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Featured, Interview, MusicBarbra Streisand inspired me in singing and acting – says Orsi Kozma Featured, Interview, MusicBéla Szalóky: Duke Ellington explored and pushed the boundaries of jazz Featured, FilmMeantime, A Time Capsule That Lost None Of Its Relevance Featured, Film, InterviewOrganic Collaborations and the Discipline of Creative Artists: Conversation with Legendary Filmmaker Mike Leigh Featured, FilmHere Before and the Blossoming of Female Led Psychological Thrillers Featured, Film, InterviewFilming Formula One – Exclusive Interview with Phil Rorke


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#Dora Endre #Meantime

Meantime, A Time Capsule That Lost None Of Its Relevance

Meantime, made in 1983, deals with the early-life crisis and unemployment issues dominating Margaret Thatcher’s Britain.

#Dora Endre #filmmaker #Mike Leigh

Organic Collaborations and the Discipline of Creative Artists: Conversation with Legendary Filmmaker Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh: I sit down with the actors and get them to talk about lots and lots of people. And eventually, I choose somebody for them…

#Dora Endre #Here Before #psycho thriller

Here Before and the Blossoming of Female Led Psychological Thrillers

Here Before, Stacey Gregg’s feature film debut, is an inventive, crafty and most importantly confident piece of art.

#Dora Endre #Formula-1 #Phil Rorke

Filming Formula One – Exclusive Interview with Phil Rorke

Phil Rorke offered us fascinating insights into his challenging and rewarding job as the Formula-1 broadcast executive director.

#Discovery+ #Dora Endre #Last Exit: Space

Why Should You Not Miss Discovery’s Last Exit: Space?

Last Exit: Space is a hilarious, surprising and breathtakingly beautiful documentary on space colonization that is completely worth your time.

#Dora Endre #Maggie Gyllenhall #The Lost Daughter

How Frustration Led Maggie Gyllenhaal to Direct The Lost Daughter

Oscar nominee Maggie Gyllenhall has recently revealed that frustration was a significant part of making The Lost Daughter.

#Dora Endre #Kevin Spacey #sexual assault #The Man Who Drew God

Kevin Spacey in a Comeback Film: a Sign of Bad Taste?

Kevin Spacey plays a detective in his first movie since sexual assault allegations against the actor surfaced five years ago.

#Dora Endre #Empire of Light #Sam Mendes

Why Empire of Light Should Be on Your Radar

The upcoming Sam Mendes project, Empire of Light, is currently shooting in the UK. What happenes behind the scenes?

#Dora Endre #exclusive interview #Philippe Lesage

Exclusive Interview with Philippe Lesage: As Long As There’s Movement, There Is Hope

Exclusive interview with Philippe Lesage about inspirations, aspirations, upcoming projects, and much more.

Fine Arts

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#Belvedere #Jaime Brihuega #Salvador Dalí #Sigmund Freud #Vienna

Freud was suspicious about Dalí’s obsession with him

How, where, when did they finally meet and what happened between them? I asked Dalí-Freud curator Jaime Brihuega.

#climate change #ecology #Oliver Juan #Turbina

Oliver Juan: if we empathise with the panda, why not with the jellyfish?

I-Opener deals with hard topics and I want nothing less than to make participants reflect on their own behaviour – says Oliver Juan.

#climate change #environment #exhibition #I-Opener #Oliver Juan #Turbina

I-opener: A call for empathy in times of ecological crisis

I-opener is a free immersive video installation that aims to cultivate a deeper sense of ecological awareness.

#auction #Csontvary

Csontvary painting sets record starting price at auction

Csontvary’s “Secret Island”, one of only a dozen or so paintings by the Hungarian master that is privately owned, is…

#call #fine arts

Call for Entries: Artist for Residency Programme

November and May each year, the Foundation provides accommodation and use of the studio of the Villa Tosa di Sotto in San Sano.

#Attila Szűcs #Erika Deák Gallery #exhibition

Abundance of Doubt and Wonder: Attila Szűcs’s recent paintings showcased

The miracles of Surrealist, post-conceptual and postmedia painting may also emerge beyond the vital, panpsychic cosmos of romanticism.

#ani molnár gallery #fine arts #Ludwig Museum #Tamás Konok

Postumus exhibitions in two Budapest venues keep Tamás Konok’s legacy alive

It is painful that Tamás Konok, at the zenith of his creativity, did not live to see the opening of these exhibitions.

#Anna Rácz #children #colouring book #Müpa

Colouring books open a brand new world for us!

The music sheet book is designed for schoolchildren; 50000 pupils from 116 schools will receive it as a Christmas present.

#ani molnár gallery #obituary #Tamás Konok

Remembering internationally recognised Hungarian artist Tamás Konok

His conscious and professional creative activity, high intellect and kind personality leaves an irreplaceable and painful hiatus behind him.


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#An Economic History of Hungary from 1867. endre domonkos #book #pallas athéné books

Endre Domonkos: An Economic History of Hungary from 1867

Endre Domonkos, in his current work, summarises the economic history of Hungary in 10 chapters and more than 200 pages, richly illustrated.

#Béla Bartók #Nóra Fehér #short story

Béla Bartók at the bus stop ~ by Nóra Fehér

He was sitting cross-legged, grey and avuncular in a bus stop pavilion, smoking a cigarette. Béla Bartók at the bus stop…

#Ambrose Musiyiwa #migration #poetry

Ambrose Musiyiwa on poetry by migrants and the obligations of governments

Ambrose Musiyiwa hopes that the anthology will be a resource: “the voice of the people matters, we can influence what happens tomorrow”.

#short story #Susan Anwin

God’s Mind ~ by Susan Anwin

It was the most daring undertaking of mankind; to send a probe to find the ultimate frontier; the end of the universe.

#Boldizsár Fehér #evening #literature #Müpa

How to be smart after winning the lottery? – interview with Boldizsár Fehér

I thought, what to do with the money is only one side of the story. The other side is what we do with ourselves.

#evening #Hahó Grozdits #Müpa #novel #poetry #Szilárd Borbély

The way of non-forgetting the late poet Szilárd Borbély

Literature is no easy, joyful game for Szilárd Borbély, be it poetry or prose. It is more like self-discovery, self-crucifixion…

#CAFe Budapest #covid-19 #festival #Zsolt Várkonyi

The concerts of CAFe Budapest bring a refreshing breeze in the world of restrictions

The 29th CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival is going to launch on the 9th of October. At a recent press…

#award #Gábor Gyukics #National Beat Poetry Foundation

Lifetime Beat Poet Laurate award goes to Hungarian poet Gábor Gyukics

The International (Individual Country) Beat Poets Laureate is a Special Lifetime Honor that is awarded by the National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc.

#Bálint Hirling #coronavirus #covid-19 #diary #Gábor Kotchy #János Posztos #journal #Müpa #Müpa Home #personal #photo #photography #reflection #stayathome #subjective #Szilárd Podmaniczky #Zsófia Pály

How will our life be after coronavirus?

If there’s no silence, you don’t have time to reflect. But when I thought about my parents, everything fell silent at once.


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#Barbra Streisand #Müpa #Nóra Fehér #Orsi Kozma

Barbra Streisand inspired me in singing and acting – says Orsi Kozma

We spoke to singer Orsi Kozma about Barbra Streisand, the relationship between acting and singing, and how they are preparing for the evening.

#Anna Rácz #Béla Szalóky #Duke Ellington #Jazz Time Festival #Müpa #Nóra Fehér

Béla Szalóky: Duke Ellington explored and pushed the boundaries of jazz

Duke Ellington composed in a very unique, personal way – says Béla Szalóky about his hero, subject of the Echoes of Ellington concert.

#Charlie Hunter #Corey Fonville #DJ Harrison #Kurt Elling #Müpa #SuperBlue

A Grammy-awarded star on the phone: Kurt Elling and the SuperBlue

Kurt Elling recorded an exciting and experimental new album with three of his peers: Charlie Hunter, DJ Harrison, and Corey Fonville.

#Alim Qasimov #Alireza Ghorbani #Azerbaijan #Győző Nagy #Iran #Müpa #Nóra Fehér

Transcendent experience of music: Alim Qasimov and Alireza Ghorbani

“To be a musician, you must have a true fire burning inside you” – says Alim Qasimov before his very first concert in Hungary.

#Dani Szebényi #Hey June #Mihály Gotthard #Müpa #Nóra Fehér

Concert of inseparable Gotthard and Szebényi

Article: Győző Nagy Translation: Nóra FehérMihály Gotthard and Dani Szebényi are old “collaborators”. Ever since they met behind the scenes…

#Budapest Wagner Days #Marc Albrecht #Müpa #Richard Wagner

Marc Albrecht on the trail of lost works by restless geniuses

Marc Albrecht explained to me why is it important yet sometimes difficult to find not so well known works from older times.

#Burkina Faso #Kady Diarra #Müpa

Kady Diarra and the Spirit of Burkina – a concert you shouldn’t miss!

What role did her origins play in her career, and what is the newest album like with which Kady Diarra is currently touring?

#Bob Mintzer #jazz #Jazz Spring #Müpa #Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets celebrates its 40th anniversary with an amazing party

Yellowjackets has seen – and survived – many changes in style and members, and now they are back for another round anniversary.

#Arturo Sandoval #Bartók Spring #Cuba #Győző Nagy #jazz #Müpa #Nóra Fehér

Arturo Sandoval, a trumpeter with a vibrant personality

Arturo Sandoval’s life is rich in stories and notes. His music is just as vibrant as it was decades ago. Hear it for yourself!


More From Theater

#Bartók Spring #Müpa #Péter Eötvös #Sleepless #Zsuzsanna Deák

Sleepless: gloomy yet beautiful Péter Eötvös opera in the Müpa

Péter Eötvös adapted Jon Fosse’s Trilogy. The story of precarious couple Alida and Asle is childishly innocent yet deeply sinful…

#Bartók Spring #Fanni Molnár #Müpa #Péter Eötvös #Sleepless

Péter Eötvös: I ran away from Bartók’s works to avoid falling into repetition

For me the genre of opera is an absolute miracle – says Péter Eötvös before the premiere of his newest opera Sleepless.

#Bartók Spring #flamenco #María Pagés #Müpa #Spain

María Pagés: flamenco is a genre for a lifetime

Let’s look a bit behind the scenes through the story of a world famous dancer, María Pagés. Soon at the Bartók Spring!

#Anna Rácz #Gaetano Donizetti #Lucrezia Borgia #Müpa #Nóra Fehér

Lucrezia Borgia rules over life and death – says director Ferenc Anger

In fact, Lucrezia Borgia is a Renaissance person who combines the sciences and the arts. A semi-staged opera in the Müpa.

#Cecília Stenszky #Danube Art Ensemble #folk dance #Liszt Fest #Mezőség #Zsolt Juhász

Here, Romanians, Hungarians and the Roma coexist peacefully – interview with Zsolt Juhász

Dance of the Mezőség is very unified, but every ethnic group has its own traits. It was a difficult task for the dancers and musicians…

#Anna Rácz #Csaba Horváth #Gergely Vajda #Liszt Fest #Nóra Fehér #Péter Esterházy

Transporters didn’t need an update; rape is, unfortunately, an eternal topic

Concert-opera or not, music and real or imagined stage events together create the effect – says creator Gergely Vajda.

#Győző Nagy #Levente Gyöngyösi #Liszt Fest #Nóra Fehér #The Master and Margarita #Vajk Szente

New opera-musical version of The Master and Margarita – interview with director Vajk Szente

The music is exciting: classical opera on the one hand, rock music on the other, and thirdly, there are musical elements – says the director.

#eulogy #Gábor Mészöly #Gyula Böszörményi #Mari Simon #Nóra Fehér

A married couple on the stage of heaven – Gyula Böszörményi remembers

Mari Simon, actress, and Gábor Mészöly, writer and dramaturg, recently passed away. Writer Gyula Böszörményi says farewell to them.

#Arno Schuitemaker #If You Could See Me Now #Trafó

If you could see me now… and now… and now… – interview with Arno Schuitemaker

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who indeed fulfilled everyone’s contradictory childhood dreams within one single life?

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Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3

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Govt earmarks HUF 106 m for Subotica synagogue revamp


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Barbra Streisand inspired me in singing and acting – says Orsi Kozma

Béla Szalóky: Duke Ellington explored and pushed the boundaries of jazz

Meantime, A Time Capsule That Lost None Of Its Relevance

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