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Survival Skills Training can make a huge difference in an outcome should you get lost in the wilderness. Our survival classes provide valuable knowledge and skills you can use as you hike and backpack remote locations. Our professional instructors use lectures, demonstrations, and individual practices to help you develop the skills you need for self-reliance. Click Here to Learn More!

Summer Camps

Trail Blazer Survival School offers the ultimate summer camp destination in the Greenville, South Carolina area. Drop your kid(s) off at our office in Simpsonville (Five Forks) where they will be transported to our Trail Blazer Camp in Union, SC for a fun filled day of adventure. After a action-packed day, we return to our Simpsonville office for you to pick up. Due to the nature of our program students must be 10 to 14 years of age. Click Here to Learn More!


We regularly host workshops that include survival basics, bow-drill, wilderness first-aid, plant walks, bowyer (bow building), pottery, camp cooking, navigation, and more. The workshops are a perfect way to start or enhance your personal or groups survival training. Contact us to schedule a workshop or check out our upcoming events.

I took the beginner survival skills course and I loved all that I was taught. Some of the information was a refresher, but a lot of it was new. We went through many skills and were able to practice with instruction on those skills. This class is well worth the money spent and I’m excited to get into more advanced classes.
Michael D. Student

“The instructors are very informative and encouraging. They demonstrates and explains each skill thoroughly. They are knowledgeable and eager to teach, including but not limited to fire building, water procurement, shelter construction, and other survival skills.”

Jim Industrial

“I gained so much knowledge during my training.  The instructors are great, and  I got my first bow drill coal.  This is a very professional and organized school.  I wouldn’t change a thing. 100% Trail Blazer Survival!”

Jay N. Contractor

“I was really surprised by the basic survival course.  I wasn’t sure if I would learn anything because I have been training in survival for years, but I actually learned some new skills.  My goal is to make it on Alone or Naked and Afraid, and this school helped prepare me for that.”

Rick G.