Do You Want To Know How To Get A Bigger Dick Fast? Here’s The Best Guide

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Do You Want To Know How To Get A Bigger Dick Fast? Here’s The Best Guide

‘Biochemical’ Is The Only Way To Make Dick Bigger By 2 INCHES In 4 Months

Biochemical is scientifically proven and safe method for men who like to increase their dick size naturally and quickly.

After testing it on a group of people, we are releasing this method to the public so that men can overcome their low-confidence in bed by increasing their penis size by 2 inches naturally.

P.S: Over 16K men has used Biochemical method to increase their dick size. To keep this guide on the point ‘penis exercise’ I am not going to explain this method here. However, you can click the button below to learn more about biochemical method or download Penis Enlargement Bible to start using it.

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So, Are You Ready To Get 2 Extra Inches In Your Dick In Next 4 Months? Here’s The Guide

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you all the steps that you need to know about how to get a bigger dick in just 4 months. By using these steps, you will see a gain of an inch or two in your penis size in just 4 months.

Here’s the list of what you are going to learn from this guide:

Increase Your Penis Size: A study showed 1500 men who use penis exercise (like the ones I will show you) for four months, they gain an average size of 0.9 inch in length and 0.4 inch in thickness (girth).Get Harder, and long-lasting erection: In one study, it showed men who exercised their penis have bigger and stronger erection.Stop Premature Ejaculation: You will find out how to make your pelvic floor stronger that will give you control on your ejaculation.Get Other Numerous Benefits: Having a healthier penis and genital area will give you multiple benefits such as increased libido, stronger orgasms, and more.

Having an 8 inches penis not only looks and feels good, but it is the ticket to sky-high confidence. There are very few men who are naturally gifted with an 8 inches penis size, but a lot of men increased their penis size by using PENIS EXERCISES that is the safest and easiest method for penis enlargement.

If you are feeling down because of your penis size? Or if you want to hear words of appreciation from the mouth of your woman, then Penis Enlargement is the solution for you.

A bigger dick can give you a lot of benefits with no downsides, except if you decided to raise your dick by 9 or 10 inches. As long as you stay to the 8 inches, you will reap all the benefits that I mentioned above.

So are you ready to learn how to get a bigger dick and get all the benefits of having an 8” dick? Good, let’s start this guide.

Wait! Before I start, I would like to ask a simple question from you. Please answer it honestly.

Done? Let’s start without any further ado.


1 Who Am I? Why Should You Listen To Me?2 Chapter 1 – Preparation:3 Chapter 2 – Stretching In and Out:4 Chapter 3 – Take It or Leave It:5 Chapter 4 – Increasing The Girth:6 Chapter 5 – Girth Exercise:7 Chapter 6 – Controlling Penis:8 Chapter 7 – Finishing Off:9 Chapter 8 – Putting All Things Together:10 Conclusion – I Want Your Feedback:

Who Am I? Why Should You Listen To Me?

I am Edwin Tolmer, and I was born in Melbourne, Australia, on the 16th of November, 1987. As a young man, I always wanted to get along with the women, have access to the ‘top’ social circle in the college, and strive to get a high level of recognition as a real ‘Alpha’ man but with no success.

This failure leads me to study all the traits of an ‘Alpha’ man, and in the end, I conclude CONFIDENCE was the main thing that was lacking in me.

Despite working hard and having a six-pack in the 6.1” figure, I was still not quite confident to ask any girl for a date. The real confidence booster for me was my penis size.

I worked hard and stay dedicated for three years to reach the 8.1 inches penis size and now ‘I have everything’ kind of feeling that helped me to attract some of the most beautiful women in the town.

The combination of Biochemical method and Penis Exercises is the best method when it comes to increasing penis size. And those that say, you can’t increase your penis size are just not the hard-worker or don’t have enough dedication to get a bigger penis.

If you are looking for how to get a bigger dick, then you need two things to get results from penis exercises. First is efforts, and the second is dedication. If you ready to put these two things then you can also have an 8 inches tool under your pants.

If you are ready to put two these things, then take a look at the first chapter of this guide that is preparation.

Author’s Note: is created for men who want to increase penis size naturally and safely without any supplement, device, or surgery. This site is created by a huge community in which dedicated men put their efforts to work on the a ‘proven’ method and then send their honest results along with before and before photos.

In this process, I personally like to thank John Collins for teaching us a simple tweak that helped many men to obtain first two inches in just four months and then they took time to get further gain.

In case if you are in hurry, or if you have a date/wedding coming up in the few months then I highly recommend you to combine Biochemical method with penis exercises provided here to get fast results.

Click the button below to learn more about Biochemical method or download Penis Enlargement Bible to start using it.

Learn About ‘Biochemical’ Method    OR    Get Penis Enlargement Bible Now For $37

P.S: Read Full Penis Enlargement Bible review to find out how it works.

Chapter 1 – Preparation:

Many people who are looking for how to get a bigger penis just want to jump to the exercise section and avoid preparation steps which prevent them from getting results. So, don’t make this mistake.

We are going to cover some preparation steps that are necessary before starting any penis exercise.

Just like in bodybuilding, we stretch our muscles first to get proper blood flow and reduce injury chances similarly, in the penis exercises we have preparation steps to increase blood flow into the penis and avoid any chance of injury.

Here are the steps:

Take a piece of cloth that is enough to wrap your penis shaft and soak it into the water that is warm enough to be comfortable that should not be that hot to causes pain. Wiring out the excess water so that cloth becomes damp and not the dripping wet.Wrap the cloth around the shaft of your penis, doesn’t matter if your penis is soft or erect. You may need to experiment it to see which is more comfortable for you.Hold the cloth for at least a minute there and then remove it.Repeat from step 2 until three times.Dry your penis, and now your penis is ready for exercise.

These preparation steps will take around five minutes. You need to progress step-by-step for getting a bigger dick. These preparation steps will not only increase blood flow in the penis also make the surrounding area elastic.

Once you did this step, let’s jump into the first penis exercise.

Chapter 2 – Stretching In and Out:

This chapter of how to get a bigger dick guide will cover penis stretching exercise that will increase penis length.

Many people have shared different variations of penis stretching exercises. However, I came up with four that I tested personally.

You can select any one of the four options you have depending on your comfort. Your focus should be on doing exercises safely without any discomfort and pain.

Your penis should be in a flaccid (non-erect) state when you perform this exercise.

Here are these four options:

Stretching It Out – Option One:

Grip your penis just below the penis head making sure your grip should not be hard to cut off circulation.Stretch your penis in front of you as far as you can without causing pain or discomfort.Hold this position for the five minutes. Have a timer to calculate the time. After completion of every minute, stretch your penis a little bit further than the previous position. In the beginning, you may feel discomfort in doing this exercise. If it so then stop pulling the penis. Keep trying until you stretch the penis without pain.After the completion of the five minutes, give yourself a complete minute to relax.The next step is to whip your penis in a circular direction until you complete at least 30 circular motions. The goal is to restart the blood circulation that you may inhibit during the stretching. This is an important step, so don’t miss it.Repeat the five minutes of stretching four more times but with a little difference. Change the direction of stretching your penis. Stretch your penis in the right, left, upwards and downwards position. Don’t repeat the same direction twice in a single session. Make sure you stretch your penis equally from every side. After five minutes, repeat the whipping movements for 30 times.Pull your penis again in front of you and stretch it as far as you can without discomfort or pain. And hold the position for one full minuteGive your penis ten gentle tugs. Make sure your pulls aren’t too hard to become painful.You are done for a day, repeat the exercise tomorrow or after a day if you feel your penis needs rest to recover.

Make sure you don’t press your dorsal nerves that run top of your penis.

Men who recommend me this variation of stretching exercise told me they got a difference in their penis size in the first week. However, it took me three weeks to get 0.3 increase in my penis length.

Most people used this variation of stretching exercise to see the visible gain in their dick size. That’s why I decided to provide other variations who REALLY want it. I encourage you to try this variation for a couple of weeks and if you don’t see results then let me know I will share other three variations as well.

See this image for important info,

Now it’s time for the next chapter of this how to get a bigger dick guide that will tell you the importance of sleep and how to get a perfect sleep at night.

Chapter 3 – Take It or Leave It:

Do you know you can improve your recovery by sleeping a little bit different than you usually do?

When you go to sleep the idea is to fall back into the REM state where your body goes into full recovery mode.

When you are trying to increase your penis size, then one crucial thing you should know is, the more you use your penis, the better shape it will be in. Many doctors and researchers understand the only way a penis can maintain its shape and health if the muscle is regularly enriched with oxygen.

Fortunately, it is easy to do it. The only thing you need to do is to make your penis erect regularly, encouraging a rush of blood flow that brings oxygen that your penis needs.

Without regular erections, your penis will start losing its elasticity, and that’s very bad for your sexual health. It also shrinks your penis overtime if your penis doesn’t get proper oxygen infusion and eventually lost almost an inch in length. That’s hurt your chances of getting a bigger penis, so make sure you get plenty of erections.

However, if you get yourself into the situation in which you are not getting natural erections (without massaging) – perhaps visiting your parents-in-law or during a period of grief – then don’t worry.

Your penis knows how to recover from such situations. However, all you need to do in this situation is to get plenty of sleep at night. During the REM phase of your sleep (a situation where you dream), your penis will get hard. If you get enough sleep, you will get plenty of REM periods, and your penis will do its own maintenance to prevent it from shortening.

Chapter 4 – Increasing The Girth:

Most people who are looking for how to get a bigger dick are basically those who want a thick penis. This is because many women prefer a thick penis as compared to a long and thin penis.

So, if you are looking to enhance your penis size, then girth (width of penis) is something that you definitely should not ignore.

Fortunately, the technique I am going to share with you is being used for many decades in many cultures, nations, and many individuals still rely on them when it comes to increasing their penis girth size. The key is, these individuals are exercising their penis in a partially erect state as opposed to fully erect or fully flaccid.

This technique is useful in growing a penis as a whole so that its length and girth will increase proportionally. Your penis weight and density will also increase with this technique.

The name of this technique is “Jelqing” which is the Arabic word that translates into “milking.” This technique is one of the effective methods in increasing both the length and girth of the penis. Arab people have used this technique to increase their penis size by a whopping 10 inches.

The way it works is to force blood into the penis that creates spaces within the penis, and these spaces will surely increase in volume so that penis can hold more blood when erect. This way you will be improving your penis health, increasing its strength, and making it bigger at the same time.

Before starting milking exercises, it is important to remember a few safety tips:

Do not perform these exercises when fully erect. This can be extremely damaging and damage can be permanentAlways use lubrication unless told otherwise. If you don’t use a lubricant then you will end up feeling sore and can get lasting damage.

Shower Technique

Arabs use milking exercises for many centuries, and they are known for their penis size and strength. It all begins when a boy gets just six years of age. With the help of his father or uncle, a boy learns about stroking his penis from base to the tip that improves its size and length over time. Boy follows this practice every day for half an hour each day.

Wealthy boys are sent to the special establishment where they get naked by the expert, and their penis massaged by an expert using a special mixture of oils. The intention is to relax his muscles while simultaneously increasing his sexual stimulation.

The oil blend is believed to be the mixture of secret ingredients, but in reality, it is a mixture of two ingredients that you should include in your penis enhancing program. Here’s how this shower technique works:

To make a blend, take a tablespoon of white or yellow cornmeal mix with a quart of pure mayonnaise.Protect your hair using hair cap and apply oil blend all over the body, starting from the head and neck and working your way downwards. Cover your body, right down to your feet.Stand in the shower with the water running very hot, don’t stand directly to the stream. Take advantage of the steam that the shower is creating.Rub the mixture into your skin, slowly using circular movements. If you prefer, you can apply the mixture to your face.Turn the water into a more comfortable temperature and allow the water to rinse the oil blend from your body.

Once the shower is complete, the effect will be quite visible. Not only you will be tingling, but your skin will also be glowing like you never seen before. You will feel uplifted and relaxed.

This shower technique is a perfect addition when combined with milking exercises that I am going to reveal in the next chapter.

Chapter 5 – Girth Exercise:

Many men who are looking for how to get a bigger dick want to increase only the length of their penis; however, recent studies showed that women want a thick penis rather than a long and thin penis. For this reason, you should concentrate on doing these girth exercises as well.

Here is the best girth exercise with three different variations that you can use to make your dick thicker and stronger.

Girth Exercise – Option 1:

This is the most straightforward exercise to increase penis length and thickness. You have to do this girth exercise for five days in a week. You can increase your penis length by up to three inches in length with the same proportional increase in girth. It is common for men to get discouragement in the first month when he sees no improvement. However, the real results become visible after two months of using this technique.

So here is how you can do this exercise:

Apply lubricant to your penisSqueeze your penis from its base (the closest area to the body) with your thumb and forefinger while at the same time push your penis in a downward position. You have to do this exercise in a semi-erect state. As soon as your penis gets fully erect, you have to stop going the exercise and let the erection subsides.Make a circle with your thumb and forefinger and pull your penis downward and outward in one long sweep.Immediately create a circle with your other hand’s thumb and forefinger. Grab the base of your penis and repeat the process. Make sure you stroke through from the base to the tip.Continue swapping your hand and creating a milking movement in the rhythmic fashion. You have to move your hand to every part of your dick except the tip. Make sure you keep your penis erect in the semi-erect state throughout this exercise.Keep doing it until you performed 200 to 300 strokes with medium pressureFrom the second week, you have to increase the strength of your penis a little bit and also increase the number of strokes by 300 which will take around 15 minutesFrom the third week onwards, spend 20 minutes doing this exercise and increase the number of strokes slightly. However, don’t go for more than 500 strokes. Apply lubricant if your penis starts getting dry.

Besides increasing length and girth, this exercise also teaches self-control. While during the exercise, your excitement level may increase. You have to take a pause. You have to do this exercise in a semi-erect.

Girth Exercise – Option 2:

This version of milking the penis can put a wonderful effect on overall penis size, especially girth. If this technique suits your routine, then this is best to choose in your routine. Start this exercise by lubricating the penis, and make sure your penis remains in the semi-erect state throughout the exercise. If you do this exercise in a soft or fully-erect state, then this exercise will not work.

With your penis in the semi-erect state, apply lubricant on your penis and also add lubricant between the fingers of your hand.Make a circle with your forefinger and thumb and grab the base of your penis for a few seconds.Slide your hand from base to the head of your penis. You will notice your penis head will start getting bigger.Repeat the above step with your other handSwitch your hand when you reach the head of the penis with your second hand. Keep doing it at a quick pace. If you feel the urge to ejaculate then take a break and let urge subsides.

In your first week, you have to do 200 strokes in one session that will take around 10 minutes. You have to stop if you feel any soreness or pain and let it disappear before starting again. If pain or soreness remains for a few days then take rest and let your penis fully recover.

Once you complete doing this exercise for a week, then from next week start doing around 400 strokes in a single session which will take 20 minutes.

Girth Exercise – Option 3:

The third variation of penis girth exercise is a little bit different than the first two variations.

You have to be a little bit gently when trying this exercise. You should know with this exercise you are forcing additional blood into the penis head which will make penis head reddish.

Don’t worry, this is the normal reaction of the exercise. Of course, this should not cause pain or discomfort. You should stop if you feel any pain.

Apply lubricant into the shaft of the penis when it is soft.Use your forefinger and thumb to create a circle at the base of the penis and pull it in the downward position and slight on one side.Repeat the above step by changing the hand and also pulling the penis slightly to the other sideKeep repeating the exercise with one hand to create the milking movement. Once you reach the semi-erect state, you can increase the force.

Repeat the exercise 100 times in the first seven days and then increase the repetitions from every next day till you reach 200 repetitions without any discomfort.

Chapter 6 – Controlling Penis:

Introducing Kegel Exercises:

A lengthier and thicker penis is something every man wants, but enhancing penile performance is also a vital element.

By strengthening your Kegel muscle, you can have much stronger erections for a longer period. It will improve your intensity and some men reported they are able to get multiple orgasms after working with this muscle for a while.

And That’s not all!

Kegel exercise also helps you in controlling your ejaculation and helps you to last longer in bed. Above all, Kegel exercise also improves the health of the prostate.

Kegel muscle is just another name of pubococcygeus muscles, which run all the way from the pubic bone to your tail bone. If you want to feel it, then you have to try stopping the flow of urine. This muscle not only controls your urine but also gives you stronger erection and controls your ejaculation.

Kegel muscle presents in both men and women, and you may have experienced the pleasure before – when your partner massaged or rubbed the area during blow or hand job or during the sex. This region is called the Kegel region and exercises are designed to strengthen these muscles.

The name of Kegel exercise is named after the gynecologist by the name Arnold Kegel, who studied these muscles and discovered methods to strengthening them – way back in 1950.

Women have been doing Kegel exercises to improve their sexual performance. However, many men still not familiar with the importance of Kegel exercise. My goal is not only to teach you how to get a bigger dick but also to teach you how to get powerful erections and multiple orgasms.

Interestingly, locating and strengthening Kegel muscle is a lot easier for men. In the next new sections, I will tell you how to locate this muscle, and then I show you how to work with it to get a difference in a few days.

Locating Your Kegel Muscle:

The first step is, of course, locating your Kegel muscle. Once you know where it is, how it feels to flex and release it, then you will be able to do it consciously.

Next time, when you visit the bathroom, try to stop your urine flow. The muscle that has been used to stop the urine flow, is your Kegel muscle.

Now, slowly release the flow for a couple of seconds before repeating the exercise. Do you notice, how easily you able to stop and release your flow? At first, you may not able to stop the flow completely, you only able to lessen a little bit. But with time and repetitions, you will able to stop the flow and hold it as long as you want.

Stopping the urine flow is not just a good way to locate your Kegel muscle, but it is also a good way to exercise. Get the habit of starting and stopping your urine flow. Count the number of seconds you can hold your urine and improve it day by day.

This is the trick women have been using for very long and even some women claim they can hold that muscle almost indefinitely. That’s the single reason why you are not achieving the same level of endurance.

Controlling Penis – Kegel Exercise:

Exercising this muscle should not be restricted just to the bathroom. Unlike the exercises for length and girth, Kegel exercises can be done anywhere and in any place. You can do Kegel exercise while sitting or in the standing position and nobody will know what you are doing.

You have to do Kegel exercise every day, or at least you have to do one set of Kegel exercise. This is one of the exercises that you can do as much as you like, as long as you are working on Kegel muscle in the right way.

Here are some options you can try.

Contract and release the muscle in a controlled manner. Start doing 20 contractions in one session, and try to improve the number of contractions to 100 per session. Most men are easily able to do 250 contractions in a session. Your target is to get 1000 contractions in a day that means 250 contractions into 4 sessions throughout the day.Contract the muscle and hold it as long as you can. In the beginning, it will be only a few mere seconds. But as you exercise, you will able to hold for a longer period. Your target is to hold the contraction for 40 seconds or more. This will improve your endurance and strength.Flex your Kegel muscle for two seconds and then release it. Repeat as many times as you want and build up the number you can do in a single session.Flex your Kegel muscle slowly to its full tautness as much as you possibly can, and then let it go immediately. As your technique will improve, you will notice your muscle flutters, and you start feeling great.Push your muscles outward, similarly like you do to squeeze the final drops after urinating. The exercise is best done when you don’t need a bathroom as it will squeeze the urine and cause the anus to open – this is problematic if you’re not focusing too much on your timings.

As the muscle gets stronger, you will start noticing plenty of positive changes in your sexual life. However, these changes will not come overnight. Changes will come slowly and you will be thanking later for performing this exercise. Kegel muscle helps you in sustaining erection longer and many doctors even prescribe this exercise to those having erection problems.

These exercises designed to improve your arousal, strengthen your erection, and give the ability to have multiple orgasms. When your body ages, it will help you avoid incontinence as your Kegel muscle is still firm and tight. Along with the ability to control your ejaculation, you should not waste any minute and start doing this exercise RIGHT NOW!

Chapter 7 – Finishing Off:

Finishing off is as important as starting penis enhancement program. After you complete penile exercises, it is important to direct some love to the body’s most sensitive area so that it will not suffer from long-term consequences.

Start this last stage by massaging your penis to normalize blood flow to its natural state. You can buy penis enhancement cream with herbal or natural ingredients (if you wish) and massage your penis with it. The main work of the penile enhancement program is already done.

Next, you have to apply the same hot compress that you applied when starting the penile workout. This will stimulate your cells to repair themselves that you have caused damage through your actions and it also helps you to stimulate new cell growth.

Dry off your penis and you are done for the day. Keep in mind, you have taken a step towards a healthy, fitter, and stronger penis. Stick with the plan and you will have a penis size that you always wanted to have.

Changing Your Lifestyle:

You might be questioning why I have included a section on lifestyle in this guide. However, in order to make penis exercises work for you, it is important to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle.

To start with, you have to include foods that improve blood flow. Some of these foods are:

EggsOnionsMilkTunaSalmonBananaBroccoliTunaLiverSweet Potatoes

Try to get at least one portion of these foods every single day.

Why? Because these foods increase blood flow and the main idea of penis enhancement program is to improve blood flow into your penile region, so having these foods in your diet makes sense.

Salmon must be your go-to foods because it is one of the best sources of getting fatty acids, especially Omega-3 that aids in circulation so that you can have stronger and sustained erections.

Onion has a similar effect and it helps in blood circulation. This means your penis will have more blood and oxygen when it needs the most.

Bananas are another great food that every man must include in his diet.

Ultimately, include all those foods in your diet that improve blood circulation so that you can have stiffer, and longer erections. You must focus on eating lean meat, vegetables, and fruits instead of junk foods.

Herbs of Penis Enhancement:

Although there is no herb (except one) that can directly increase penis size, but some herbs are available that can relax muscles around penis, thin blood, and promote circulation.

Here are some herbs that can improve your sexual health, along with one special herb that works directly on penis size.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract: This Brazilian herb triggers the feeling of arousal and fights off fatigue.

Catuaba Bark Extract: Another Brazilian herb that can send you in a deeply relaxed state and improves your sexual abilities.

Hawthorn Berry: This herb has a secret benefit. It helps you to maintain your erection for a longer period and increase the sensation of your penis.

Tongkat Ali: This is my favourite herb that works directly on your penis. First of all, it is completely safe to use. It increases testosterone level, and above all, it stimulates cells in your testicles and makes them larger, while also increasing penis girth as well as your sperm count.

Remember, diet and herbs don’t increase penis size directly. However, you have to include them with penis enhancement program (as provided above) to boost the effect of exercises and get results quickly. Meanwhile, don’t forget to get plenty of sleep that will help your penis to recover quickly and get blood and oxygen that it needs.

Chapter 8 – Putting All Things Together:

I want to make this guide number one ‘go-to’ resource for anyone who is looking for how to get a bigger dick. This last chapter will contain how to put all these exercises and tips you learned so far in your routine to get a bigger dick as fast as possible.

Conclusion – I Want Your Feedback:

Increasing dick size needs times and efforts. Countless reputable studies show a penis can grow with the help of penis exercises.

Penis exercises is the safest and inexpensive method for increasing penis size. However, you need to keep exercising your penis till you reach your desired penis size. The gain you will get with the help of penis exercise will stay forever, and you will never lose your gains even if you stop doing exercises.

You can combine these penis exercises with ‘Biochemical’ method to increase your penis size quickly. If you just starting out exercising your penis or doing them after a long time then you can get extra 2 inches within just 4 months.

In the end, I want to hear from you. I want your feedback on this guide. I want your help to make it best resource on how to get a bigger dick permanently and naturally. If you know a different exercising variation or you have experience with penis extender then share with us, and we will share it with our readers to help them get a bigger penis size that they can proud of and hear appreciation words from their women.

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