Quartz - Future Of Dining Out

Client - Quartz

Carnival Brewing

Label design for Carnival Brewing x The One O’Clock Gun pale ale

Quartz - Workplace Activism

Illustrations for Quartz on the rise of workplace activism


Label illustration for bespoke gin made by Turncoat distillery for Maray restaurant in Liverpool, UK


‘The Ultimate Worrier — wrestling with Zoom anxiety’

For an article written by journalist and mental health coach Philip Bridges on Medium.


Paint Yourself Happy

Paint Yourself Happy

Client: Breathe Magazine


“My Name Twin Was Arrested For Robbery…and Everyone Thought It Was Me”

Client : Narratively

Quartz - Plastics

For Zoë Schlanger’s article about the exponential growth of plastic production.

Client : Quartz

Fresh Perspectives

Client: Just Breathe Magazine


King Kipchoge !

Gentle Approach

Client : Teen Breathe

"I'm disabled, please don't talk to me as if I'm stupid"

Speculative editorial based on an opinion piece by Penny Anderson in The Guardian.

It's Freezing In LA!

For climate change magazine It’s Freezing in LA! Accompanying an article by James Woodall asking whether beautiful architecture should be held to more sustainable standards, using the striking but flawed Aqua building in Chicago as a prime example.

It's Okay To Play

Editorial work for Teen Breathe magazine about the importance of play.

Client : Teen Breathe


Poster artwork for Bundobust and Maray in Liverpool.

Shelf Heroes

Illustration for the ‘H’ issue of Shelf Heroes magazine.

Philip Seymour Hoffman in Happiness - 1998


For issue 21 of Forge Art Magazine - ‘Response’

The Essential Journal

Editorial about detoxing from smart phones and social media for the Essential Journal.

Help Wanted

‘It has been 50 years since classified job ads went unisex. So where are all the female C.E.O.s?’

Speculative editorial for an article in the New York Times.

Gendered classifieds were abolished 50 years ago so access to the pipeline is not the issue…

We Need To Ban Phone Calls

“What monster would call me from a landline?”

Speculative editorial for Brigid Delaney’s diary on The Guardian website.

Books In Prison

Editorial about the importance of prison inmates having access to literature.

Medicine's Open Secret

Editorial for a piece about how medical professionals deal with patients that refuse care based on their ethnicity or religion.

Over-protective Education

'Education must mean more than the avoidance of offence'

Based on an article in The Washington Post about a school in Mississippi that banned Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird on the grounds that the language in it could make children uncomfortable, which is precisely the point.

The Problem With Tipping

Speculative editorial for an article on Eater about the issues surrounding tipping in the U.S.

Lunch Matters

Editorial about Conservative plans to scrap free school lunches.

Recipes Schmecipes

Editorial about how many chefs needlessly overcomplicate recipes and the craft of cooking.

Social Media Stalking

For an article about the normalisation of stalking on social media.


Speculative editorial to accompany a story about an ex-Jehovah’s witness who found freedom in nude self-portraiture.

Call It Competition

'Call it a competition and dads will rush to bring up baby’. Speculative editorial for an article in The Guardian.

This Little Piggy

'Does rearing your own livestock for food raise more questions than it answers?'

Action Against Hunger

Poster artwork for Maray restaurant group and Northern Fields catering in Liverpool.

Food Says Everything

Based on an article in Guardian Cook magazine about how we use food to communicate emotionally when words fail us.

Toppling The Grammar Patriarchy

More than 300 teachers in France are now refusing to teach the rule that the masculine prevails over the feminine when it comes to plural nouns. Made in response to an article in the New York Times.

Bird Flu

Speculative editorial. Based on an article in New Scientist about U.S restrictions on bird flu research.

Join The Club

Made for an article about the nostalgic food cravings that pregnancy can bring.

Park Life

Based on an article in The Guardian about the myriad perils of BBQing in public parks....

National Treasure

Inspired by a piece in The Guardian about how the British worship pudding.

Outdoor Medicine

Based on an article in Scientific American about how doctors in the U.S.A are prescribing walks in national parks as medicine.

Dairy Love

Based on an article in Guardian Cook magazine about a study that debunks the link between dairy products and disease.

Physical Limits

Are physical limits all in our heads?

Based on an article in the New York Times.

Protecting Low Wage Workers

Based on an article in the Boston Globe about the need to protect low-wage workers from sexual harassment.

The Outsider

Alternative cover for the classic Albert Camus novel.

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