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Are we there yet? focus programme 2021 >>> Dear winterschouwburgers,Phew, looks like we made it. Together. Now we suggest a well-earned rest. By meditating –together or alone – at home to all kinds of techno. You heard us. By reducing your screentime and going on a musical walk. Yes, it’s a thing!But what if you’ve meditated and walked enough this year? What if all this endurance has just made us too tired and impatient to face the winter? How to keep moving? And are wethere yet?We’ll see, hear and hug each other in 2021, with new adventures that answer to the nameof: Are we there yet?Enjoy your rest,B today Beursschouwburg transforms into humanitarian hub 16 NOV 2020 — 29 JAN During the corona lockdown Beursschouwburg transformsinto a temporary humanitarian hub. - w/ HOBO, CAW Brussel,Cultureghem Globe Aroma. Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie is the new director of beursschouwburg “I look forward to braving these challenging times together with the team and developing a new chapter in Beursschouwburg’s pioneering history.”Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie on the go MUSIC WALKS Long-time music lovers and newfound hiking enthusiasts, this one is for you 3


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