if you’re interested), it’s about making sure you get the best from your garbage disposer.Best 5 Garbage DisposalsIt s hard to choose between the different power/purpose models, but here we go. My Top Picks are as follows:InSinkErator Evolution Excel Part of the evolution range from InSinkErator, this model is perfect for the demanding household.Waste King A1SPC Knight This model will not be beaten for extended warranties, durability and power!Waste King L-2600 With 0.5 horsepower and some of the most extensive warranties to be found, this unit is perfect for grinding tough waste and is easy on the pocket at just over $75.Waste King L-3300 Never worry about rusting internal components again! This is one of my top 5 because of the in-home warranties and although it’s 3/4 horsepower, it will only cost you about $100.General Electric GFC520V You may not have heard of them as a manufacturer for waste disposal units, but for a 1/2 horsepower model this little beast of a garbage disposal offers great capacity.A Few Final WordsAs I have mentioned, garbage disposers for most people are just another kitchen appliance that we tend to take for granted, and this is one of the reasons I decided to bring this website to the internet. I have come across many customers over the years that only seem to notice this “gadget” when it goes wrong, and believe it or not, most of the time they go wrong is because they’re not cared for properly.I’ve done my best (with the help of a technical friend) to not only give you good, honest information about the models I have reviewed, but to also give you some additional information that will help your garbage disposal last for many years.Enjoy from Doug and the team!Top PicksHomeBest Garbage Disposal OverallValue-for-Money Waste DisposerBest 0.5 Hp Garbage DisposalBest Septic Tank DisposerBest Budget Garbage DisposalAll Models ComparedReviewsBy Power0 - 0.5 Horsepower0.51 - 0.99 Horsepower1+ HorsepowerBy TypeContinuous FeedBatch FeedBy BrandWaste KingInSinkerator BadgerInSinkerator EvolutionOther BrandsGeneral InfoContinuous Feed vs Batch FeedGrind StagesThe Noise FactorBuying ConsiderationsSafetyHorsepower and CapacityAccessories How To s with VideoHow to Clean a Garbage DisposalHow to Repair a Clogged, Leaking or Not Working Garbage DisposalHow to Remove, Replace and Install a Garbage DisposalMost Popular ReviewsWaste King L-8000InSinkErator Evolution ExcelInSinkErator Evolution Pro EssentialWaste King L-111Waste King L-1001Recent PostsInSinkErator Contractor 333Waste King L500TCMoen GXS75C GX SeriesInSinkErator Evolution ExcelWaste King L-8000Waste King L-2600InSinkErator Evolution CompactHomeAbout UsPolicyContactDown the Sink © All Rights Reserved is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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No matter what type, size or price you have in mind for your new garbage disposal, we reviewed them all. Picks for best and most powerful units included.

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