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description:Join the top physics and STEM forum community. Find experts debating the latest physics research. Request homework help for all sciences and math.
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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.Physics Forums | Science Articles, Homework Help, DiscussionNew postsPost thread… Featured Thread: The 41 second clock failure syndromeAn old clock stops working at the 41-minute mark. A new replacement, identical to the old one, also fails at the 41-minute mark. Repeated tests show that this isn’t just a fluke: the clocks always seem to fail around the same positions, so what could be the cause? Is it the defective gear? Is the motor failing to fight gravity when it lifts the hands?Homework HelpSeek out and help with student's math and science homework help. Step by step help with coursework from high school to post grad. Please show your work and use the template. Submit your question in the correct forum.Introductory Physics Homework HelpCylinder in a slotted arm moved by a forked rod (particle dynamics, kinetics)greg_rackAdvanced Physics Homework HelpDiscretizing a 1D quantum harmonic oscillator, finding eigenvaluesJTFreitasPrecalculus Mathematics Homework HelpFind the expected value of a coin flipping gamearmondo666Calculus and Beyond Homework HelpConsider the subset U ⊂ R3[x] defined aspasmithBiology and Chemistry Homework HelpChemistryBasicity of organic compoundsepenguinEngineering and Comp Sci Homework HelpEngineeringFinding Thevenin EquivalentLearnerErnie Science Education and CareersScience education is the process of sharing scientific information with the goal of learning. Perspectives include, teachers, students and professionals. Find homework help, academic guidance and textbook reviews.Science and Math TextbooksClassicalElectromagnetism textbooksparalleltransportSTEM Academic AdvisingDo I take these PhD red flags seriously?JarfiSTEM Educators and TeachingIs it good etiquette for a student to write down his|her own notes?kurumanSTEM Career GuidanceEngineeringWhat kind of engineers work in the semiconductor industry?paralleltransportPhysicsDiscuss topics on physics, the scientific study of matter and motion. Find quality discussion on classical, quantum, high energy physics and more. Mainstream physics only.Classical PhysicsBTo confirm if I am correct about the role of voltage in a circuitDaveEAtomic and Condensed MatterABloch momentum-space wave functionsrazQuantum PhysicsINotation of the approximation in quantum phase estimation algorithmPeter_NewmanSpecial and General RelativityBEnergy-mass equivalenceergosphericalBeyond the Standard ModelIRovelli on Quantum GravityNullsteinHigh Energy, Nuclear, Particle PhysicsIBethe-Bloch calculationAstronucOther Physics TopicsIHydrodynamics - Wave of TranslationhutchphdAstronomy and CosmologyJoin in expert discussion on astronomy, cosmology and star gazing. Astronomy deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.Astronomy and AstrophysicsOur Beautiful Universe - Photos and VideosDevin-MCosmologyBWhere is the center?DrakkithMathematicsMath is the language of reality. Discuss calculus, statistics, topology and more!General MathIIs the odd root of an even number always an irrational number?mfbCalculusBWondering if a limit exists or notMark44Differential EquationsIFind the center manifold of a 2D system with double zero eigenvaluesNicolaiTheDaneTopology and AnalysisIBroadly spiralling shape from partial sums of Zeta(0.5 + i t)pbukLinear and Abstract AlgebraIWhat is a dyadic?fresh_42Differential GeometryIDifferential k-form vs (0,k) tensor fieldcianfa72Set Theory, Logic, Probability, StatisticsAUncertainties on Bayes theoremkelly0303MATLAB, Maple, Mathematica, LaTeXLabelling a point on the x-axis with PGF-TikZberkemanEngineeringEngineering is science in action. Discuss mechanical, electrical, nuclear, design and more!General EngineeringForce on submerged plate perpendicular to flowjrmichlerMechanical EngineeringConveyor Rollers (Hex Axle)LnewqbanElectrical EngineeringChip ShortagensaspookAerospace EngineeringSpace Stuff and Launch InfoRiveNuclear EngineeringMCNP OutputPSRB191921Materials and Chemical EngineeringModelling of two phase flow in packed bed using conservation equationscasualguitarOther SciencesDiscuss a wide array of sciences like chemistry, biology, earth, social and more!ChemistryPreserving breast milk for jewelryNaomidomDIY ProjectsMisc.Why do Morse Tapers stick?BaluncoreBiology and MedicalAre the COVID Vaccines Unusually Ineffective?YgggdrasilProgramming and Computer ScienceAlways launch a program with additional parameters Ubuntu 20.04pbukEarth SciencesFuture of tectonic platessnorkackComputing and TechnologyTracing correct words from Jumbled words using machine learninganorlundaThe LoungeTake a break from science and discuss current affairs, jokes, relationships, sci-fi and more!General DiscussionCollection of Lame JokesDennisNScience Fiction and Fantasy MediaAnyone watching the TV show Devs?PeroKArt, Music, History, and LinguisticsRailroad history - Conrail, it isnt quite dead.AstronucFeedback and AnnouncementsThank you PF Mentors!fresh_42Our MissionWe aim to provide a community for students, scientists, educators or hobbyists to learn and discuss science as it is currently generally understood and practiced by the professional scientific community.

Our main focus is physics, but we also cater to other STEM fields including engineering, chemistry, biology, mathematics, etc.

STEM homework help for students is available, as well as academic and career guidance.Recent InsightsInsightsPython’s Sympy Module and the Cayley-Hamilton TheoremInsightsGeodesic Congruences in FRW, Schwarzschild and Kerr SpacetimesInsightsPhysical Applications of the “Tan Rule”Hot ThreadsIAn interesting question from Veritasium on YouTubeNumerical computation of the derivativeWhat to expect with COVID19, double jabbed AZIRovelli on Quantum GravityMisc.Why do Morse Tapers stick?Recent ChallengesChallengeMath Challenge - November 2021ChallengeMath Challenge - October 2021ChallengeMath Challenge - September 2021
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Join the top physics and STEM forum community. Find experts debating the latest physics research. Request homework help for all sciences and math.

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