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Welcome to Kernel Panic!This site is dedicated to Open Source and sharing of information, experience and software projects of any kind, because we believe that sharing of knowledge is the best way not to keep reinventing the wheel. Our favourite topics are OpenBSD, Linux, security, programming and open source software. All feedback is greatly appreciated! News Sep 6, 2014 Added document Automatic Virtual Machine deployment using the RHEV API and Python in the Linux section. Dec 6, 2012 Website versioning migrated to GitHib. Apr 26, 2008 Added document Py-PF - Managing OpenBSD's Packet Filter with Python in the Programming section. Apr 26, 2008 Uploaded py-PF in the software section: a pure-Python module for managing OpenBSD's Packet Filter. Nov 11, 2007 Added document Building VPNs on OpenBSD in the OpenBSD section. Apr 16, 2007 Added document OpenBSD as a Primary Domain Controller in the OpenBSD section. Jan 23, 2007 Added document Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD in the OpenBSD section. Jul 9, 2006 Added document OpenBSD as a domain name server in the OpenBSD section. Mar 19, 2006 Added document The Squid and the Blowfish in the OpenBSD section. Nov 19, 2005 Uploaded BowlFish in the software section: an OpenBSD installer for embedded systems. Oct 16, 2005 Added document on Embedded OpenBSD in the OpenBSD section. Sep 17, 2005 Uploaded SudoKiller in the software section: for those who have much more fun solving SuDoku this way! Jul 30, 2005 Added the XHTML 1.0 crib sheet in the programming section. Jun 20, 2005 All the pages on the web site have been ported to xhtml and css, resulting in cleaner code and increased compatibility and flexibility! Jun 11, 2005 Added document on OpenBSD as a mail server in the OpenBSD section. May 15, 2005 Added document on Redundant firewalls with OpenBSD, CARP and pfsync in the OpenBSD section. Apr 27, 2005 Uploaded Spot the difference in the software section: a fast, portable and easy to use file integrity checker. Apr 26, 2005 Added document on Writing shellcode for Linux and *BSD in the security section. Apr 18, 2005 The most important things first! Four JavaScript games uploaded in the fun section. Apr 14, 2005 It is born! It is born! It's a beautiful site of a few kb, come into the world after many delays and an endless childbirth! Congratulations!

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This site is dedicated to Open Source and sharing information, knowledge and software projects of any kind.

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