I help online entrepreneurs create aligned + irresistible offers,

so they can grow to six-figures with speed + ease.

aligned offers
more sales
less stress

It's time to get off the offer creation hamster wheel.

You love serving your clients, but it feels like your offers are all over the place and your head is spinning on what to do next.

You know you want to scale your business, but the lack of clarity and mess in your value ladder and offers are definitely holding you back.

You’re ready for the next level of success that happens when you’re offers are in complete alignment to each other and to you.


Are you ready to create offers that sell with ease and on repeat, so you can finally feel unstoppable?

let's go with yes!
Hi, I'm Tasha!

I know how hard it is to create a successful business and still create balance in your life.

It took 4 years of no boundaries, sacrificing family time and a lot of inner stress before I realized I was practically imprisoned to my business.

Yes, we had hit the million dollar mark in annual sales. But I felt empty.

Every waking hour was spent half-distracted and always wondering if I could be doing more and giving more to my business.

Thankfully, I realized that I already had the strategy, but now it was time go inwards.

Everything changed from that point on.

And now, there are two major things that are non-negotiable when we work together (and why working with me is the difference maker).

1. You’ll refine your value ladder and simplify your offers so you can scale your business with ease.

2.You’ll develop a mindset that leaves you feeling unstoppable and unshakeable, every step of the way.










Here are the ways I can help you makelasting, unshakeable change in your life and business.

Private coaching

Let’s work together 1-1 and go deep to accelerate your sales and create your unstoppable next-level worth.

yes, i'M READY!
Group programs

Community is the birthplace of exponential empowerment and that’s exactly what our group programs are about.

power sessions

We’ll spend 60 minutes together workshopping through what your next level is and what it’s going to take to get you there.

Check it out!

You're in therightplace if:

You're an established coach, consultant or service provider who is ready to simplify and organize your offers so you're ready to grow with a plan.You're a new business owner who wants to setup the foundation for their business and offers with strategy and start off on the right foot.You see tremendous value in having an aligned value ladder that attracts your ideal audience and keeps them buying from you effortlessly.You're are sick of constantly launching new offers (and adding unnecessary stress) hoping to get your current audience to buy from you.
let's work together
kind words from clients
I knew (in my head) what I needed to do in order to launch my coaching business but I was so overwhelmed by it all and was really stuck! I knew I needed 1:1 strategy, accountability and mindset coaching. I was initially scared to commit the $$$ but I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I needed the help!

So I hired Tasha! In my two months with her, we revamped my website messaging and layout (so it makes so much more sense now!), we created a successful lead magnet with FB ads and I now have over 1000 contacts on my list, I launched my first VIP Coaching Program {believe me, I was ready to bail because I was so scared to launch and Tasha kept me on track and focused}. Guess what ! I signed two clients!

I also created, advertised and hosted my first ever online workshop with over 13 people from over 4 different countries! I can't believe how much I have accomplished in only two months - and it's because Tasha is my rock star coach and I was ready to do the work!

She's so supportive, strategic and knows what she's talking about! Not to mention she is an excellent human! Love her!

Can't recommend her enough!Shaheen P.shaheenplunier.comTasha is the only business coach you need! After being in her membership for 9 months, I've learned not only business strategy but ALL the actionable steps to earn income on a consistent basis!

I currently have a waitlist for 1:1 clients and my shop with evergreen content is poised to launch in January 2022. Tasha is a coach that teaches you the entire package! (mindset, strategy and action steps)Jenn P.SocialSolutionStudio.comPreviousNext

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