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Sustainable living in times of climate crisis.




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“The Essence of Emptiness” – off to NowHere with Osho

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Osho (1931-1990) was an Indian philosopher and spiritualist teacher also known by the names Rajneesh and Bhagwan. This post is about “The Essence of Emptiness” , which is the first chapter from Osho’s collection “Take it easy – Talks on Zen Buddhism” from 1979. I have to admit, I don’t really know much about Zen Buddhism, but that doesn’t matter: Much of what Osho describes here reflects, from my point of view, the great challenges of the present. And sometimes it seems to me that Osho’s words might offer a solution. But from the beginning: In favor of the heart and feelings The first half of “The Essence of Emptiness”…

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Sustainable Banks – Every Euro is a Ballot!

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This is the sequel to the article “Is Your Bank also Investing in the Destruction of Our Future?”. While the focus there was primarily on the devastating investments and business practices of many commercial banks, in this part we look at possible solutions: sustainable banks. We cannot wait for the commercial banks to become aware of their ethical and ecological responsibility and finally to systematically pursue divestment, i.e. to withdraw their (actually our) money from fossil fuel projects. Rather, each and every one of us should consider whether our own money would not be better off with a sustainable bank. Sustainable banks, what is that supposed to be? “Sustainability” is…

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Is Your Bank also Investing in the Destruction of Our Future?

The Great Power of Goals

Climate Crisis,Money

Is Your Bank also Investing in the Destruction of Our Future?

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Next week I’ll be at the Klima-Café Plus Lübeck to give a presentation on sustainable banks. I take this as an opportunity to dedicate two blog posts to this topic.

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