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Reinvent your business

Construct your IT infrastructure to become business capability aligned. Using shared infrastructure, all business units can seamlessly operate on planning, building, and running products and services. The reinvented methodology allows you to know precisely where your company is heading and how it is performing.

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Digital process automation

The digitization of processes and function automation enhances a company’s readiness and strong working environment, which are prerequisites to sustainable growth.

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Navigating your path to business certainty

Digital Transformation

Excelacom’s digital transformation provides the necessary infrastructure enabling you to adopt and offer new digital services. Engage customers by providing them ways of accessing your business and by designing services according to their needs. Maintain your business digitally via a paperless and process automated office, accessible through all platforms. Digitize your processes and enable new business models on any scale. Monitor and analyze the business, customers, and predict future outcomes.

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Artificial Intelligence

Excelacom will support you in choosing the right AI strategy, approach, and solution in all aspects of your business. Based on our extensive expertise in implementing AI for our customers and within our products, we have experienced that it’s best to use the “pilot and then scale it to any size” approach. Introduce AI with the smallest and simplest problems first. A crawl-walk-run strategy helps shake out the details of your AI development and production practice.

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Robotic Process Automation

Our Robotic Process Automation offering facilitates simulation of workflows and implements smart, repeatable, and measurable processes acquired by real-line business back-office people. We are experienced in using and creating low-code platforms that can adopt business behaviors and be operated by non-technical users. We can help IT understand and implement this evolutionary approach to software implementation that can be quite difficult with security, version control, and central repository of artifacts.

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Excelacom is researching and developing new trends necessary to stay ahead with the latest technologies and methodologies to give you a competitive edge

Get ready for transformation

The turbulent evolution of market conditions in the telecom industry requires Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to transform their networks, software, and services to maintain their business advantages. Strategic planners in telecom operations have to focus their activities in certain significant areas: Network development to provision new digital services, Development of IT capabilities, Transformation of internal processes and ways to take advantage of new technologies and selecting the right technology partners.

Excelacom provides a set of complex services specifically selected to meet your needs and to navigate you through the transformation process.

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Network transformation readiness

Avoid the challenges caused by ineffective network rollouts due to lack of OSS/BSS readiness resulting in order fallouts or bottlenecks in fulfillment of services, on top of new network layers associated with the implementation of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), Heterogeneous networks (HetNet), IoT networks, Virtual networks, and Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD).

Constant service transformation

With evolving technological advancements and network capabilities, telecom operators must enable environments for the creation of new products and services. CSPs need an application layer to provide such services independently of networks and empower piloting and then scaling new successful offerings.

Transformation of business processes

Digital transformation creates a fundamental change in competency requirements, business models, and processes. Service providers must support the acquisition of new skills drawing on knowledge from the entire ecosystem. The digitization of processes and functions enhances a company’s readiness and strong working environment, which are essential for sustainable growth, using any new technology.

Transforming the organization

An essential part of digital transformation involves empowering your workforce to innovate and create services that better serve your customers. A successful transformation has to include everyone, from top to bottom- from executives to interns. Create an environment where ideas are gathered, nurtured, and put into practice.

Business capabilities aligned

Establish resource use rationalization processes and boost development velocity.

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Exploring, selecting and using new technologies

Service orchestration for 5G, billing for SaaS or NaaS, Service creation and data center monetization, SDN/NFV, Artificial Intelligence in networks and Edge Computing bring about challenges associated with selecting the right vendors and implementing them to your existing ecosystem.

Override obstacles with our comprehensive services to help you plan, deploy, implement, and integrate any strategically selected technologies.

Transformation of service providers industryBEHIND THE SCENES

Network Rollout:

Synchronization of the back office is key to success

The sharp increase in bandwidth demand is motivating cable operators around the world to migrate their access Hybrid Fiber COAX (HFC) network to a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA). Doing so allows them to better compete with other fiber-based or over-the-top (OTT) service providers who already offer high-speed services that many of today’s existing HFC-based networks cannot support.

See how Excelacom has helped solve this challenge.

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Infrastructure Optimization:

Mining hidden dollars buried in day-to-day operations

Infrastructure optimization - the opportunity most good IT organizations don’t know they have. Whether it creeps up on you through complacency or it’s thrust upon you as a result of mergers and acquisitions, it can remain a silent challenge for years. Ultimately, infrastructure is boring. It sits there and works. Boring, that is until you run into one of two basic issues.

See how Excelacom has helped solve this challenge.

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BEST practice for developing an AI STRATEGY

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more focused on performing a single task very smartly, rather than providing a comprehensive solution covering many areas that require intelligence. Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, AI will be pervasive in almost every new software product and service and that it will be a top-five investment priority for more than 30% of CIOs.

See how Excelacom has helped solve this challenge.

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