Walk, Wheel, Cycle, Vote is a collaborative campaign asking all candidates for the Scottish local elections to sign up to three clear pledges that will make Scotland a country where everyone has the choice to walk, wheel or cycle in safety for their everyday journeys:

Accessibility: Ensure that our streets, paths and footways are accessible to everyone, whether on foot or using any form of mobility aid; by putting accessibility at the heart of our street design, we will create places everyone can use and enjoy.Infrastructure: Create a long-term programme to rebuild our villages, towns and cities around walking, wheeling and cycling, with active travel infrastructure everyone can use, even after dark – the initial goal should be that every child who wants to can walk, wheel or cycle to their school.Investment: Provide the sustained, long-term investment needed to start this transformation of Scotland into a country that enables active travel everywhere – starting from 10% of the transport budget (capital and revenue), and rising to 20% during the council term.

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Want to get involved? Here’s how you can help:

if you’re an individual, ask your candidates and local parties to support our three asks. Or if you want to do more, here are some easy actions you can take.if you’re a candidate, please get in touch to pledge support for our three asks – email walkwheelcyclevote@gmail.com or use our contact page.if you’re a local group or national group why not join us as a supporting organisation?if you are thinking of starting a local campaigning group – get in touch and we will do what we can to help – email walkwheelcyclevote@gmail.com

Walk, Wheel, Cycle, Vote is a collaborative campaign supported by a wide range of organisations across Scotland, from community and active travel groups to health charities. See the full list of supporting organisations.