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Ramona Ramona Ramona Ramona!!! Ramona Quimby. She's neato groovykeen and you know you secretly wanna read all about the weirdo things she'salways doing. Remember the time she wore her pajama's to school? Or thetime she broke an egg over her head? [heehee] Ramona's adorable. I lovethe pants offa her. (not literaly, that would be wrong) Come see why Ithink she's so keen.I didn't write it, but Someone did! And did a darn fine jobof it too! Seriously, though, this is just a bunch of poems that I thinkare really good. Okay, so that's not a very eloquant intro, but why doI need a lot of fanfare? You like poems, don't you? Click here and readsome of the poems I like the best, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, W. H.Auden, and Archy the cockroach. (oh man, if that doesn't pique your curiosity,Nothing will!) Updated often.Who Does Jerry Love?Well, the guestbook is gone, since hardly anyone bothered tosign it. (Thanks Tommy Louis...you're super.) And in it's place I'vedecided to just spend a whole lot of time irritating a friend of mine bysetting up a voting booth between his little Russell, and mydearest Callum. As Jerry would say: It's something to do.Nuttiness Generator (UnderConstruction)A seperate list of smaller, less extensive websites that requiredlittle or no effort on my part at all. Featuring Five (almost compleatly)Different quote scripts on Five (almost compleatly) Different topics! Isthere no end to my boredom?I'm not a big fan of link lists. So I won't include one. Well...okay,you twisted my arm. But this is a Very short list. There aren't a lot ofsites I really find worthy of promoting, so don't get your hopes up. We'llbe lucky if this list reaches ten entries.I tried to think of a snazzy title for this section, but theyall sounded so dorky, I decided to just go with what's tried and true.So. Yea. Click here to write me a letter.NOTE: Some areas of thissite are still being worked on, so don't be surprised if you run into afew dead links. We appreaciate your patientce in this matter. Site bestviewed at 800x600 with 16bit color."It wasan otter. I was ten, it was dead, someone hit me with it. Can we move on?"BentonFraser, dueSouthIt means....nothing. And everything. Actually,it's just a distortion of an umbrella.

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It means...nothing. And everything. Actually it's just a distortion of an umbrella.

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