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Helps us Celebrate our 10th Birthday!For our 10th birthday, our wish is to raise $10,000 for the best gift of all- meeting the needs of more precious babies and toddlers around the world.Give a birthday gift!MalnutritionWhen Abilio arrived at our clinic, he was severely underweight. We were worried he would not survive, but after four weeks on on our specially formulated therapeutic milk, he made a full recovery!Learn MoreNightCareAs young toddlers growing up in the sex industry, Adan and Sanjay are not safe at night. They are at high-risk of abuse and exploitation. NightCare protects them.Learn MoreBirthAidWhen Ana was born, she wasn't breathing. Fortunately, her grandfather attended our Birth Life Saving Course, and he knew to pat Ana on her back and she began breathing!Learn More Previous Next

Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (age 0-5) every day by meeting the most intense and urgent survival needs.

1Protected from the sex industry.1Cured from malnutrition1Born safely in a war zone.

Get Involved

You can make a difference.

Donate, spread the word, or join our hero program to help provide the world's most vulnerable babies and toddlers with life, love, and protection. Take Action


Saving Moses Through the Years

We have seen so much growth at every level and are so thankful to our supporters who make this dream into a reality every day.

Afghanistan: One Year Under the Taliban

One year after the Taliban took over the government, the outlook for Afghanistan is one of desperation, particularly for women and children.

Surviving the Drought

As drought and the effects of war impact an already crippled food system in Angola, babies and toddlers fight to survive.

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