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Global RuneScape Home RuneScape News06-Sep-12 - Squeal of Fortune: Alchemis...06-Sep-12 - Community Round-Up #506-Sep-12 - God Wars: Remastered01-Sep-12 - Behind the Scenes: Septembe...01-Sep-12 - Behind the Scenes Video 16:...Community News06-Jul-11 - New Senior Moderators09-Jan-11 - New Moderators07-Jan-11 - Recent Spamming Here at GRS28-Oct-10 - New Senior Moderator02-Oct-10 - Warning: Phishing ScamWelcome to Global RuneScape! Global RuneScape is a RuneScape fansite with hundreds of detailed guides, maps and quest walkthroughs! We offer databases containing information about thousands of items and monsters, in addition various tools designed to enhance your RuneScape experience. We also have a friendly and helpful community where you can discuss and ask questions related to RuneScape!Herald article: A New Global RuneScapeGlobal RuneScape veteran and ex-RuneScape player Chokelius takes a look back at what GRS means to him and discusses whether fansites are still necessary in a modern age of Wikis and Jagex provided player guides. Read more...19-Aug-2012 Herald: A New Global RuneScapeComment this update (19 comments)Making its triumphant comeback this week the Global RuneScape Herald returns with none other than GRS veteran Chokelius taking a look at what the site means to him and what the future of RuneScape holds for both Global RuneScape and other RuneScape fansites in 'A New Global RuneScape'.Chokelius helped greatly with the site in its early days, submitting vast amounts of detailed and high quality content so be sure to give him a big warm welcome back and let him know what you thought of this week's herald in the comments below!We're always looking for new Herald contributors so if you've got a great idea that you think would make an interesting article then don't hesitate to get in touch! Mike13-Aug-2012 Some Like it Cold Quest GuideComment this update (44 comments)The Global RuneScape team is proud to present its guide for the latest quest in RuneScape, Some Like it Cold. Head back into the icy north and help rescue a polar bear spy from the clutches of a POW (that's Prisoner of Walrus!) camp. Many thanks to Flinched for this great guide! Teddy - an agent of the PBJ - has gone missing while on the trail to find Larry. Chuck has received a ransom note from the Walrus and has asked you to investigate. Become a roadie for the famous Ping and Pong and break into a PoW camp to save Larry. Mike12-Aug-2012 The Return of Global RuneScapeComment this update (39 comments)Hello loyal Global RuneScapers! It doesn't take much to see that things have been a little less than active around Global RuneScape recently. Due to some staffing issues and other preoccupations, things have fallen a little flat over the past year. However, onto the good news - we're back! We've reassembled an elite team of 'Scapers and veteran GRS'ers to help restore Global RuneScape and return it to its rightful place as one of the best RuneScape fansites on the internet!As a gold-level Jagex recognised fansite, you can expect only the best and most concise guides and tips for all of the latest and hardest content in the game along with a bustling active community to share all your stories, strategies and PKing victories with.Of course, we're going to need a lot of help and that's where you come in! If you'd like to help submit any guides, items or monsters then you can do so by heading over to the Submissions / Updates forum. As things are always changing in the world of RuneScape, we're also always in need of updates to the existing content on the website so if you spot anything that's not quite right any more in a guide then please do let us know in the forums! All contributions will be rewarded with contributor points, allowing you to rank up and show your GRS pride among the forums!We have lots of exciting website updates in the pipeline which we're sure will make your day-to-day RuneScaping that little bit easier and more fun so we'll be sure to keep you updated on those as and when we can! Welcome back all and we look forward to seeing you online! Mike29-Oct-2010 New Herald ArticleComment this update (20 comments) Hello all! In the spirit of our current skill week, I've taken the liberty of writing a short article on why Dungeoneering can be an enjoyable skill. You can find it in the Global RuneScape Herald!Feel free to discuss it here after reading. Is it enjoyable to you? Dungeoneering is controversial, challenging, and enjoyable. This latest Herald entry gives insight into why it is enjoyable to a large portion of the RuneScape community. Enjoy the read! Slim5024-Oct-2010 Tormented Demon Slaying GuideComment this update (37 comments)The Tormented Demon Slaying Guide is up and running. Many thanks to I R 456 on the making of this great guide! Sincerely, Deathen Shada- The Content Team - Deathen Shada15-Oct-2010 Mining Training Guide (F2P)Comment this update (24 comments)Since the Woodcutting Training Guide has been released, me and Kevin have been at hard work with a new guide. I present you with the newly finished, hot of the press Mining Training Guide (F2P)! This guide was written by myself (Deathen Shada), and Kevin. Special Thanks to Rank Penguin for the beautiful animated picture you see below, and Anna Molly for the use of certain parts of his never finished Mining Training Guide. So everyone have a look and the new guide, and have a blast mining! If you find any errors or bugs, please send me a Private Message (PM) and I will try to fix it ASAP Mining, it's what makes the RuneScape economy go round. Without it you wouldn't have your Runite Platelegs or the limestone bricks for your house. This is one of the best ways to make money in the game. A single Runite Ore is worth up to 13k! In this guide we will cover how to get you the leet cape and where the best training spots are. We will be covering free to play methods only!Sincerely, Deathen Shada- The Content Team - Deathen Shada30-Sep-2010 Aliensvortex's Trip to Jagex and RuneFestComment this update (52 comments)Hello all! As many of you may already know, I was invited by Jagex to the real-life RuneScape event organized by Jagex, RuneFest 2010, in London. During my stay, I also got to visit the Jagex offices. Head over to the Herald to read about my trip to Jagex and RuneFest.After you've read the article, feel free to ask me any questions in this thread. I may also post more images in the thread, as I have lots of images that I chose not to add to the article in order to not make it too long.Enjoy! Aliensvortex26-Sep-2010 Firemaking Training GuideComment this update (30 comments)Once again, our very own Content Team Members have got together and written a guide. So everyone please congratulate Kevin, Rebel007, and myself (Deathen Shada) on the making of this wonderful guide. So everyone pop on over and have a look at the brand new Firemaking Training Guide! The Firemaking cape is one of the more common skillcapes you will see around Runescape. It is an easy skill, involving only logs, a tinderbox, and a decent amount of time and patience. There are a few different ways we want to show you how to save money, or shorten the time it takes to get 99 Firemaking. We'd also like to go over the different locations that are best for training. This will include both F2P and P2P locations.Sincerely, Deathen Shada- The Content Team - Deathen Shada21-Sep-2010 Gunnar's Ground Quest GuideComment this update (45 comments)Hello all! We've just released a quest guide for the latest quest in RuneScape, Gunnar's Ground. Note that this is a rather short and easy quest, and for most players, it should be easy enough to complete without a guide.A smitten dwarf sits lone, forlorn;His love full-formed but lost.Will you help to guide his path andUncross a love star-crossed?Since this quest has replaced the Romeo and Juliet quest, we've removed Romeo and Juliet from the list of quest guides. If you want to know more about why Jagex decided to remove Romeo and Juliet, see this blog post by Mod Mark. Aliensvortex06-Sep-2010 Waterfiend Slaying GuideComment this update (36 comments)The Waterfiend Slaying Guide is now up and ready thank to Night_elf45 who has done a wonderful job. So stop on over and view this wonderful guide. The Content Team- Deathen Shada Deathen ShadaComplete news archive Subscribe to RSSGlobal-RS Site NewsGlobal-RS Community NewsRuneScape News More info about RSS feeds

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