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description:Get current weather information, historical data and forecasts using weatherstack - a free world weather REST API supporting millions of global locations.
Real-Time " class="prettyprint" data-endpoint="current">{ "request": { "type": "City", "query": "San Francisco, United States of America", "language": "en", "unit": "m" }, "location": { "name": "San Francisco", "country": "United States of America", "region": "California", "lat": "37.775", "lon": "-122.418", "timezone_id": "America/Los_Angeles", "localtime": "2019-09-03 05:35", "localtime_epoch": 1567488900, "utc_offset": "-7.0" }, "current": { "observation_time": "12:35 PM", "temparature": 16, "weather_code": 122, "weather_icons": [ "" ], "weather_descriptions": [ "Overcast" ], "wind_speed": 17, "wind_degree": 260, "wind_dir": "W", "pressure": 1016, "precip": 0, "humidity": 87, "cloudcover": 100, "feelslike": 16, "uv_index": 0, "visibility": 16 }}
{    "request": {        "type": "City",        "query": "Chicago, United States of America",        "language": "en",        "unit": "m"    },    "location": {        "name": "Chicago",        "country": "United States of America",        "region": "Illinois",        "lat": "41.850",        "lon": "-87.650",        "timezone_id": "America/Chicago",        "localtime": "2019-09-08 08:39",        "localtime_epoch": 1567931940,        "utc_offset": "-5.0"    },    "current": {        "observation_time": "01:39 PM",        "temparature": 19,        "weather_code": 122,        "weather_icons": [            ""        ],        "weather_descriptions": [            "Overcast"        ],        "wind_speed": 17,        "wind_degree": 100,        "wind_dir": "E",        "pressure": 1019,        "precip": 0,        "humidity": 73,        "cloudcover": 100,        "feelslike": 19,        "uv_index": 4,        "visibility": 16    },    "forecast": {        "2019-09-08": {            "date": "2019-09-08",            "date_epoch": 1567900800,            "astro": {                "sunrise": "06:23 AM",                "sunset": "07:13 PM",                "moonrise": "04:25 PM",                "moonset": "12:58 AM",                "moon_phase": "First Quarter",                "moon_illumination": 62            },            "mintemp": 10,            "maxtemp": 18,            "avgtemp": 16,            "totalsnow": 0,            "sunhour": 6.5,            "uv_index": 4        }    }}
Reliable Data Sources

Powered by a strong backbone of data sources, our weather data API comes with the highest level of reliability, consistency and accuracy.

Lightning-fast Response

Weather data is delivered in lightweight JSON format to ensure a high level of speed and compatibility with any programming language.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our REST API is backed by scalable cloud infrastructure built and maintained by apilayer, capable of handling billions of requests per day.

Flexible Location Lookup

Millions of locations can be looked up by city or region name, ZIP code, IP address, or even using latitude and longitude coordinates.

Bank-Level Security

All data streams sent to and from the weatherstack API are secured using industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS (SSL) encryption.

Extensive API Documentation

An API is only as good as its documentation, which is why a series of interactive code examples in multiple languages are waiting for you.

Join more than 75,000 companies worldwide using the weatherstack API We are proud of delivering accurate weather data to some of the smartest brands out there.

Sign up for our Free Plan to get instant access to weather data Get Free API Access

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Get current weather information, historical data and forecasts using weatherstack - a free world weather REST API supporting millions of global locations.

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