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Opti Drive Control is a program for testing optical drives and media.

Key features

Support for CD, DVD and BD drives/mediaRead / write transfer rateCreate test disc / verify functionDetailed drive informationDetailed disc informationDisc quality tests: BLER, PI/PO, C1/C2, Jitter (*)FE / TE test (*)Erase / formatOverburningMulti-testEnhanced save functionsCSV export of graphs(*) not all drives support these functions24 June 2020TOP

Added new utility software

Opti Drive Speed is a small tool to change the read speed of a CD, DVD or BD drive.
This will help reading damaged discs and provide higher quality audio rips.

Download here.

It's Free!

17 June 2020TOP

New software!

Beeano Midi Player is a utility to play, view and export Midi files.

If you want to try it out, please visit the Beeano Midi website at:

It's Free!

14 January 2020TOP

New version!

Opti Drive Control 1.80 released!

It's been a few years since an update of Opti Drive Control was released. But it's finally here and to celebrate the return of Opti Drive Control, you can buy it at a huge discount.
For a limited time you can buy it now for only 5.00 EUR / 5.50 USD!
To make use of this promotion, follow the purchase link below and enter this coupon code:OPTI2020

Buy now

Added support for Windows 10Progress during a test is shown on the taskbarBug fixes and user interface improvementsDownload.

9 July 2012TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.70 released!

Added seperate start button for partial test (for all read and scan functions)Test results can be exported to CSV or HTML automaticallyDisc quality test: added jitter measurement for BD discsFE/TE: added support for CD and BD discs (for LiteOn Mediatek drives)Transfer rate test: added support for multisession CDsDisc label can be read and shown automatically or manuallyAdded load/eject buttonSmall bug fixes and user interface improvementsDownload.

13 January 2011TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.51 released.

Improved detection of layer break of Blu-ray discsDownload.

14 September 2010TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.50 released.

Application is resizableDisc quality test: POFs are shown with supported BenQ and Plextor drivesDisc quality test: Added support for Plextor PX-8xx seriesDisc quality test: test continues when a read error occurs with Plextor drivesFE/TE: Added support for Plextor PX-8xx seriesFE/TE: Test can now be run with CDs with Plextor drivesFE/TE: Added support for double layer DVDsTransfer rate test: layer change position is shownTransfer rate test: fixed rotation speed display for PTP DVDsTransfer rate test: improved access times measurementCreate test disc: improved support for BD and DVD-RAMDisc info: track path is shownIncreased command time out valueDownload.

4 April 2010TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.48 released.

Disc Quality test: added option to set fixed scale for BD mediaDownload.

17 February 2010TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.47 released.

Bug fixes and small improvementsDownload.

30 October 2009TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.43 released.

Bug fixes and small improvementsDownload.

13 September 2009TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.41 released.

- Bug fix: Disc Quality: jitter was not reported with certain LiteOn drivesDownload.

9 September 2009TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.40 released!

Added Extra TestsFunnel seek, random seek, random transfer / seek, transfer inner, middle and outer, layer change timeSpinup, spindown, eject, load and recognition time


28 July 2009TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.30 released!

Added Focus Error (FE), Tracking Error (TE) test for BenQ, Plextor and LiteOn drivesAdded function to load and display Opti Drive Control and ImgBurn performance information filesAdded function to show temperature and laser current with Pioneer drivesDisc Quality: added support for Pioneer drivesTransfer Rate: speed is set before running the testCreate Disc: added option to change buffer level update frequencyBug fixes and small improvements


23 July 2009TOP
Updated FAQ with a detailed list of supported drives.

A major update of Opti Drive Control will be released this week!

12 June 2009TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.22 released!

Disc quality: added option to set the jitter scan speed for LiteOn drivesBug fixes and small improvementsDownload.

9 June 2009TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.21 released!

Disc quality: added jitter reporting for Plextor drivesBug fixes and small improvementsDownload.

6 June 2009TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.20 released!

Disc quality: added support for BD scanning with LiteOn BD-ROM drivesDisc quality: added option to skip jitter scanning with LiteOn drivesDrive info: improved detection of BD featuresDrive info: improved detection of DVD region controlImproved read speed detectionBug fixes and small improvementsDownload.

29 May 2009TOP

Opti Drive Control 1.10 released!

Added themes and customizable graph colorsDisc Quality, CD Bler: added option to set Y-scale to a fixed valueBug fixes and small improvementsDownload.

19 May 2009TOP

New program released!

Opti Drive Control is a test and benchmark utility for optical drives. It can be used to verify the performance, quality and reliability of the burn and read functions of optical drives and discs. Test results can be saved as a HTML report and the graphs can be exported to CSV which allows for detailed analysis with spreadsheets.
With the multi-test feature all functions can be run and saved without user intervention.


Copyright (c) 2020 by Erik Deppe

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