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description:Dedicated to harnessing the power of inspirational poetry to change our world for the better, one poem at a time.
Welcome... With this in mind, our three clear goals can be succinctly described:

To ENCOURAGE you through the poetry selections on this site

To ENTHUSE you to similarly engage in the noble and worthy craft of writing poetry with purpose.

To EMPOWER you to draw from within yourself the inspiration to
do just that.

No blinding you with science. In simple, easy-to-understand language, both in the poems, and in the tips on writing poetry, our aim is to help you, and to hopefully enable you to help others.

So, whether you are an aspiring poet, an experienced writer, or someone who simply enjoys the finished article this site has something to offer you.

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Do you relish poetic messages of hope and encouragement?

Do you yearn to read words of tranquillity midst the
oft-deafening tumult of our modern day world?

Have you ever felt a warm feeling inside as a
result of reading a piece of inspirational verse,
and wished that YOU, TOO, could write in
that way?

Or have you ever wished you could unlock
the mystery of weaving words together into
a meaningful whole?

f you have answered Yes to any of
these questions, welcome to
poemsfromtheheart.org - a site
dedicated to harnessing the power
of inspirational poetry to change our
world for the better, one poem at a time.

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<<< Thank you for your visit >>>

Dedicated to harnessing the power of inspirational poetry to change our world for the better, one poem at a time.

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