Modernize your business with digital account opening

Under is a no-code software platform that helps financial services companies upgrade their onboarding capabilities with digital applications, identity management and direct integrations.

Digital App Verification Integrations

Integrated Partners

Online Applications

Switch from PDFs to online applications with the option for electronic signatures and signer attachments. If your processor or partner needs a hard copy, don’t worry, you can map customer data back to any PDF.

158,102 Form Fields Filled 150 Mapped Templates 16+ Integrations 21,448 Digital Applications Sent

Automate Identity and Banking Verification

Turn on identity verification to focus on the right customers. Minimize supporting documentation and speed up approvals by turning on bank verification and automating transactional history.

Integrate Data Seamlessly

Where do you want your data sent? Your CRM, multiple processors, gateways? Under makes it easy to send your data wherever you want.

Processor Integrations CRM Integrations Bank Integrations Distributed Teams

Case Study

Optimize the data collection process by applying our advanced decision engine and performance reporting to your workflow.

Now everyone is taking the reins and are able to set up digital apps on their own – making changes themselves to run different variations for specific customers.