the grip jar opener

Effortlessly open any lid. Every time.

You Shouldn’t Feel Helpless In the Kitchen…

Open any size lid with a pain free, effortless motion. Every time, without fail. Our effective simple design is easy to install, and easy to use.

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“I couldn’t live without my jar opener!”

How does it help?


With carbon steel teeth and our proven V-grip design, The Grip has the strength to open any jar with little to no effort.

lids of every Size and type

The Grip can open lids of any size and type with ease. From fingernail polish to large pickle jars!

hidden out of sight

Since it sits underneath your cabinet, you’ll never know it’s there until you need it! And no more added clutter, taking up valuable space in your kitchen drawer.

NO more pain or strain

Unlike other openers, you don’t need two hands to try and twist open jars or other lids. Which means, not only is it easier, but pain free!

Never been easier

How does it work?

1. Purchase a Product

Purchase one of the few products still Made in America from the finest materials including carbon steel blades and durable ABS plastic.

2. Install

After The Grip is delivered to your house, remove it from the box, peel the cover off the adhesive, and apply under your kitchen cabinet or counter.

3. Open Any Lid

Once installed, your opener will change the way that you operate in the kitchen, making it easy for you to open the next thing on your list.

</iframe>"> Sale Price:$19.95 Original Price:$23.95 Quantity: Buy Now

Our Story

Cliff Kuns (Inventor) and wife Barbara Kuns

Our Family: Third Generation

In 1977, our grandfather Clifford Kuns was watching his father-in-law struggle after a stroke, and had a dream that night of a design that helped people with a basic need: opening a jar. He soon realized the significance of that dream, put pen to paper, and began production.

The first 20,000 jar openers were made entirely of wood, but as demand grew dramatically, he transitioned to plastic.

Sold initially through church and civic group fundraisers, over time The Lid Persuader became a huge success. Eventually featured on national TV in the 1990s (QVC, TBN, etc.), our beloved, unique jar opener was a commercial success and found its way into homes across America.

Typical of entrepreneurs, Cliff wanted to pursue some new ventures, so in 2002 when a third-party business offered to grow the product through their own marketing efforts on Amazon in 2002, we began selling and distributing via wholesale and Amazon Marketplace.

Over the past 17 years, we’re proud in the fact that our jar opener has continued to help thousands of people. And in August 2019, we happily embarked on our own journey again with our new and improved brand: The Grip .

And it’s not just the branding that’s improved. In October 2019, we also made some aesthetic enhancements. The same proven effective design, and the same trusted materials, but with a fresh look. We love how it turned out, and know you will too!

Over all these years, we’re proud of how radically our grandfather’s invention has changed people's lives. Now in our third generation, still American made and family-owned and operated, we want to continue on that legacy.

So whether you are old, young, arthritic, or simply tired of struggling to open jars and other lids, we want you to have what many have called their "best friend in the kitchen," and what others have said has "given them back their independence."

From our family to yours,

-Debi, Gerren, and Whitney (Owners)

Product Evolution


1977: our grandfather Cliff invents and produces the first 20,000 jar openers in solid wood, selling primarily through church and civic organizations, and local fund raisers.

lid persuader

Early 1980s: In order to keep up with demand, Cliff moved to plastic injection, calling his product “The Lid Persuader”. Eventually featured and commercialized on national TV in the 1990s, our beloved under cabinet jar opener grew in popularity, and ventured out into kitchens across the U.S.


2002: we retire The Lid Persuader and begin distributing our product wholesale.

the grip

Jan. 2019: introduce our new brand: The Grip! Same proven effective design and trusted materials, but with new aesthetic improvements, including a matte finish, simplified backing, and embossed logo. We love how it turned out, and know you will too!

Sale Price:$19.95 Original Price:$23.95 Quantity: Buy Now