SBox Ghost Scanner + Recorder for Ghost Hunting

The SBox Ghost Scanner is a tool for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations that aids in the communication with spirits. Based on the theory of radio frequency sweeps, this device scans and records the results. SBox makes your investigations easier while providing quality evidence documentation with many other features.

Sweep & Detect

SBox uses FM and AM band sweeps for communication. SBox will also detect if something is attempting to come through on that frequency to allow more time for getting a message through.

Record & Playback

Now you can record your spirit box sessions. SBox utilizes a direct line to maintain perfect clarity. You can play back using the loud, built-in speaker. SBox also allows for recording as a normal EVP recorder.


SBox is rechargeable with a long battery life. No more need for swapping batteries and the cost involved in replacing them. Just plug it in for a quick charge via USB and go investigating.


The SBox was built to EVOLVE as we grow as investigators. We built the SBox with the ability to change through downloadable verions so that we can make adjustments and specs as we learn more. Pick the one that suits you best.

“Best spirit box ever made, hands down.”

See some SBox reviews and discover why it’s the top-rated device of its kind as chosen BY investigators, like yourself.

SBox is a ghost box built specifically for paranormal investigations. Buit with features we need, it’s a compact and easy to use tool for communication with paranormal entities. SBox uses a radio sweeping method generating white noise from FM and AM frequency bands which theories suggest may aid in communication with the beyond. When this occurs, you may hear voices or sounds coming through the static in their attempt to communicate.

VIDEO:SBox Review and Overview of Features

Radio Sweep with Spike Detect

SBox uses FM or AM band sweeps to conduct communication sessions during a paranormal investigation. SBox also detects if something is attempting to come through. When it does, the sweep will pause for a moment longer on that frequency to allow more time for getting a message through. This presents a window of opportunity to hear multiple syllables, words and maybe even a full sentence. You can also pause the sweep as you wish and change the direction at any time, forward and backward.

Record and Playback

Record your spirit box sessions through a direct line input and play back using the loud, built-in speaker. A direct line recording allows for clean recording directly from the sweep output (not through a speaker and to a microphone) without interuption from outside noise. SBox can also act as a normal EVP recorder without the radio sweep if you choose. SBox records directly to an SD card. You can playback right from the built-in speaker or take the SD card to your computer or any other SD card reading device.

Rechargeable Long-Life battery

No more replacing batteries! It’s easy, quick and saves money on batteries. SBox is rechargeable and lasts for over 23 hours on a single charge. It is rechargeable using the provided USB charger, mobile battery pack while you’re on the go or plugged directly into a wall outlet.

Loud, Amplified Speaker and Headphone Port

It’s loud! There’s no need to an external speaker with this device. It includes a large, amplified, built-in speaker made to be heard well, even in a large room with a volume control wheel that is easy to feel in the dark. It also had a headphone port and can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker when connected to another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Backlight and Flashlight

Red is best for your eyes in dark environments. Keeping that in mind, we built SBox with a red LCD lighted display. Battery life and status of the device are displayed clearly. A white LED flashlight was built in for added safety.

Firmware Versions

The SBox was built to EVOLVE. As we learn, grow and adapt as investigators, so can the SBox. We built it with the ability to make software changes that you can download and update yourself based on preferences you feel work best for you. We are working on these based on YOUR FEEDBACK. They will be available for download here with instructions on how to easily update your SBox.DIRECTIONS and how to update your SBox with the version you prefer.

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