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Driving Auto Associations to Profit!

The CarDoozy Program

CarDoozy services the automotive dealer market through their state dealer association with print and promotional materials. With over 700 regularly used dealer products such as balloons, key tags, license plate frames, swooper banners, decals, and more, as well as essential state forms such as Secured Title Reassignment, Secure Power of Attorney, and Drive Out Paper Tags, CarDoozy can satisfy all your dealer product, promotional, and printed needs!

As a division of Lewis Color Inc., a well-established printing company for over fifty years, CarDoozy has the capability and resources to manage printed product inventory and fulfillment, allowing us to relieve you and your association's staff of all the headaches.

What We Do

Upon joining CarDoozy and supplying us with your association-specific forms, you immediately gain your very own web store. When fully configured, members of your association can purchase all their necessary forms and supplies in one location — your website!

Additionally, we can print all your association's promotional materials, such as magazines, media kits, brochures, catalogs, coupon books and business cards. You can choose to gain an online store and have us print your promotional material or just one of the two. No matter which route you take, with CarDoozy you will save time and money in labor, storage, and printing costs!

What are the Benefits?

Wondering how your association will benefit by joining CarDoozy? Here is a short list of perks CarDoozy members receive:

Your association gains an online web store Your association gains new profit from all sales through the store You gain more traffic to your association's website Your association members benefit from competitive online pricing and one stop shopping Your storage and labor costs will decrease, due to CarDoozy handling all fulfillment You receive wholesale pricing on all association printing, including magazines, mailing and other marketing collateral

We are confident that not only will you see all these bonuses and more, but joining CarDoozy will be one of the best decisions your association will make.

Ready for your association to join CarDoozy?

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While we think you will agree that CarDoozy is just what your association needs, don't take our word for it! Learn for yourself how much our members love CarDoozy and how it has saved them time and money!

Paul R. John, GIADA Executive Director

"We have chosen Lewis Color, Inc. for all GIADA printing needs, including and most importantly, our magazine. Partnering with CarDoozy, a Lewis Color company, has turned out to be one of the best decisions GIADA has made. Because of our involvement with CarDoozy, GIADA is now able to offer all dealers across Georgia 50 different forms and over 700 exciting products that dealers use regularly, and our forms and supply business is booming! Since CarDoozy has assumed all online ordering and fulfillment functions, we are able to reallocate our staffing resources to better respond to our membership demands."

Join CarDoozy

Convinced your association needs CarDoozy or just have a few questions about the service? Send us a message or call us at 855-745-3669 and we will get back to you within 48 hours with the information you desire so you too can become a satisfied CarDoozy member!

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