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From the Dominican Retreat Centre
Tallaght Village, Dublin 24


This is the website of the Dominican Retreat Centre, where, in addition to one-day, weekend, and weeklong retreats (residential and non-residential) we provide a great variety of programmes, courses, events, and services, such as:

● Mindfulness ● Zen meditation
(weekly, monthly, and yearly sessions)
● Christian meditation ● Twin Hearts meditation
● Meditation with the mystics
● Pottery and meditation ● Circle Dancing ● Tai Chi, etc.

Scripture quotations are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright 1946, 1952 and 1971 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

©2002-2008All images and information, unless acknowledged, are copyright of Dominicans, Ireland. Four Evangelists reproduced with permission: "© The Trustees of The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin."

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Introduction RETREAT CENTRE Facebook Page Gospel Commentary Between Ourselves2022 Merit Origin if evil Laziness Guilt The Past Getting Away Loving God Justified by law? 2021 Forced Feelings Nature-Worship Trash Orthodoxy Problematic past Meditation Lazy Meditation Abstraction Covid Slump Meditation Covid-19 Has God abandoned us? 2020 Covid A Prayer of two words God far or near Ego and real self God Again God Prayer Distant God Understanding oneself Judging Questions Isolation 2019 Experience Comparing Breathing Restless activity Cranky temperament Distant God Zen Clutter Fear Warlocks and Witches Going to Mass Anything New? 2018 Miracles The Mind Change Home Imagination Joy Tradition Trapped Doing Good Time Past Words, words, words Love and Hate 2017 Growing Old Meditation practical? Mindfulness Depth The observer Impassibility Joy The Next Life Christian Meditation Suffering Is God playing games? boredom 2016 God Indulgences Confession Eucharist Group ego Spiritual Blindness Secularism, relativism Depth Fear of the future Feeling wrecked Loving God Here and Now 2015 Fear of God Where is the ego? Atheist or agnostic? The word 'religion' Rational Religion Mass Again Mass Culture Wars Equality Bereavement Ordinary Life Boredom 2014 Energy of Passions Hurt Feelings Arguing Religion "I myself personally" Rules and Regulations God needs praise? Intelligence Is life fair? Isolation Why Meditation? God or me? Trinity 2013 Arid Meditation Negativity Answer / Response Corporate responsibility God Are We Free? Religion: bad philosophy Praying New Missal Atheism Again Atheism Understanding Liturgy 2012 Blaming God Other Religions Spiritual Messages Talking to oneself Ego and the Gospel God's existence Unique Vocation Finishing things Miracles The Unknown Future Pornography The Rosary 2011 Physical Beauty Living in the Now The Church now Personality Meditation Stinginess Latin in the Liturgy Busy Life Stepson Messy Meditation Virtue Home 2010 Spiritual Progress God's Forgiveness Zen Fear for The Future God the Father Fear for the future Unconditional Love Meister Eckhart Control Freaks Meditation Change The Human Soul 2009 Catholic New Age Disillusionment Natural Causes? The Ego Meditation: Christian or Buddhist? Is wealth something to be avoided? Look at the shadows Trinity and Spirituality Prayer of Petition Darwin Crisis Meditation 2008 Thanking God Marriage Crisis Too much Humility J. Krishnamurti Humility Is Ego such a bad thing? Transcendence and Immanence The big blancmange Searching for God Stages of Growth God and emptiness Mistakes 2007 Love Simple Motives Failure Silence of the heart How to Meditate Pottery retreats Judging Others Taking small steps Absence/Presence of God Forgiving Oneself 2006 Scholasticism Fear Love Study of Theology Bad Spiritual State Mantra Meditation Happiness Anger Public Speaking The Eucharist Pursuit of happiness 2005 God Loves You Catechism Anxiety Difficult Member Hesitation Reform of Morals Does God keep his promises Prayer of Petition Baptisim My Search The Search for Meaning God and evil 2004 Boring Religion Prayer Celibacy Ways of Praying Creation Control Freak Suffering The Passion Of Christ Meditation Fading Church Confrontation Boredom 2003 On Loving Vocation Narcotics Inside/Outside The Next Life Sin Spiritual Direction Celibacy Which Jesus? The Church changing Document on New Age Praising God 2002 Faith Body/Mind/Spirit The meaning of life? Punishment for our sins Aeging Caring Stopping violence Indecision Unique Call Belief in Hindu/Buddhist Definition of God Praying Child Sexual abuse 2001 Confession Worrying about the past Meditation Interconnectedness Bereavement Finding Peace Longing for good news Eastern Spirituality Necessity of Suffering Clarity of Gospel Taize The Eucharist 2000 Growing up The purpose of Life? Spirituality A world of changing values Falling out of love Taxes The need for space Financial disaster The existence of God Problems of Institutions Christian hope and the Church Clerical Gentlemen Wisdom Line2022 ST Dominic ST BONAVENTURE (ii) ST IRENAEUS OF LYONS ST ATHANASIUS OF ALEXANDRIA (c. 296�373) ST CATHERINE OF SIENA ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM St TERESA OF AVILA (v) ST THOMAS AQUINAS 2021 St TERESA OF AVILA (iv) Canticle of Daniel SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN (viii) SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN (vii) SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN (vi) SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN (v) SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN (iv) SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN (iii) St Augustine (354 AD � 430) Jelaluddin Rumi (xi) Johann Tauler (xiv) Thomas Merton (xiv) 2020 JOHN DAMASCENE (ii) Jelaluddin Rumi (x) Johann Tauler (xiii) Jelaluddin Rumi (ix) Jelaluddin Rumi (viii) Jelaluddin Rumi (vii) St TERESA OF AVILA (iii) ST CATHERINE OF SIENA (iii) ST CATHERINE OF SIENA (ii) Jelaluddin Rumi (vi) Johann Tauler (xii) SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN (ii) 2019 JOHN CASSIAN (iv) JOHN CASSIAN (iii) JOHN CASSIAN (ii) JOHN CASSIAN (i) Clement of Rome | JELALUDDIN RUMI GREGORY OF NYSSA IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH | JELALUDDIN RUMI IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH | JELALUDDIN RUMI SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN 2018 SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN, ST AUGUSTINE FRAN�OIS F�NELON (xv), RUMI, Suso FRAN�OIS F�NELON (xv), RUMI FRAN�OIS F�NELON (xiv) FRAN�OIS F�NELON (xiii) FRAN�OIS F�NELON (xii) Julian of Norwich (x) St Bernard of Clairvaux (ii) FRAN�OIS F�NELON (xi) & Meister Eckhart (ix) FRAN�OIS F�NELON (x) St JOHN OF THE CROSS FRAN�OIS F�NELON (ix) 2017 JEANNE-MARIE GUYON Henry Vaughan T.M. Taylor Erskine of Linlathen GEORGE MACDONALD Thomas Merton (xii) Sir Arthur Eddington Thomas Merton (xiii) Paul Evdokimov Gerald Vann OP(ii) Johann Tauler (xi) Gerald Vann OP 2016 Henri-Fr�d�ric Amiel Patrick Kavanagh Martin Buber Tauler/Rumi William Temple ALBERT SCHWEITZER LEO TOLSTOY Jelaluddin Rumi (v) Blaise Paschal Johann Tauler (x) Karl Barth St Athanasius (ii) 2015 Francois Fenelon (viii) HENRI NOUWEN (viii) Baron von H�gel Johann Tauler (ix) HENRI NOUWEN (vii) HENRI NOUWEN (vi) HENRI NOUWEN (v) Desert Fathers and Mothers(iv) ORIGEN (c. 184 - c. 253) (vi) ORIGEN (c. 184 - c. 253) (v) ORIGEN (c. 184 - c. 253) (iv) ORIGEN (c. 184 - c. 253) (iii) 2014 ORIGEN (c. 184 - c. 253) (ii) Rabbi Friedman ORIGEN (c. 184 - c. 253) On Prayer Meister Eckhart (ix) Jelaluddin Rumi (iv) Jelaluddin Rumi (iii) Thomas Merton (xii) Thomas Merton (xi) RABBI HESCHEL (iii) RABBI HESCHEL (ii) St Bernard of Clairvaux (iii) Pope Francis 2013 ST THÉRÈSE OF LISIEUX The Cloud of Unknowing (ix) St Francis of Assisi (ii) Meister Eckhart (viii) THE WAY OF CHUANG TZU (ii) THE WAY OF CHUANG TZU RABBI HESCHEL RABBI ABRAHAM JOSHUA HESCHEL The Cloud of Unknowing (viii) Desert Fathers and Mothers(iii) Francois Fenelon (vii) Francois Fenelon (vi) 2012 Mde Guyon (iv) John Main, OSB (ii) Francois Fenelon (v) Meister Eckhart (vii) Meister Eckhart (vii) Francois Fenelon (iv) HILDEGARD OF BINGEN (ii) HILDEGARD OF BINGEN CHARLOTTE JOKO BECK (ii) Hafiz Henri Nouwen (iv) Henri Nouwen (iii) St Augustine (vii) 2011 St Augustine (vi) St Augustine (v) Thomas Merton (x) Evdokimov(ii) Desert Fathers and Mothers(ii) Rainer Maria Rilke (ii) The Cloud of Unknowing (vii) The Cloud of Unknowing (vi) The Cloud of Unknowing (v) Thomas Merton(ix) Julian of Norwich (ix) Julian of Norwich (viii) 2010 St John of the Cross Bl. John Henry Newman Meister Eckhart (vii) Julian of Norwich (vii) Julian of Norwich (vi) Julian of Norwich (v) St. Catherine - God Speaking Thomas Traherne Henry Suso(ii) The Cloud of Unknowing (iv) Walter Hilton (c. 1340 - 1396) Meister Eckhart (vi) 2009 Thomas Merton (viii) ST JOHN CLIMACUS (ii) ST JOHN CLIMACUS GREGORY OF NYSSA (ii) GREGORY OF NYSSA St Bernard of Clairvaux (ii) Julian of Norwich (iv) St JOHN OF THE CROSS VENANTIUS FORTUNATUS Thomas Merton (viii) St Albert The Great Thomas Merton (vii) 2008 The Cloud of Unknowing (iii) Eckhart Tolle (iv) ST THÉRÈSE OF LISIEUX The Cloud of Unknowing (ii) BL. HENRY SUSO (iii) BL. HENRY SUSO (ii) Yevgeny Yevtushenko(1933 - ) St Francis De Sales Paul Evdokimov (ii) Joko Beck John Damascene Paul Evdokimov 2007 St Athanasius Kahlil Gibran (ii) Clement of Rome Thomas Merton (vii) Johann Tauler (viii) Johann Tauler (vii) Johann Tauler (vi) Tertullian Johann Tauler (v) Ignatius of Antioch John Main, OSB 2006 (1st-2nd century) Thomas Merton (vii) Eckhart Tolle (iii) John Main OSB Thomas Merton (vi) Thomas Merton (v) Thomas Merton (iv) Vestiges of God Dogen Zenji & Meister Eckhart (vi) St Augustine (iv) St Augustine (iii) St Augustine (ii) 2005 St Augustine Rabindranath Tagore Thomas Merton (iii) Francois Fenelon (iii) Thomas Merton (ii) Lao Tzu St. John of the Cross St. Teresa of Avila (ii) Henri Nouwen (2) Henri Nouwen Eckhart Tolle 2 Bede Griffiths (iii) 2004 Bede Griffiths (ii) Thomas Merton Francois Fenelon (iii) Bede Griffiths Eckhart Tolle William Blake Kahlil Gibran Francois Fenelon - Suffering Francois Fenelon Mde Guyon (iii) Mde Guyon (ii) Mde Guyon 2003 St Columba (or Columcille) From the Sufis Rumi (iii) - What Jesus runs away from Desert Fathers & Mothers (iii) Rainer Maria Rilke Meister Eckhart (v) - God the unutterable Chuang Tzu Jelaluddin Rumi (ii) Jelaluddin Rumi Jean-Pierre de Caussade St Francis of Assisi 12 Steps of AA 2002 Theodore the Studite Martin Buber (1878-1965) Desert Fathers & Mothers (ii) Desert Fathers & Mothers Sadhu Sundar Singh - Spiritual Joy The Desert Fathers (ii) The Desert Fathers Sadhu Sundar Singh 1922 Stretch out your hand Meister Eckhart- take one way from God Sadhu Sundar Singh 1922 Antony of the desert (c.251 - 356 A.D) Amma Syncletica (3rd - 4th Century) - Coming closer to God 2001 Julian of Norwich (iii) - Eternal Love Jacob Boehme - Die continually to sin St Bernard of Clairvaux - Love Johann Tauler (iv) - A three fold birth Julian of Norwich - Shewings St Columban - Boat Song St Therese of Lisieux (iii) - The cherished child of the world St Terese of Lisieux (ii) - God's parity of love Johann Tauler (iv) - Our special grace Meister Eckhart (iii) - Forgiveness St Bonaventure - The minds ascent to God The Cloud of unknowing 2000 St Terese of Lisieux - Opening St Paul Teresa of Avila - The role of experience St Bernard of Clairvaux - On loving God Jordan of Saxony - A Christmas greeting St Cyprian - The Lords prayer Johann Tauler (iii) - He searchs to find us Henry Suso - Death of the ego Johann Tauler (ii) - Coping with addictions and neuroses Julian of Norwich - Adam's tunic, human nature Johann Tauler- The birth of God in the soul Meister Eckhart (ii) - Abandonment Meister Eckhart - God unknowable Site Search Contact Us

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