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Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebarcrao.caUnderstanding Court Reporting in CanadaAre you interested in becoming a court reporter in Canada? Do you enjoy legal issues but you did not qualify to study law, or you do not have the resources needed to train to become a lawyer? All is not lost. You can still enjoy the thrill of being in a courtroom by becoming a court reporter. When people hear of venturing into court reporting, they imagine it is a complex world full of legal jargon and struggling to understand what is happening in court. Welcome to http://crao.ca, the website that guides you on how to become a court reporter, and what you need to know about court reporting.Becoming a Court Reporter in CanadaIf you are wondering about the kind of qualifications and certification you have to achieve to become a court reporter in Canada, you will find a detailed explanation on the schools you need to attend, how to identify the right school, and the educational level needed before you can be accepted into a court reporting school. There are many associations that exist to help beginner court reporters navigate through the field, and this website explains the importance of being a member of an association, and how to get accepted into the association of your choice.Other than the educational requirements you must have to start working, you will also get details of some of the skills that will make you stand out as a court reporter. If you do not have the passion, patience, or the ability to listen to what goes on in court, you will have a difficult time trying to establish yourself as a court reporter. You do not have to spend too much to join a court reporting school in Canada. Once you have mastered ways to save money, you can easily navigate through school and personal life.Working as a Court ReporterOnce you have qualified as a court reporter, the next step is to start working in a court near you. On this website, you will get a breakdown of what being a court reporter in Canada entails. The use of shorthand and software to transcribe audio is key in court reporting jobs. Here, there is a detailed explanation of what the duties of a court reporter are. One of the most asked questions when it comes to choosing work as a court reporter always revolves around where court reporters take their final transcripts.There are court reporters who are self-employed and they give their transcripts to lawyers, journalists, and even judges for a fee. There are others who are contracted by institutions and individuals who are having court proceedings and need to have everything on record. Consider this website to be your one-stop place where you get all the authoritative and relevant information about court reporting in Canada.Primary SidebarHomeRequirements for Being a Court Reporter in CanadaSkills Every Court Reporter in Canada Must HaveUnderstanding the Work of a Court Reporter

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