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Hello guys! My name is Alex Zein and I’m a great adventure lover. Thank goodness the modern world has a lot of things to amaze me again and again. But you know what? Even though I became sick and tired of opening up new horizons alone. I felt that I miss something really vital and since then started an era of countless dates and disappointments.

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What is the reason? – you would ask. Actually, there are plenty of them. If you want to puzzle out someone’s inner world and reveal your own personality quite a lot of time is needed. Yes, sometimes just one meeting or one talk is enough to understand that a person is totally not yours. I would say, this variant is much better than to spend weeks or even months together, build plans, raise hopes and then find out that everything was in vain.

Actually, during the first dates people go out of their ways to impress each other. They wear such specious masks, pretend so skillfully and goodly. Both partners deceive and allow to be deceived. Such silliness, isn’t it? In course of time all the secrets are dispelled, people understand that there are some things they can not put up with and voila the relations are doomed.

Quite many girls, I turned out to be just benefit seekers. It could be financial support only, a way to have fun, to take revenge on an ex. whatever. The thing is that none of these ladies was ready to do something for the relations, make a contribution to their growth. Don’t think that I’m greedy, or selfish, or lazy, I just know for sure that one-sided alliance doesn’t have any future.


In my life I have met lots of different women, each one was special in her own way; had hundreds dates, funny and gloomy, exciting and depressing, but it was just a waste of time. Maybe some people think that this is that life experiences, we all learn from our mistakes, but I don’t agree. Time is the most precious thing of our life, it never comes back, we must remember and appreciate it.

So I made up my mind not to waste time any more and to take advantage of modern achievements. I referred to online dating provider and don’t regret. It turned out to be an excellent opportunity to build relationships, you are dreaming about. I know, guys, many of you have doubts concerning all this online love stuff, as there are lots of prejudices born by people who are stuck in the past. Let me try to ruin these illusions.

Online means cheating

Frankly speaking, I also believed it. Just think, nowadays scam seems to be everywhere. There are so many ways to trick, we couldn’t even think of. Still, it doesn’t mean that we should be closed from the outward things, like in a shell. I opened up my shell and had a priceless reward.

Actually, there are simple ways to protect yourself from deception, as very often we are tricked, because we let others do it. When I was in search of a reliable dating provider, I read each sites’ terms of use and dozens of people’s feedback. Yes, I spent several hours, but it is really worth it. Believe me, everything you need to know is clearly depicted there. I’ve never come across scam while using online dating services, as I was aware of it.

There is one common trick, false agencies use. They ask the users to pay a certain sum, no matter which services people will use. In other words, you have to pay for something, you don’t need at all. What an absurdity! Dating providers have a number of various things to offer, as every person has his own preferences, aims and needs some special ways to reach them. That’s it!

What about women, not all of them are deceivers. First of all, choose a reliable site with obligatory verification of each account, prohibition to ask for money or personal data, support team available 24/7. Remember,real profile has full description and at least several photos. Besides, a woman with serious intentions will not be reluctant to meet face-to-face or to have voice or video call. Nothing complicated, right?

One more thing, guys, don’t be silly! It is not about online dating only. If you see that a lady isn’t interested in you, avoids meeting with you and so on – just let her live her own life.

Online dating is for losers

Complete bullshit! You can’t even imagine what an amazing lady you may meet there. Online dating site is a convenient modern way to meet a partner, crossing over that awful stage of worthless meetings. Here all the members indicate from the very beginning who they are and what they really want. No games, no hypocrisy, no disappointment.

As for me, before meeting that one woman, of course I chatted with others. What I really liked that we were open. We understood that don’t match and just wished each other good luck.

While being a member of an online dating platform, I came across different types of women. There were business ladies who didn’t have time for countless dates searching for a right partner; girls who wanted to get married and create a family so much that were ready to leave everything else; adventure lovers (just like me) who can’t stand monotony and ordinary life. So the reasons for using online services may be different, but it’s definitely not a hopelessness.

Get rid of restrictions

One more brilliant thing about online dating services, I want to stop at, is the absence of any restrictions. Time, distance, language barrier are nothing here. The agency cares about it. The only thing which counts for you is a woman you communicate with, her personality, her plans, wishes. So both partners are focused on creation of healthy and happy relations.

Besides, such an agency is a magnificent idea for introverts. Here you forget about a shame, embarrassment. Step by step you expand your limits and transforms. In a huge number of users you will definitely meet a person who is just like you, who understands you and feel that you are not alone any more.

Ok, guys, if my story isn’t enough for you, look through the statistics, numbers devoid of human emotions. 40% of married couples met each other online. 60% of long distance relations end up with marriage. Still have some doubts – sorry, friends, but you miss a lot.


This is my story. Real and unvarnished. It has my signature all over it. Online dating community is not a game, it is an opportunity to live your life. Don’t be stuck in the past, be modern, be successful. Your happiness is in your hands!

Misael Gaylord Misael Gaylord belongs to the most popular authors on who shares his own experience and knowledge. Years of work in marriage agencies make him an experienced and self-motivated writer who creates great content for us.

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