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Shipping With Speed

Speedis important to both of us. This results in short lead times so your products aresold fast making you profit to reinvest in your business for continued growth.


You want to focus on selling your product without any unexpected costs or confusing tiering systems. We simplifiedour pricing plansto know your costs before shipping.

Personal Communication

Communication is the heart of any successfulservice for you.We useprivate & direct instant messaging including phone calls and zoom calls with all our team.

Confidence In Quality

You are shipping your products to us and we do not that lightly. We recordshipmentsvia 1080phigh def quality controlcameras for sharable footage.


Co-Founder and Director, electrical engineering background with a passion of systemisation and growth for our team and partners.


Co-Founder andDirectorsupporting our partners in UK, USA, & EU. Always helpful and working for operational teams.


Brand Manager working with our amazing brandsshipping everyday with her team or communicating with our partner brand management.


Amazon FBA PartnerManager working with our amazingAmazon FBA partners shipping everydayto optimise performance across our core values.


Our Head of Business Development that helps our partners everyday with anything supportive and business growth related.


Our Inbound Team Leader working hard everyday with the team inspecting every order, ensuring shipments are created and being picked everyday.


OurOutbound Team Leader working hard everyday with the teamprocessing shipments, quality control and shipping with our carriers everyday.


OurFinancial & Credit Managerthat helps our partners everyday with anything supportive of financials and invoices related.


OurBusiness Development Managerthat helps our partners everyday with anything supportive and business growth related.

What Does Our Prep Service / Fulfilment Service Do?

When you join us, we can receive your products and ship to Amazon's Fulfilment Centers so that you can sell your products.

For our Fulfilment Service, we can receive your products, store them and when you make a sale, we will ship to customers. This means you are able to grow and evolve your business to whichever goals you have.

We are able to support you all the way and take care of all your Prep Service needs and your Order Fulfilment Service needs.

What Is Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)?

Fulfilled By Amazon is a service provided by Amazon where you are able to sell your products to millions of Amazon's customers. FBA was created to allow Amazon to receive your products and then ship directly to the customer.

Why Would I Need A Prep Service?

By joining our Prep Service you will be able to save so much time every week not having to prep and ship your products yourself. With this spare time you can work on your business to grow it further.

What Is Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM)?

Fulfilled By Merchant is when you are selling products on Amazon however you are responsible for shipping the product to the customer.

Do You Have Security?

Yes. Our warehouse is fully secured using 24 hour CCTV that is cloud based and access remotely at anytime. We have recordings available that are stored in the cloud and we also have a fixed recording system that will record internal cameras for 3 months rolling footage. We are monitored 24/7 by Verisure Alarms.

Do You Have Insurance?

Yes. We have fully insured in our business so that if anything happens, we have everything covered. We are happy to discuss further if you have questions.

Can I Come To The Warehouse?

Yes. We have an open door policy for all customers. If you wanted to come see us, just schedule in a time and we are more than happy to see you.

What Happens After I Ship My Products?

We have a highly skilled and experienced team that have now shipped over1millionunits for other sellers.

When your products arrive at our warehouse, your products are checked into yourprivate cloud based inventory management systemand stored in your private shelves for storage.

Once you have enough for a shipment, our team willcreate the shipment and process the shipment to completion.

Who Creates The Shipments On Amazon Seller Central?

Depending on your membership, it can either be you or us that creates your shipments. Once products have arrived, checked in and stored on your shelves, we will work through our quality control system ensuring all products are prepared to Amazon's requirements.

What If Products Are Damaged When They Arrive?

We are in private 1 on 1 communication with you at all times. The moment deliveries come to the warehouse, they are visually inspected to ensure they are not damaged. If anything is not right, we take photos and talk to you sharing exactly what has happened. We then have the ability for your products to be picked back up and corrected by the supplier.

Do We Need Access To Amazon Seller Central Account?

Depending on your membership, it can either be you or us that creates your shipments.

If we are creating your shipments, we use comply fully with Amazon's policy in you granting us user permissions access. This is done via verified identification process where Amazon will require our teams official identification in the form of a passport.

Once granted, you can limit and control the access we have in your Amazon Seller Central Account. We will only need to manage your Inventory & Shipments. We do not need any other access.

What If My Products Do Not Arrive At The Warehouse?

We have a highly skilled and experienced team that have now shipped over 2 millionunits for other sellers so if something has happened and your products have not arrived, you will be notifiedright awaythat your products are still not here.

Do You Accept Wholesale & Pallets?


We have the capacity to ship 10,000's of units and shipments every month.

We can accept your pallets and process them as required.

Do You Accept Private Label & Pallets?


We have the capacity to ship 10,000's of units and shipments every month.

We can accept your pallets and process them as required.

Do You Accept Bundling & Multi-Packs?

Yes. We will carry out any prep that is required for your products.

When Are You Open?

We are open Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm.

Bank holidays we are closed and we will notify you when this occurs.

What Happens On Weekends?

We have a great working relationship with all delivery companies. They will delivery everything Monday mornings for us.

Please schedule all your deliveries the best you can between our open times.

Prep Service Prices The Same For Any Prep Required?

Yes. We recognised that we wanted to create a simple pricing structure for your business. Depending on your membership, you will only ever pay the same amount for your prep.

Can I Change Membership Later?

Yes of course. We can change your membership when you want. Just talk to the team and we will sort this out for you.

Can I Cancel At Anytime?

Yes. We have a30 day notice period.

How Does The Invoicing Work?

On the 1st of the month, we will invoice you specifically for your activity in the month passed. Invoice should then be paid by14th of Month.

Is There A Minimum I Need To Ship To Be A Member?

No. We are here to support your business. How ever many shipments you want to create, we are here for you.

Is There A Maximum Number Of Shipments & Units?

No. We have the capacity to suit any sized businesses.

What Is The Sourcing List Service?

This is an additional bonus giving you access to a supply of products Monday - Friday.

What Is Amazon FBA Training Program?

We have program called Online Arbitrage Mastery which you can have access to as a free bonus for up to 90 days.

What Are Events?

There are times in the year where we will host events on different subjects.

How Does "Opening Wholesale Accounts" Work?

We have videos to help walk through setting up your foundations. Website, name, story etc. We give our partners all images for our warehouse and details for deliveries. We have tutorials and tips on how to find suppliers using different methods, google, tradeshows, LinkedIn. We have the business strategy plans to helpour partners grow their business.

Is There A Sign Up Fee?

This is dependent on the plan enrolled into.

What Happens After I Enrol?

After you enrol, our team will be in contact with youby the next working day to enrol you into our service. You will be contact via email and then invited to our Slack Team.

How Do We Communicate?

We believe communication is a core value of ours and that is why we use an instant messaging service with Slack but we also use the phone. We have an open warehouse policy for customers too. Arrange to visit us at anytime.

Business Strategy Sessions

We want to support you in achieving your goals and we have amazing examples of helping our partners achieve their goals.

Come See Us Anytime

We have an open door policy and schedule regular review calls on how things are going for you. Your success is our number 1 priority.

Exclusive Growth Bonuses

We are more than just a prep service as we do more for our partners than any other service. Your success will always mean our success.

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