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More than a degoogled phone...

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The Above Phone is powered by secure hardware and transparent software that protects you from surveillance and control.

Out of the box you’ll find a suite of free & open source apps that take care of your every need, without tracking you. Complete your phone with the Above Privacy Suite, a set of software services designed for your phone that protect your internet traffic and communications. 


30 DAY WARRANTY + Support

Private & Secure OS

Avoid tracking & data collection by default with your choice of operating system. Setup is a breeze.


Get a private email, VPN/DNS, video conferencing, e2e messaging, and alternative search for $100/year.


Get support from our knowledge-base and private community for maximum peace of mind.

What people are saying..

It's brilliant. Never been able to trust a phone or where it came from until now. I've honestly never had a customer experience like what you get with the Above Agency. It's bespoke, interactive, supportive and very encouraging with faultless customer service.Adam10 ★Love the phone. Helps me feel a bit more private. Excellent Customer Service. They take the time to help every step of the way.Carolyn10 ★The phone is great! I have always had an iPhone and does take a bit to get used to but so does anything new. The privacy suite is super helpful to get up and running quickly. I love having this phone because I know I'm doing something to get closer to a world that I prefer to live in - one that respects our privacy and connection. customer service is very responsive, nice and all issues have been promptly resolved.Charlotte9.0 ★PreviousNext

What's the difference?

Being used by a traditional phone


Apple & Google phones connect home every 5 minutes


Your identity is tied to everything on the phone


Through hidden code, permissions, advertisers and analytics


Your privacy settings & permissions cannot be verified


Pre-installed bloatware & spyware can't be removed
(Facebook, Google, Samsung, Siri)


Service providers have access to your calls, texts, and internet usage.

Utilizing an above.phone


No tracking by default



No personal logins or credit cards needed - everything is free



Use transparent apps with no tracking


Have full control of camera, microphone, location, app permissions

Secure Comms

Fully end to end encrypted communications ensure private conversations. (XMPP, Jitsi)



No cell service required. Use WiFi and internet communications

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Looking for a search engine that doesn’t spy on you?Are you tired of the…

#TBOT: Encrypt It Yourself I: Email & The Encrypted Webmail Trap

July 5th, 2022

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Make it your own

Choose from our carefully curated
wallpapers, icons and launcher themes


Privacy services tailored for your above phone

This collection of cutting-edge software solutions work out of the box and protect your network traffic & communications from observers.All you need to do is turn them on and log in.

Got questions?Technical Demo

Find out how the above.phone will evolve your lifestyle
in this 40 minute in-depth live demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get cell service on the Above Phone?

The Above Phone works with almost all cellular service providers

Simply insert an activated SIM card in the phone for service. You may use your existing cell service, purchase a new service anonymously, or even use the phone without mobile service by connecting to local WiFi networks.

What is your return policy?

You may return your device within 30 days of purchase. Phones must be undamaged & in the condition you received them.

What mobile carriers can I use?

All of our phones are fully unlocked & compatible with most major phone carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, ATT) and all resellers; like Cricket, US Mobile, Mint Mobile, Ting, Boost, etc* 

WiFi Calling may or may not be supported depending on your carrier.

*Sprint and Google Fi are not reported to work, however many alternative carriers are available

How long will the phones be supported?

Each device has a different support period based off of Google’s official schedule, check devices here.

Both Google and the developers of the alternative operating system provide updates to the phone. Google provides updates for the drivers, firmware, and bootloader. They also provide security updates to the operating system which are implemented by the developers of the alternate operating systems.

When Google’s official support period ends,you will only continue to get updates from the developers of the alternative operating system. This includes all the open-source components of the phone including the kernel and operating system.

After the support period ends your degoogled phone will continue to work at full functionality.

Where do I get applications?

You can get applications on your phones with the following alternative open-source application stores, you can preview these apps on your current Android device.


F-Droid – Free and open-source applications, use no Google Services
Aurora – anonymized Google Play store, uses proprietary applications that may or may not use Google Play Services

Will my favorite app work on the phone?

Each operating system has a different level of compatibility.

GrapheneOS (Completely De-Googled): Every app available on F-Droid will work, since these apps are fully open-source. Proprietary applications like those available on Aurora may or may not work depending on their dependence on Google Play Services.


CalyxOS (microG): All apps available on F-Droid, and the majority of proprietary applications available on Aurora will be supported with microG’s replacement for Google Play Services.
Lookup compatibility for specific apps: https://plexus.techlore.tech/

How am I protected from tracking?

The above.phone can protect you from three layers of mobile tracking.

The first is the tracking present on a standard apple and android phones send unique identifiers from your phone, cell service, along with personal information to Google and Apple servers. The above.phone comes with your choice of two operating systems. GrapheneOS is focused on absolute security and does not include any Google apps or services, avoiding making any connections to Google servers.

CalyxOS comes with its own compatibility layer (microG) that greatly reduces the data sent to Google while retaining functionality with apps that depend on Google Libraries.

The second is the tracking present in traditional mobile applications through analytics and advertising services. The phone utilizes Free & Open Source Applications which contain no embedded trackers. Additionally, the user has the freedom to download existing proprietary applications and control their connections.

Lastly, the above.phone protects you from cellular service tracking through several means. You can use the phone on WiFi without a SIM card. This avoids any cellular connections but you will not be able to go mobile.

If you use a cellular service you can avoid making calls and texts (which are tracked by your provider) and use encrypted communications along with a VPN to protect your internet traffic.

You have the freedom to choose how to use the phone in every instance based on your own privacy / security needs.

These apps take care of your every need, without tracking you.

Mullvad VPN

Protect your online privacy with a fast, trustworthy, and easy-to-use VPN.

Ungoogled Chromium

A lightweight approach to removing Google web service dependency


Media Player

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar Pro is a fully customizable, offline calendar designed to do exactly what a calendar should do. No complicated features, unnecessary permissions and no ads!

K-9 Mail

E-mail client supporting multiple accounts, POP3, IMAP and Push IMAP

Organic Maps

Offline Maps & Navigation

Aurora Store

Aurora Store is an alternate to Google’s Play Store, with an elegant design,using Aurora you can download apps, update existing apps, search for apps,get details about in-app trackers, spoof your location and much more.


Briar is a messaging app designed for activists, journalists, and anyone elsewho needs a safe, easy and robust way to communicate. No central servers, Briar uses P2P connectivity over Internet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, and can stay up during an internet outage.

Telegram FOSS

Client for the Telegram messaging platform.Chat with friends, start group chats and share all kinds of content. All of your messages and conversations are stored in Telegram’s cloud.


Bitwarden offers the easiest and safest way for teams and individuals to store and share sensitive data from any device.


A safe home for all your data. Access & share your files, calendars, contacts,mail & more from any device, on your terms.

Simple Notes

Create plain text notes or checklists quickly.

Jitsi Meet

Instant video conferences efficiently adapting to your scale


Open Source XMPP/Jabber Messenger for Android

Aegis Auth

Aegis Authenticator is a free, secure and open source app to manage your 2-step verification tokens for your online services.


DAVx⁵ is a CalDAV/CardDAV management and synchronization app for Android which natively integrates with Android calendar/contact apps


Vanadium is a privacy and security hardened variant of Chromium providing the WebView (used by other apps to render web content) and standard browser for GrapheneOS.


Client for F-Droid, the Free Software repository systemfor Android.

Voice Recorder

Just you and the voice recorder. It offers a helpful player too so that you can listen to your recordings quickly, maybe rename or delete them.Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions.


Multi-format KeePass password manager, the app allows saving and using passwords, keys and digital identities in a secure way, by integrating the Android design standards.

Join the revolution.


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Copyright 2021 © Above LLC, All Rights Reserved

Our connection is sacred.

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