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AssameseA language of Assam that's spoken by nearly 60 percent of theState's population.BengaliAn official language of West Bengal, now spoken by nearly 200million people in West Bengal and in Bangladesh. BodoIt is the language spoken by the Bodo people of Assam and comes under the Assam-Burmese group of languagesGujaratiIt is the official language of Gujarat. 70 percent of theState's population speak Gujrathi but it the most spread languagenot only in India but also abroad. HindiThe official language of India, accent and dialect differs withdifferent regions but almost every Indian has a working knowledge ofHindi. It is written in a Devanagiri script. KannadaA language of Karnataka and is spoken by 65 percent of thestate's population. It belongs to the Dravidian family. KashmiriThough the language is mistaken as a state language of Kashmironly 55 per cent of the state's population speak Kashmiri. KonkaniSpoken in the Konkan region stretched across Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.MaithiliMostly spoken in the parts of Bihar and the eastern Terai region of NepalMalayalamThe state language of Kerala. It is the youngest of alldeveloped languages in the Dravidian family. MarathiAn official language of Maharashtra. It has a fully developedliterature of the modern type. NepaliThe official language of Nepal, it is also spoken in some north eastern parts of IndiaOriyaA branch of the Indo-Aryan family, is the official language ofthe State of Orissa. PunjabiThe official language of the State of Punjab. It is written inGurmukhi script, created by the Sikh Guru, Angad.Sanskrit The classical language of India that has lost it's value in themodern world. It is also one of the oldest languages in the world-perhaps the oldest to be recorded. All the ancient scripts are foundto be written in the same language. Santhali Santhal tribals of the Chota Nagpur Plateau (comprising thestates of Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa)SindhiIs spoken by a great number of people in the Northwest frontierof the Indian sub-continent comprising parts of India and Pakistan.TamilThe State language of Tamil Nadu. Tamil literature goes back toCenturies before the Christian era and is spoken by more than 73million people. It belongs to the Dravidian language family.TeluguA language of Andhra Pradesh. It is numerically the biggestlinguistic unit in India. UrduThe state language of Jammu and Kashmir and is spoken by morethan 28 million people in India. Urdu and Hindi have proceeded fromthe same source. Urdu is written in the Persio - Arabic script andcontains many words from the Persian language. India is a vast country, with lot of cultural andgeographical diversities. This has resulted in a number of differentlanguages spoken across the country. Some of these languages areaccepted nationally, while others are accepted as dialects of particularregions. All these languages originated from the great languages of thepast, with most of them belonging to several major linguistic families,like Indo-Aryan (spoken by 70% Indians), Dravidian languages (spoken by22% Indians), Austro-Asiatic languages and Tibeto-Burman linguisticlanguages. The Indian Constitution (Article 343) declares Hindi to be the officiallanguage of the Union. Hindi is also the mother tongue of about 20% ofthe Indian population, living in the area known as the 'Hindi-belt' orthe 'cow-belt' of northern India. This includes the states of UttarPradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarhand Rajasthan. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh also have Hindi as theirofficial language. English language is the commonly used official language of India. Itenjoys a special status and remains the additional official language ofIndia. It is also the authoritative legislative and judicial language.Apart from the more widely spoken English and Hindi, there are thevarious regional languages as well. In fact, each state of India has itsown official language, apart from the numerous dialects. However, the8th schedule of the Constitution of India lists 22 such regionallanguages only, giving them official status.

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India is the home of different languages, due to its cultural & geographical diversity. In this section, we deal with the major languages spoken in India.

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