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Retribution Implode After Ali’s Match Loss: ...
Published on Mar 22 2021Mustafa Ali’s Quest to The United States Cha...
Published on Mar 16 2021Mustafa Ali & Retribution Take Things One Ste...
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Retribution Implode After Ali’s Match Loss: Fastlane Results March 21, 2021Mar 22 2021 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

Mustafa Ali has been on a journey as of late to make RETRIBUTION a crew set on demolishing everything in it’s path. The crew hasn’t been getting the job done, so Mustafa put things into his own hands. In order to set an example, he asked for an impromptu match against Riddle. He won that match, and set up a championship with Riddle two weeks later. He lost that match and proclaimed that the win loss record between he and the champion was tied at 1-1 a piece. Mustafa challenged the champion to one more bout, this time at Fastlane. Can Musta claim gold for the first time? Check out highlights from the match.

Riddle left WWE Fastlane still the United States Champion, while Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION left in pieces.

After clashing in recent weeks, Riddle and Ali were acutely familiar with each other, and it showed in an evenly contested bout. Ali took control after brutally spinning Riddle into the ringside post, but he occasionally seemed more focused on proving a point to his RETRIBUTION allies at ringside than actually defeating Riddle.

That proved costly, as The Original Bro unleashed a massive Bro Derek from the second rope for the win.

Ali berated the rest of RETRIBUTION in the ring afterward, again blaming them for his failure. RECKONING and SLAPJACK defiantly walked out despite Ali’s protests, and T-BAR and MACE demonstrated their mutiny in a different way, dropping him with a massive double chokeslam and raising plenty of questions about a potential fracture in RETRIBUTION

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Filed in Digitals,Links,Pay Per View Results,Video Captures,WWEMustafa Ali’s Quest to The United States Championship: Raw Results March 15, 2021Mar 16 2021 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

For weeks, Mustafa Ali has been trying to show other superstars that he and Retribution are serious threats. Due to the rest of Retribution falling short on many occasions, Ali took things into his own hands and showed his mates how to get the job done. Two weeks ago, he demanded a match with United States Champion Matt Riddle and won the non title match. He earned himself a title match on tonight’s show. Can Mustafa Ali bring gold back to Retribution? Check out the results from…

Mustafa Ali aimed to lead by example in a United States Championship showdown, but Riddle evaded the RETRIBUTION troops en route to his first successful title defense. The leader of RETRIBUTION rallied at times, but a Bro Derek from The Original Bro set up the pin.

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Filed in Digitals,Links,Monday Night Raw Results,Video Captures,WWEMustafa Ali & Retribution Take Things One Step Further With Ricochet: Monday Night Raw Results, December 28th, 2020Dec 30 2020 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

For the past few weeks, Mustafa Ali has gotten fellow members of Retribution to teach Ricochet a lesson. If he won’t join them on his own, they’ll make him. Retribution is derived of superstars who have been treated as the lessers in the division. They were made to look weak and untalented against their peers. That is until Retribution leader Mustafa Ali had enough. Tonight, Mustafa Ali will face Ricochet himself. Will we finally see Ricochet join Retribution?

Back from commercial, Mustafa Ali gets a promo about how Ricochet is just one man who can’t change everything and he belongs with Retribution.

Mustafa Ali vs. Ricochet
Ricochet with right hands into a double leg and grounded punches! Chop in the corner follows it, right hand, uppercut, whip across, charging chop, scoop and a slam! Off the ropes, elbow drop, only one! Roll under a right hand, kip-up into a dropkick, Ali kicks out! Mustafa with a handful of beard, Ricky shoots him off and back body drops him!

Ali pulls him face-first into the turnbuckles and follows it up with a neckbreaker for two! Charging in, back body drop to the apron, back elbow gets a paintbrushing, Mustafa up top, jockeying for position and SLAPJACK and Reckoning run interference so T-Bar and Mace can powerbomb Ricochet into the barricade! Ali perches… DIVING SPLASH TO THE FLOOR SENDS US TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, whip puts Ricochet in the corner where Ali hits a lungblower… NOPE! Putting boots to him, reverse chinlock applied, scoop and a slam, elbow drop, cover gets two and he goes back to the chinlock! Suplex lift, float over, Ricky shoves him into the corner, up and over, back elbow, solebutt… BACKFLIP INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men slow to rise, Ricochet turns him inside out with a lariat!

Fired up, slapping his chest, drawing Mustafa up into a fireman’s carry but his back gives out on the first try! Going for it again… BENADRYLLER CONNECTS BUT MACE PULLS HIS MAN OUT OF THE RING! Referee John Cone with a warning and the count, Retribution up on the apron and Ricky takes T-Bar out with a springboard tornado DDT! Dropkick for SLAPJACK, duck Mace, back inside, to the apron, shotgun dropkick to Ali!

Duck a backfist from Mace, he hits a tornado DDT on him as well! Back inside, beat the count, Ricochet up top and perching, shooting star press.. THE KNEES ARE UP AND THE KOJI CLUTCH IS LOCKED IN! RICOCHET’S GOT NOWHERE TO GO! HE’S OUT, IT’S OVER!

Mustafa Ali wins by referee stoppage with the Koji Clutch.

Post-match, Ali gets on the mic and asks Ricochet when he’s gonna learn that he has no chance.

But he’ll give him a chance to erase all his regrets and to have a new outlook, if only he’ll join Retribution. Ricochet refuses and hits a Recoil!

He leaves the ring, talking about standing by his convictions.

Video Captures

Filed in Digitals,Links,Monday Night Raw Results,Video Captures,Videos,WWERETRIBUTION Makes Another Statement: Raw Results, December 21st, 2020Dec 23 2020 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

-A video package aired on the Ricochet-Retribution storyline.

-T-Bar made his ring entrance.

T-BAR (w/Slapjack, Reckoning, Mace, Mustafa Ali) vs. RICOCHET

Ricochet went after T-Bar at the bell. T-Bar made a quick comeback, overpowering him. Retribution cheered him on at ringside. He scored a near fall after a hard clothesline, then settled into a chinlock. When Ricochet made a comeback and knocked T-Bar to the floor, Slapjack and Mace went after him. He knocked them down. T-Bar, though, blindsided Ricochet. Ali called off T-Bar and pitched for him to think with his mind, not his heart. “You belong with us,” he said. “When are you going to learn?” Ricochet starting punching away at Ali’s head. T-Bar attacked him from behind and finished him with a kneelift to the jaw.

WINNER: T-Bar in 3:00.

-T-Bar told Ricochet that they are his ally and not his enemy. “You will either join us or you will end your existence,” he said. He threw down the mic as Retribution surrounded him.

Video Captures

Filed in Links,Monday Night Raw Results,Video Captures,Videos,WWEMustafa Ali Orders Ricochet To Be “Shut Down” By Mace: Monday Night Raw Results, December 14, 2020Dec 15 2020 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

-A video package aired of last week’s happenings with Ricochet and Retribution. [c]

-A soundbite aired with Mustafa Ali and Mace from Instagram. Mace said that for years wrestlers like Ricochet stepped over him, but tonight Ricochet is the one getting stepped on.


Ali joined the announcers on commentary. He said some wrestlers need to get hit to see clearly, and he sees a lot of himself in Ricochet. When Ricochet went to the top rope, Ali sent T-Bar to the ring. Ricochet fended him off, but Mace took over and got the win as a result.

WINNER: Mace in 3:00.

-Afterward, Mace, T-Barr, and Slapjack held him as Ali said this won’t end until he joins Retribution.

Gallery: Monday Night Raw Video Captures

Filed in Links,Monday Night Raw Results,Video Captures,Videos,WWERETRIBUTION’s MACE makes his truth known: WWE Network Exclusive, Dec. 14, 2020Dec 15 2020 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

MACE delivers his truth to the WWE Universe after picking up an impressive win over Ricochet on behalf of RETRIBUTION on Raw.

WWE December 14th Exclusive Captures

Filed in Exclusive,Video Captures,Videos,WWE,WWE NetworkSmackDown Live Results: Ali Shines His Light in The King of The Ring TournamentSep 04 2019 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

King of the Ring Quarterfinals Match: Ali vs. Elias

We go to the ring and out comes Ali for the first blue brand quarterfinals match. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Elias with his guitar, which he leaves on the KOTR throne. We get sidebar comments from Elias before the match. The bell rings and Elias takes control, working Ali over by the arm.

Fans chant for Ali as he turn it around. Elias catches a crossbody but Ali slides out and delivers a chop but hurts his own hand. Elias launches Ali into the corner and they tangle some more. Ali shows Elias up and rolls him up for a 2 count. More back and forth before Ali nails a kick to send Elias to the floor. Ali runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Elias catches him on the floor. Elias launches Ali back into the apron and then launches him to the bottom of the ramp with a suplex.

Elias breaks the count and goes back out to send Ali face-first into the corner of the barrier. Elias launches Ali at ringside with another throw. Elias presses Ali above his head and tosses him over into the timekeeper’s area. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re going at it in the ring. They trade shots in the middle. Elias runs into a kick in the corner. Ali flies in from the ropes and slams Elias face-first into the mat for a close 2 count. Elias gets sent back to the floor. Ali runs the ropes and leaps out, nailing a suicide dive to send Elias into the barrier. Ali brings it back into the ring and goes to the top.

Elias decks Ali and climbs up. More back and forth now. This leads to Ali applying the Crossface submission as fans pop. Elias goes for the bottom rope and makes it to break the hold. Elias sends Ali face-first into the turnbuckle. Elias gets Ali sitting up on his shoulders, and brings him down with a sitdown powerbomb. Elias with a Stretch Muffler submission now. Elias stomps on Ali’s head as Ali tries to break the hold. He finally gets the bottom rope and breaks it. Elias stays focused on the leg, dragging Ali over and slamming his leg around the ring post.

Ali ends up climbing to the top now. Elias climbs up with him. Elias shoves Ali off to the floor but he lands on his leg. Ali lands hard and limps but is still standing. Elias leaps off the top but Ali nails a big superkick in mid-move. The referee counts as both are down now. Ali brings it back into the ring and goes to the top. Ali goes for the 450 but Elias moves out of the way. Elias approaches but Ali kicks him from the mat. Elias keeps fighting and drops a knee to the back of the knee. Elias nails a Drift Away and covers for the pin to advance to the semi-finals.

Winner: Elias

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Filed in Digitals,Links,SmackDown Live Results,Video Captures,Videos,WWEA Superhero Without A Cape: A Brand New Look!Aug 30 2019 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

Ali has had a lot of ups and downs throughout his entire career. One minute he’ll be on the fast track, the next he’ll be out of sight. Does this bother Ali, yes. After all, he is human. Ali seems to take this all in stride and keeps fighting for breakthroughs. He wants to set an example for his children. Two very young children, who he wants to be able to be who they are without any limitations or discrimination. He wants to break those barriers so that his children wouldn’t have to deal with the struggles that most have to deal with today.

Personally, I haven’t been a fan of Ali for long, but once I saw him in the ring I was hooked. I looked at him as one who gave his heart and soul to what he does. He doesn’t want the spotlight on him, he wants others to shine. This is what I admire about him. He looks beyond what he can do as one person, to bring light to others. As I watched him grow, I decided to create a space for him. A space where we can honor someone who has given so much.

Many don’t realize the sacrifices wrestlers like Ali make. The other day, Ali was on a 3 day SmackDown Live tour and took to instagram to post a message to his daughter. Ali wrote about it being her first day of school and how bummed he was to miss it. I got this message loud and clear. Wrestlers miss birthdays, first steps, big sports games, and most of all first days of school.So for that huge sacrifice, I decided to give a small piece of appreciation to a superhero who doesn’t wear a cape. He doesn’t have super powers or any unearthly ability to change things with the snap of his fingers. What Ali does have is HEART. A heart of gold. A heart of giving. The heart to continue to stand up for what is wrong in the world. Ali uses his platform for the good. The good that exists when there is so much evil in the world.

I decided to create two amazing layouts to showcase the amazing personality of Adeel Alam the person. Mustafa Ali/Ali the character. You can’t make people pay attention or like you for what you do. You can definitely prove to them that all it takes is for one person to take a stand to make a difference. We feel that this person is THE HEART AND SOUL OF SMACKDOWN!

Please check out the brand new main layout and gallery. Special thanks to Viqqi with Paranoid Designs for both layouts. We are blown away and hope you are too!


Filed in Site UpdateSmackDown Live Results: Ali Advances In King of The Ring TournamentAug 28 2019 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

We go to the ring and out first comes Ali as Greg Hamilton does the introduction. We see the KOTR throne, crown, scepter and robe on the stage. Buddy Murphy is out next.

They shake hands to start and go at it. Ali takes it to the corner with a big chop. They run the ropes and show each other up. Ali takes Murphy down with a scissors. Murphy goes to the floor. Ali runs the ropes but Murphy runs back in and meets him with a big shot, dropping him for a 2 count. We go to commercial with Murphy in control and Ali holding his jaw.

Ali tries to go to the top but Murphy grabs his ankle. Ali kicks him away and goes to the top but Murphy cuts him off. Murphy with a kick and a powerbomb from the top. He holds it for a 2 count. Murphy keeps control with a knee and a Brainbuster for another close pin attempt. Murphy can’t believe Ali kicked out now.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” as Murphy gets to his feet first. They trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Murphy unloads but Ali kicks him down. Ali ends up hitting a huge tornado DDT while Murphy is on the apron, draped over the second rope and hanging half-way in the ring. Ali goes to the top and hits the 450 for the pin to win and advance.

Winner: Ali

– After the match, Ali recovers as his music hits. We go to replays. Ali and Murphy meet in the middle of the ring, staring each other down. They shake hands and Murphy raises Ali’s arm in the air, then exits the ring.

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Filed in SmackDown Live Results#BeTheLight GiveawayAug 20 2019 | Published by CiCi | 00 comments

As we all know, Ali is a voice for the voiceless. A superhero without a cape. Ali is someone who puts others before him. Personally, I think it is due to his police training and him being on the force. I have only been following him for a year, but it seems like I have known him longer. I look past the looks and outside appearance. I look at the pureness of someone’s heart. His heart is definitely a pure one. I call him a gem.

Ali got his start some might say by accident. He was an alternate for someone who couldn’t travel abroad. My thoughts on that is simple, it was just his time. His time to build. His time to create. His time to put in the work. He may have had talent, but it was more than talent that carried him this far.

While some put on face when they are around fans, Ali was the same genuine person through and through. As long as I have known Ali, he’s been a giving person. He wants to be the light for those who can’t find it on their own.

In honor of Ali and his mission, we came up with the #BeTheLight Giveaway!

The 3 charities / causes are:

1. Charity Water
2. Help End Dakota’s Seizures
3. Vocational Skills For Sex Workers in Lahore

All you have to do is follow a few simple rules:

* Follow Ali on Twitter
* Follow AliSourceNet on Twitter
* Donate to one of the three charities or causes that Ali tweeted about
* Show us PROOF of your donation

Once we get proof, you’ll be entered for a chance to win an ALI T Shirt of your color

Filed in Giveaway,LinksPage 1 of 3123»
Redemption To Retribution

After only a short time together, Retribution and Mustafa Ali parted ways. Ali had had enough of the other members not getting the job done. He wanted them to be able to help get the other wrestlers to respect them and they couldn’t seem to do it. They soon became frustrated with Mustafa Ali and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. After the breakup, Mustafa Ali is making his own pathway to be the messenger. READ MORE

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