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Making creative
agencies efficient

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Account managers

Traffic manager


Team members

to any other tools

& owners



Allfred is the innovative finance and project management solution

100% tailored for advertising, digital, and PR agencies.

Allfred serves everyone
in your agency

CEO & Owners CFO/Finance Project managers Team members

See your company
finance with laser
precision or X-ray vision

Owners and CEO

realtime financial performancedashboardsrevenue analysisclients performance

Never lose
a penny again

CFO/Financial team

can easily forecast, report and
invoice all the projects

invoicingbudgeting & expensesfinancial exportsaccounting exportscashflowwork in progress tracking

Visually plan your teams time

Project managers

can easily forecast, report and invoice all the projects

team planingproject managementbudget managementinvoicingexpenses managementtime management

Balance your team workload

Capacity planning done right

resources managementtime managementteam burnout preventioncapacity booking and conflict detectiondrag & drop planningtimeline and calendar view

Track the time the way you like it!

1-click time tracking

for all team members

1-click time trackingtasks/project planningproject communicationtime tracking reminders

Allfred satisfies you at all
company levels


Allfred helps us to orient ourselves in projects. Now we can continuously evaluate the status of projects. I definitely recommend Allfred for smaller or starting companies. For the price of a "team dinner" you will get interesting statistics and data.

Matúš Kvas
CEO at


Managing director

Allfred has brought a larger budgeting system to our agency, and at the same time we can use it to better control the profitability of projects. It also serves well in terms of managing the agency's operations.

Blažena Ambóz Sedrovičová
Managing director at


Team leader

At Allfred, it suits me that I can create cost estimates and I can approve them as well. I lead a team of account managers so to have capacity planning, project overview, tasks, or report in one place is a great benefit.

Iva Kolevová
Team leader at


Account Director

Allfred provides the overview, insight and oversight that each agency needs to function effectively. It provides information on who, with whom, until when etc. all in three clicks. That's amazing and incredibly helpful.

Petra Barčáková
Deputy Account Director at


Team member

Allfred is a good servant, but also a cool teammate. It helps to organize working hours very effectively, not to mention that marking "done" a job at the end of the day brings pleasant satisfaction.

Roman Hríbik
Copywriter & Ideamaker at

MUW Saatchi & Saatchi

Allfred is worth every penny

We designed Allfred to serve in all phases of the advertising agency workflow.
It is the only project management and financial tool, that you will ever need.

Other tools

Budgeting software Invoicing tool Project management software Time tracking tool Resources management tool

Together up to 52 € per user

Save 54% by using Allfred


Budgeting Invoicing Project management Time tracking Resources management Optimized for agencies

Typically just 24 € per user

Allfred is ready to cooperate
with your tools

We understand how difficult is to switch, so we are ready to connect to any of your tools.

Thanks to powerful integration and APIs, AllFred can start working with all your current tools.


Tailor made

for advertising, digital and PR agencies


99,6 % uptime


Corporate grade encryption & data security

At your device

dedicated support
or 24/7 SLA


On site / remote

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