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Pied Piper Training

Pied Piper Training™ to Encourage Dealership Employees to Become More Helpful.

Tired of training programs that are all big talk and big claims, but fail to drive lasting change?

Pied Piper designs easy-to-implement training programs that measurably drive lasting change. How? Because Pied Piper already owns proprietary and proven dealer network best practices. Pied Piper is not just a service provider designing training; Pied Piper is also the value-added; the source of “what” to train, not just how to train it.

Ready for us to collaborate with you? It will be out pleasure: Call us at (831) 648-1075.

What others are Saying: span">"We’ve built a process at our 19 dealerships and 35 brands around Pied Piper’s mystery shop results. Bottom line? It works. We are very pleased not only with the improvements Pied Piper has helped us make, but also the great support provided."Group VP ~ 5-Year PPMC Client "We've used the bad surveys (we've had a bunch) to do some individual training. And we're training the entire staff using the survey format. I am so impressed with the Pied Piper program and surveys that I've already signed up with you guys for our other stores. Thanks for your help."Honda Dealer Principal "CSI surveys put pressure on dealer staff to convince consumers to give them high scores. By choosing Pied Piper PSI instead, we ensured that the evaluation of the dealership's retail practices are kept between the dealer and the OEM, and do not involve the customer."CEO, Motorcycle Manufacturer Why Choose Us\ Who We Are\ What We Do\ Press\ Contact © 2003-2022 Pied Piper Management Company, LLC. All rights reserved. The above brands and logos are property of the respective companies. Terms of Use | Privacy PolicySite Navigation