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to preserve and enrich the environment, culture and economy of the Sonoran Desert

International Sonoran Desert Alliance

At the International Sonoran Desert Alliance, we design and implement environmental, cultural, real estate and business development projects intended to preserve and enrich the environment, culture and economy of the Sonoran Desert.


ISDA was founded by a group of stakeholders activated by a desire to preserve the irreplaceable and incomparable natural resources of the Sonoran Desert. While the work of our organization has grown increasingly comprehensive over time, our driving force continues to be a love and respect of this extraordinarily biodiverse region.

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ISDA is an alliance of peoples from three Nations: the Tohono O’odham Nation, Mexico and the United States. We are committed to fostering communication, understanding and cooperation among the richly diverse cultures in our region. Our intention is to preserve and enrich heritage in a way that transcends borders and boundaries.

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ISDA is committed to building more resilient Sonoran Desert communities with thoughtful and non-extractive economic development initiatives. Through workforce development, expanded educational opportunities, and access to capital for entrepreneurs, we believe that it is possible to build a prosperous and sustainable regional economy offering opportunities for all residents.

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Recent News

Seeding Resilience in Uncertain Times

For many of us, this year has been a bit of a rollercoaster with daily changes to our current reality and our expectations for the future. Hopes for a return to some semblance of post-COVID normalcy continue to rise and fall in line with case counts and hospitalization numbers. Patterns of rain, drought and extreme weather events are creating rapid shifts in ecosystems and driving us to rethink long held assumptions about the built environment. Cancellations and postponements to signature convenings remind us of just how critical celebrations and gatherings are for community health and for culture bearers to pass on inherited food, story, song, and dance. For the International Sonoran Desert Alliance (ISDA), 2021 was a definitive statement about the undeniable value of seeding resilience through adaptation and co-creative thinking.

A Spring in a Time of Dryness

With so many challenges in 2020, we are taking an opportunity to celebrate grit, resilience and moments of hopefulness.

Quitobaquito Springs | A'al Vaipia

The International Sonoran Desert Alliance is committed to preserving Quitobaquito Springs (A’al Vaipia) in the face of adversity.

Resilient Communities Adapting to a New Reality

A group of Ajo-based artisans have launched a collaborative e-commerce platform:


What is the International Sonoran Desert Alliance? Is it an Environmental Organization? Is it an Arts & Culture Group? Is it a Community Development Corporation? Yes to all. But first and foremost it is a place-based membership organization committed to preserving and enriching the environment, culture and economy of the Sonoran Desert.

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