Invoice factoring for transportation

Get paid the same day while Triumph takes care of invoicing and collections for you.



Factoring services for your fleet plus a full suite of financial solutions to help you meet your long term goals.

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Explore Fleet Solutions

Flexible financing solutions fit for your fleet.

We provide your fleet with immediate cash flow and fuel card discounts to keep capacity up and costs down.

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Explore Owner-Operator/Mid-Size Fleet Solutions

Same day funding keeps you moving.

Why wait 30+ days for your money?

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Explore Freight Broker Factoring Solutions

Factoring solutions to drive capacity and credibility.

We help you manage cash flow, protect credit ratings and keep your carriers paid — on time.

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Fuel Card Program

Save at every stop.

Our fuel card discount program can provide big discounts every time you fill up, bringing you major savings in the long run.

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Why Partner With Us?

We provide the same-day funding that you need without the long onboarding process.

Let us sort out the paperwork and the invoicing and collections process.

Our fuel card program provides substantial savings at 1,800 stations nationwide.

No hidden fees. No minimum-volume fees. No invoice upload fees.

Back office support means spending less time chasing clients for last month’s invoice.

MyTriumph Web Portal gives you real-time feedback on your payment status, along with fast invoice uploads, 24/7 customer credit checks and business reports.

As a subsidiary of Triumph Bancorp, we’re more than a working capital provider; we’re your partner on your path toward your larger goals.

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