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description:At JMC, we specialize in sales and service of ATE to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Our resale/lease products include the full line of ATE, wafer probers, and device handlers associated with product testing.

JMC Home
Welcome to our web site

JMC has been in the used equipment sales and service business since 1993 and we are located in Southern New Jersey.

If you need Semiconductor or Board Test Systems, Handlers or Probers, or spare parts for this equipment please click the links on the left and see what we have available.

New items we recently received:

Mfgr. Model Description Ref # Advantest T2000 SoC Test System COM468 Agilent 93000 PS360 Mixed Memory Tester COM469 Agilent/HP E3160-66522 Fiber Optic Card for HP/Agilent 4072 Parametric Test System S/C104 Credence ASL 1000 Spares Spare / Replacement Boards Credence ASL 3000RF Spares Spare / Replacement Boards Delta Design ETC2000 Tester COM443 Eagle 5XP Tester COM464 Genrad 2284 Board Tester BDT143 Genrad 2286i Board Tester BDT139 HP 4062UX Tester COM437 HP 4062 Spares Spare Parts for 4062 Systems Multitest 8589 Tri Temp Handler HAN101 Semics Opus 2 Wafer Prober PRO405 Teradyne Flex Tester COM465 Teradyne Flex Various Spares S/C115 Teradyne Microflex Parts Tester COM460 Teradyne Ultra Flex Tester COM466 Teradyne L210 Board Tester BDT146 Teradyne L321 Board Tester BDT142 Teradyne A360 Various Spares Teradyne Tiger System Spares COM395 Teradyne 8852E In Circuit Tester BDT144 Teradyne J750 Digital Test System COM471 Tel P8E Wafer Prober PRO405 Tel P12XL Wafer Prober PRO391 Tel P12XLn Wafer Prober PRO392 Tel P12XLn Wafer Prober PRO397 TSK FP200A Wafer Prober PRO393 QMT 1100 Taping Machine HAN111

About JMC

JMC Purchases all types of semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment. If you need to sell your capital assets quickly, JMC can make a decision within a day with a cash offer. If trading your unused surplus for equipment that you need is more desirable than a cash offer, JMC is open to that as well. Or we can assist in the remarketing, and storage of your semiconductor equipment. Our new environmentally controlled warehouse was specifically designed to store sensitive semiconductor manufacturing equipment, including lithography equipment.

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At JMC, we specialize in sales and service of ATE to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Our resale/lease products include the full line of ATE, wafer probers, and device handlers associated with product testing.

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