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Concept Learning Inducing Arithmetic Functions Causal Support Rational Rules Word Learning as Bayesian Inference Bayes Net Structure Learning Little Trees Reasoning about Reasoning Adjectives Black Lives Matter Ellipsis Exhaustivity Generics Hyperbole Hyperbolic metaphor Incremental pragmatics Inferring Pedagogical Skill Intensifiers Irony Blue-eyed Islanders Metaphor Nested Number Guessing Overinformativeness Pedagogy Plural Predication Politeness Scalar Implicature with Varying QUD Scalar Implicature Schelling Coordination Game with False Belief Schelling Coordination Game Learning from Social and Direct Evidence Social meaning Spatial Implicature Homogeneity in Plural Definites Syllogisms Tic-Tac-Toe Prosody Pragmatics with Semantic Free Variables Machine Learning Citation Matching Finite Mixture Model Infinite Mixture Model Latent Dirichlet Allocation Bayesian Logistic Regression Markov Model Bayesian Neural Network Nonparametric Models CrossCat Dirichlet Process Gaussian Process Classifier Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Infinite Gaussian Mixture Infinite Hidden Markov Model Infinite Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar Infinite Relational Model Nested CRP + HDP Nested Chinese Restaurant Process Probabilistic Deterministic Infinite Automata Indian Buffet Process Infinite Dirichlet-Multinomial Mixture Pitman-Yor N-Gram Pitman-Yor Process Bayesian Data Analysis Inferences with Binomials Inferences with Gaussians Undirected Constraints 1D Ising Rat Growth HMM-Ising Inverse Dynamics Inverse Physics Learning Physics from Dynamical Scenes Inverse Statics Newtonian Dynamics PPAML Challenge Problems Discrete-Time Hidden Markov Model Bayesian Linear Regression Medical Diagnosis Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Hierarchical Dirichlet Prior Genetic Linkage Analysis Network Analysis Seismic Event Detection Miscellaneous Birthday Problem Blame Attribution Brightness Constancy Burglary Bayesnet Biases from Noise Finite Dirichlet-Multinomial Mixture Event Detection Finite Gaussian Mixture 1D Gaussian with Gaussian/Gamma Hyperparameters Geometric Distribution Grade Inflation Hierarchical Flu/Cough Model Hierarchical Urn Model Marsaglia Markov Logic Network Model Selection Monty Hall Problem Noisy Logic Red-light Game Scoring Rules Simple Bayesian Networks Symbolic Regression Tug of War Curve Fitting Kalman Filter Layout of Tables and Plates Add Model

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