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Lindsey Buckingham released his self titled new album September 17th and it's a great album if you haven't checked it out. How did the album do in it's first week on the Album charts around the world? Here's what I've found.

DEBUT POSITION COUNTRY #6 SCOTLAND #8 UK (Top 40 Vinyl Albums Chart) #25 UK #37 GERMANY #39 GERMANY (albums download chart) #60 SWITZERLAND #65 IRELAND #99 debut #57 Week 2 BELGIUM(Flanders) #173 debut #180 Week 2 BELGIUM(Wallonië)
UNITED STATESVARIOUS ALBUM CHARTCHART EXPLANATION #6 Tastemaker Albums Chart Albums ranked based on "an influential panel of
indie stores andsmall regional chains

Top Album Sales Chart A pure album sales chart.

Top Current Album Sales Chart The same chart as Top Album Sales, with catalog
titles removed #37 Top Rock Albums Chart Most popular rock albums of the week, compiled by
Nielsen Music.Based on multi-metric consumption
(blending traditional album sales, track equivalent
albums, and streaming equivalent albums)

PEAK POSITION ON iTUNES ALBUMS CHARTS#7 - CANADA (itunes)#9 - USA (itunes)#10 - UK 9 (itunes)#23 - AUSTRALIA (itunes)#33 - GERMANY (itunes)
0comments Saturday, September 18, 2021 REVIEWS "LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM" May well make Fleetwood Mac think again.
Fleetwood Macs former guitarist goes his own way, but treads old groundThe Sydney Morning Heraldby Barry Divola1/2
Sometimes the soap opera threatens to obscure the music. Case in point: Fleetwood Mac. The drugs, the affairs, the infighting, the walkouts and the reconciliations have become part of the band narrative, most recently in 2018 when, after increasing tensions in the group, Lindsey Buckingham was fired and replaced with Neil Finn and Mike Campbell for live shows. Hes taken his ball, gone home and made his first solo album in a decade.
Buckingham was always the weirdly shaped peg in the Mac machine while they helped create the 70s US West Coast FM-rock universe. When he was given free rein on the bands 1979 opus Tusk, the world discovered he was more enamoured with the left-field experimentation of Brian Wilson or Todd Rundgren: mercurial musicians and maverick producers with highly individual visions of how songs should sound.
This self-titled disc softly treads the same ground he has been covering for a while now close-miked guitar played in his distinctive finger-picked style, lead vocals in his high, breathy register, layers of gossamer harmonies and beats that twitch and fidget. Case in point is first single I Dont Mind, a sparkly wisp of a thing that rhymes willow with pillow and broken arrow with straight and narrow, while youre left wondering how it might sound with Mick Fleetwood providing a big beat and Stevie Nicks cutting through with her white-winged dove vocals.
Remember, this is a man whose best-known solo hit, 1981s Trouble, was a Vaseline-lensed soft-rock song he introduced with a repeated two, a-three, a-four count-in as if he was imitating Cookie Monster. Buckingham shoots for The Everly Brothers on the echo-laden Blind Love and constructs an aural Venn diagram where Paul Simon and Roy Orbison intersect on Time, but theres a compressed and boxy aura around the production, while Swan Song threatens motion sickness with the strobe-like effect of fluttering Spanish guitars rubbing up against a beat with a case of the jitters.
The solo in On the Wrong Side proves he can still pull off the licks with ease, even if the songs thin sound doesnt match his virtuosity. Is it wrong to wish Buckingham would let it hang out again and build on the legacy of Go Your Own Way, a song that rocked and shimmered so majestically? Maybe thats a place he no longer wishes to revisit, but these songs suggest yet another Mac reconciliation could be in order.
Lindsey Buckinghams latest solo venture is a statement of intent
By Elizabeth AubreyIndependent UKSeptember 16, 2016
Lindsey Buckingham Lindsey Buckingham
Its been a tumultuous few years for Lindsey Buckingham. After being fired from Fleetwood Mac in 2018, he had to undergo life-saving, open-heart surgery in 2019 and then the pandemic hit. Buckingham called it a trifecta of events that were completely off the charts which is, perhaps, putting it mildly. Despite his troubles, Buckinghams seventh studio album is far from a dour, downbeat affair. In fact, its quite the opposite.
Take early album track, On The Wrong Side. While it seems to address his acrimonious break-up with the band Im outta pity,he repeatedly croons its an upbeat, stripped-back pop song which culminates in one of Buckinghams signature, stomping electric guitar solos and shows Fleetwood Mac just what theyre missing.
Drum machine led Swan Song is the albums most inventive and surprising song, proving that the creator of Tusk has still got his knack for innovation and creating a daring pop hook.
While the weakest tracks here tend to veer into self-pity the reflective, gentle and Searchers-like Time is a good example when Buckingham sings, Some folks treat me mean, these moments are usually short-lived. Buckingham is better when looking ahead, with purpose, as on the harmonious Power Down.
The self-title here feels like a statement of intent and with a strong solo offering like this, it may well make Fleetwood Mac think again.

Lindsey Buckinghams latest album is a pop sensibility of precisionThe ex-Fleetwood Mac star opines about his tumultuous relationship with former bandmates, but the music is poised and vibrant.
Ludovic Hunter-TilneyThe Financial Times/5
Fleetwood Mac havent released new music since 2013. They have become a behemoth of the nostalgia circuit, trading lucratively on past glories. But although the songs have dried up, the quarrels continue.
The latest outbreak of arguing in their long and disputatious history has been triggered by the arrival of the new solo album from Lindsey Buckingham, who was fired from the Macs ranks in 2018. He is still bristling at being expelled from the band that he helped turn into superstars in the 1970s. His feelings of hurt are chiefly directed at his former creative foil and ex-romantic partner, Stevie Nicks.
Has the queen lost her sight? he sings in Swan Song, one of Lindsey Buckinghams 10 tracks. The apparent jibe at Nickss poor eyesight since childhood is compounded by verses evoking bitterness at being cast into limbo while the band toured in 2018 and 2019, which was rumoured beforehand to be a farewell. Is it right to keep me waiting in the shadow of our swan song? he choruses. His breathy voice belies a needling tone of self-pity.
Buckingham blames Nicks for kicking him out of Fleetwood Mac. In recent interviews, the 71-year-old has compared her to Donald Trump and speculated that she was jealous about his starting a family in his late 40s while she remained childless. Nicks riposted with a statement denying that she had him fired and repudiating the bitter suggestion of ill-feeling at his becoming a father.
There is a toxic quality to Buckinghams resentment especially in light of allegations that he behaved abusively towards Nicks when they were a couple, as claimed in Stephen Daviss 2017 biography of Nicks, Gold Dust Woman. But whatever the shortcomings of its maker, and despite a troubled gestation, Lindsey Buckingham is not itself a poisonous experience.
Recorded in 2018, the albums release was delayed by the fallout from Buckinghams Fleetwood Mac ousting and then a heart attack in 2019. Lyrics about the ups and downs in a relationship have acquired an unfortunate significance after he and his wife Kristen Messner separated earlier this year. Yet Buckinghams gifts as a songwriter and performer cut through the surrounding noise.

The music was recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles, with Buckingham playing all the instruments. It has been crafted with customary attention to detail and ear for melody, a pop sensibility of precision, concision and escapism. The result is a set of four-minute songs that try to find the sweet spot between simplicity and complexity, and often succeed in doing so.
Opening track Scream is a nocturnal erotic reverie set to a thrumming guitar rhythm, pounding drums and chanted choruses, a pocket-sized version of arena rock, at once curtailed and expansive. On the Wrong Side is based on a contrast between a tightly metronomic beat and exuberant synths and guitar solos. Layers of vocalisations and instrumentation are arranged with an acute sense of space and action.
Buckinghams smoothly hoarse voice glides through these often fast-paced songs at a cruise-control tempo. Although the recordings were made before he sustained vocal damage during open-heart surgery in 2019, they betray the effects of time on his singing. Exertion is rationed. Lyrics are a mixture of cliché (The futures looking bright) and cynicism (Business and murder, they go hand in hand). With the mawkish exception of Dancing, the music is poised and vibrant. It keeps afloat amid the wreckage of Buckinghams Fleetwood Mac career.
0commentsLINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Takes Us Behind The MusicLindsey Buckingham breaks down 10 of his best guitar riffsThe man whos always gone his own way takes us behind the music.

By Maureen Lee LenkerEntertainment Weekly
Lindsey Buckingham has had a tumultuous few years, from his firing from Fleetwood Mac to undergoing emergency open heart surgery to his wifes recent filing for divorce. But the veteran rockers new solo album, out Friday, probes quieter moments, engaging with the relationship questions that have always made his work soar. And it sings with Buckinghams distinctive California pop-rock, fingerpicking style.
In honor of the albums release, Buckingham, widely considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time, goes back again to give us the stories behind his most memorable songs and epic guitar riffs.
Buckingham originally wrote this hard-rock song, atypical of Fleetwood Macs style at the time, for his album with then-girlfriend and creative partner, Stevie Nicks. Wed been in LA only for like a year and a half, he explains. Things happened pretty fast. The album came out, and it didnt really connect and we were working material for a second album.
All of Buckingham and Nicks songs that ended up on their first collaboration with Fleetwood Mac were demoed before they ever joined the band. It made the process of cutting that first album much easier than it wouldve otherwise been, working with people wed never worked with before, he notes.
Buckingham based Afraid off musical themes hed heard in church music, singing in a boys choir at the age of 10 or 11. It was an exploration into two things. One, into the use of a guitar as a very orchestral thing with a triad of melody going on. And then, the unleashing of the solo at the end, which grew into epic proportions over the years on stage.... It also addressed the yin-yang of having confidence and having faith that you have something to offer in a somewhat tenuous environment that is the entertainment industry, And yet, theres always a fear underneath that.
0commentsREVIEW Lindsey Buckingham is an upbeat, frequently delightful album 8/10
Lindsey Buckingham tips his hat to 60s pop on solo album
By Sam RichardsRIFF Magazine8/10
After what nearly amounted to a Fleetwood Mac reunion album with 2017s Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie, the first solo album from Lindsey Buckingham in a decade sounds as if it could have been the second disc of the fine 2011 solo release Seeds We Sow.
That isnt a bad thing at all; far from it. The new self-titled album is full of songs that meld pop hooks ranging from pleasant to glorious with instrumentationlayers of acoustic guitars, in particularthat give the songs a subtle edge while maintaining, even magnifying, their sweetness.
Where Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie seemed to be striving for the sound of the late 1970s and mid-1980s glory years of Fleetwood Mac, the new solo album turns back inward. Lindsey Buckingham, like most of Seeds We Sow, is a true solo effort, with the guitarist playing all the instruments and doing all the singing. And if theres a lack of the immediacy of his classics like Go Your Own Way, Monday Morning or Big Love, theres a depth of musicality that hits just as fast, if not quite as hard.
0commentsREVIEW Lindsey Buckingham Fresh Songs with a Classic Mac SoundLindsey Buckingham album review: Fresh songs with a classic Mac sound
If we ever get bored of those greatest hits, this will be a handy addition to the canon

By David SmythEvening Standard UK
Over four decades since the release of their biggest album, the world seems hungrier than ever for the music of Fleetwood Mac. The turbulent bands greatest hits collection, 50 Years Dont Stop, has been in the UK top 20 all year, while that giant album, Rumours, is at 22 today its 905th week on the chart. Possible explanatory factors include the death of founding member Peter Green last year, and the bands song Dreams appearing in a viral TikTok video, but more likely its just that these sounds of the Seventies dont appear to lose any appeal across the generations. Queen, Elton John and the newly recording ABBA are also in the top 20 this week, so it cant just be your mum playing them for the 905th time.
Fresh music is thinner on the ground, however. The closest weve come to a new Fleetwood Mac album since 2003 was a 2017 recording that featured four main members, but not Stevie Nicks, and ended up being called Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie. Nicks was also responsible for the ousting of Buckingham from the band before their last tour, across 2018 and 2019, in what was reportedly an either he goes or I do situation.
As Rumours proved, the friction between these former lovers often makes for the best music. However, theres not much on his seventh solo album to suggest that Buckingham is still taking inspiration from that particular battle. I Dont Mind, with lines such as: Where theres joy there must be sorrow/Never far apart, is more likely about Kristen Messner, who filed for divorce from him after two decades of marriage this summer. In any case he sounds magnanimous in the song, which easily replicates his classic sound with its bright plucked acoustic melody and breathy female backing vocals.
As long as theyre not taking sides, Mac fans will find lots to love here, including the bucking guitar solo on the racing On the Wrong Side and the sweet, easygoing chorus of Santa Rosa. Theres not much evidence of ageing in the 71-year-olds weightless voice. There are a few missteps the restless electronic beats of Swan Song might be intended to keep up with modern times but in fact make it sound more dated, and the closing ballad, Dancing, is a dreary finale. But if theres ever a chance that people tire of those greatest hits, this is an appealing minor addition to the canon.0commentsREVIEW Lindsey Buckingham bustles with defiant spirit while leaning heavily on deeply catchy songwritingFleetwood Mac visionarys stellar returnThe artist's first solo album in a decade sticks to the world-beating path hes mastered, drawing on love and lost relationships along the way.

/5By Rhys BuchananNME
Recent world events have proved deeply frustrating for musicians of all levels even those once central to one of the best-selling groups of all time. The long dark tunnel stretches further back for Lindsey Buckingham though; after being fired from Fleetwood Mac in 2018, the visionary then faced life-saving emergency open-heart surgery in 2019 before the pandemic even hit.
He described the three life-changing punches as a trifecta of events that were completely off the charts. Its no wonder then, that Buckingham finds himself picking through the rubble as well as seeking light on his seventh solo studio album Lindsey Buckingham. On his first solo studio effort post-Mac, hes intent on staying grounded musically and emotionally.
The buoyant opener Scream feels a fitting way to kick things off the swift and sweet track gleefully casts those difficult and stormy days away. A sense of abandon cuts through the driving acoustic melody with innocent simplicity through the lyricism: Lost in the language of your touch / Just like youre wakin from the dream / Oh, I love you when you scream.
One of the records most enchanting moments comes early on with I Dont Mind. A figure who has been embroiled in drama and heartache throughout his career, its no secret that Buckingham can pen an impacting love song. The track floats with masterful melodies as the lyricism elegantly picks apart the struggles and compromise of a long-term relationship.
Hes just as effective when dealing with the more notable long-term relationship that came crashing to an acrimonious end. The rhythmic anthem of On The Wrong Side deals with the feelings of his split with Fleetwood Mac: Im outta pity / Im outta time / Another city, another crime / Im on the wrong side, he sings before cutting loose with a soaring emotionally charged guitar solo. Theres definitely some healing going on here.
Even the most casual Fleetwood Mac fans wont have to look hard to uncover the bands classic hallmarks, which are dotted all over the listen. Swan Song packs the deep velvety guitar textures once heard during the Tango In The Night era; elsewhere Power Down showcases the effortless grandeur of the timeless finger-picking behind their biggest hits.
The album bustles with defiant spirit while leaning heavily on deeply catchy songwriting and production. And with Mick Fleetwood having reconciled with Buckingham back in March, its exactly the kind of triumphant return that could give his old band food for thought.0commentsFleetwood Macs Lindsey Buckingham chooses the light over the fight
BRAD WHEELERThe Globe and MailSeptember 16, 2021
Drake and Kanye West are feuding. Meanwhile, Stevie Nicks says: Hold my shawl.
In the days leading up to the release of ex-bandmate Lindsey Buckinghams new self-titled album, the fractious former Fleetwood Mac couple were once again in discord. In 2018, the latter was booted off a Fleetwood Mac tour he wanted to postpone in order to accommodate a solo tour of his own.
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Buckingham blamed his dismissal from the band on Nicks, his long-ago partner. I think she wanted to shape the band in her own image, a more mellow thing and if you look at the last tour, I think thats true, he said.
In response, Nicks released a statement to the magazine: To be exceedingly clear, I did not have him fired. I did not ask for him to be fired; I did not demand he be fired. If one reads between the lines, the suggestion is that Nicks had nothing to do with Buckinghams dismissal.
Has anyone thought of bringing in the comparatively harmonic Oasis brothers Liam and Neil Gallagher to mediate the latest Fleetwood Mac he-said/she-said? Probably not. Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom, as a great song once put it.
Which brings us to the eponymous seventh solo studio album by singer-guitarist Buckingham. Its an acoustic, melodically agreeable affair with contemplative lyrics and restrained production. Its deeply El Segundo one is compelled to move West, hire an agent and embrace the earthquakes. The fury of something like Fleetwood Macs Big Love just isnt there.
Dont be misled by the title of the opening song: Scream is a good scream, a gratified scream. Nighttimes the time I love so much, lost in the language of your touch, Buckingham sings, his voice drenched in familiar reverb. It sounds like it could have been written for a Fleetwood Mac album and maybe it was.
The verse of I Dont Mind is a more whispery Nirvana, but the chorus is sweet and sun-drenched. Though the third track On the Wrong Side is more up-tempo, its mood is wistful. Pretty guitar solos wind down to their destinations, like a top-down coupe on a coastal highway. Being on the wrong side of 70 seems to be what the 71-year-old is contemplating:
Time is rolling down the road
Now goes right in a hearse
We were young and never old
Who can tell me which is worse?
Theres a retro vibe at work. Blind Love is dreamy pop from the Ricky Nelson era, and a haunting cover of the sixties folk song Time (originally recorded by the Pozo-Seco Singers) conjures a Roy Orbison-Brian Wilson duet.
There are moments of cocaine-fueled tangos. And Santa Rosa could be a breakup song. Still, theres more gentle resignation than fight to the record. The word compromise even comes up. One might even say the album is mellow the same adjective Buckingham used to describe Nickss vision of the modern-day Fleetwood Mac.
Seems like someones made a breakthrough here.

0commentsVIDEO Lindsey Buckingham on The Late Show with Stephen ColbertLindsey Buckingham Brings Ripping Guitar Solos to Late-Night With On the Wrong Side Track appears on former Fleetwood Mac rockers new self-titled solo album

Lindsey Buckingham stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to perform his new song, On the Wrong Side, Thursday, September 16th.
On the Wrong Side moves with a restless rock roll rush, and the performance ended with some dizzying guitar soloing from Buckingham. But the most thrilling moment perhaps unsurprisingly were the rich, full-band harmonies on the chorus, Im outta pity/Im outta time/Another city, another crime/Im on the wrong side.
On the Wrong Side appears on Buckinghams new eponymous solo album, which arrives Friday, September 17th. Lindsey Buckingham is the singer-songwriters first solo album since 2011s Seeds We Sow, although it also follows his 2017 self-titled collaborative effort with former Fleetwood Mac bandmate Christine McVie. The new solo album is Buckinghams first record since he left Fleetwood Mac in 2018.
Earlier this month, Buckingham launched a North American tour in support of the record, and its set to wrap September 30th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A winter leg will kick off December 2nd in Los Angeles and end December 20th in Boulder, Colorado.

0commentsINTERVIEW Lindsey Buckingham talks new album, tour and Fleetwood MacLindsey Buckingham Holds Forth On His New Self-Titled Album, How He Really Feels About Fleetwood Mac Touring Without Him

Grammy.comby Morgan EnosSeptember 16, 2021
Lindsey Buckingham has taken some life situations on the chin lately, from bypass surgery to Fleetwood Mac removing him. But as his new self-titled record attests, almost nobody is better at flipping awkwardness and darkness into joyous melodies.
Lindsey Buckinghams new album comes prepackaged with obvious talking points. Crane your ear, and you can faintly hear the click-clack of MacBook keys assembling the following lede: Open-heart surgery (opens in a new tab), almost losing his voice forever(opens in a new tab), a looming divorce(opens in a new tab) (theyve since thrown that into reverse(opens in a new tab)love never fails!) and a certain über-dramatic rock institution handing him the pink slip.
But that readymade narrative leaves out the most important part, which is how it all comes out the other side of Buckinghams brain. For decades, the two-time GRAMMY winner alchemized pain and awkwardness into effervescent pop music like almost nobody elseand sold millions and millions of records as a result. How does he keep that psychological and spiritual mechanism well-oiled?
Perhaps the answer is best articulated in good ol music: His new album, Lindsey Buckingham, which arrives September 17, is permeated with this big-picture thinking. And everything hes been through since he recorded tunes like Scream, I Dont Mind and On the Wrong Sidehonestly, the album is three years old now after a comical number of delaysgives the tunes added heft, import and longevity.
But for now, the singer/songwriter and guitarist can give it the old college try. Its not like Im attracted to any of the dark at all. Its just that I think it exists hand-in-hand with the light, he says over FaceTime. Theres nothing you can do about that. That was the attitude he maintained during the Jerry Springer-style lovers fiascos that fueled Rumours, and its how he feels today, when predicaments and headaches that werent on the radar blindside him.
GRAMMY.com caught up with Buckingham during rehearsals for his current U.S. tour to discuss the long road to the new album and how he maintains a PMA (opens in a new tab) with the Sword of Damocles over his head. Near the end, he spills the tea about why hes really no longer in Fleetwood Mac.
This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.
Hows it feel to be rehearsing with your bandmates?Its great! The camaraderie cant be beat. Theres none of the politics that always were there with Fleetwood Mac. We had several attempts to get this album out over the last three years because its been ready to go for over three years. Certain things kept getting in the way. So, were finally here and its good to be playing. I love it.
0comments Tuesday, September 14, 2021 Fleetwood Mac Alternate Live Release For Black Friday Record Store Day 2021FLEETWOOD MAC
Alternate Live

Release Date: 11/26/2021Format: 2 x LPLabel: Rhino Warner RecordsQuantity: 6,000Release type: RSD Exclusive
A fourteen-song LP pulled from the Fleetwood Mac Super Deluxe release, including a further seven songs from the Tusk tour, four from the 1977 Rumours tour and three from the 1982 Mirage tour. Released for RSD Black Friday for the first time on double vinyl.
Record Store Day

In response to Lindsey Buckinghams 3 most recent interviews with the New York Times, LA Times and Rollingstone, Stevie Nicks (and Fleetwood Mac's Manager Irving Azoff) respond to Lindsey's claims on why he was let go from the band.

LA Times

NY Times



Its unfortunate that Lindsey has chosen to tell a revisionist history of what transpired in 2018 with Fleetwood Mac, Nicks wrote to Rolling Stone. His version of events is factually inaccurate, and while Ive never spoken publicly on the matter, preferring to not air dirty laundry, certainly it feels the time has come to shine a light on the truth. Following an exceedingly difficult time with Lindsey at MusiCares in New York, in 2018, I decided for myself that I was no longer willing to work with him. I could publicly reflect on the many reasons why, and perhaps I will do that someday in a memoir, but suffice it to say we could start in 1968 and work up to 2018 with a litany of very precise reasons why I will not work with him. To be exceedingly clear, I did not have him fired, I did not ask for him to be fired, I did not demand he be fired. Frankly, I fired myself. I proactively removed myself from the band and a situation I considered to be toxic to my well-being. I was done. If the band went on without me, so be it. I have championed independence my whole life, and I believe every human being should have the absolute freedom to set their boundaries of what they can and cannot work with. And after many lengthy group discussions, Fleetwood Mac, a band whose legacy is rooted in evolution and change, found a new path forward with two hugely talented new members.

Further to that, as for a comment on family I was thrilled for Lindsey when he had children, but I wasnt interested in making those same life choices. Those are my decisions that I get to make for myself. Im proud of the life choices Ive made, and it seems a shame for him to pass judgment on anyone who makes a choice to live their life on their own terms, even if it looks differently from what his life choices have been.

1 commentsLindsey Buckingham his dismissal from Fleetwood Mac It became a little bit like Trump and the RepublicansLindsey Buckingham Wont StopBuckingham on his new solo album and why his dismissal from Fleetwood Mac was the result of the other band members cowering before Stevie Nicks: It became a little bit like Trump and the Republicans

By Stephen Rodrick - Rollingstone
Lindsey Buckingham will tell you that he isnt about the drama. He leaves that to his former bandmates in Fleetwood Mac.
Not everyone in his family subscribes to the same feeling. His son Will issued a declarative statement shortly after he was booted out of the band in 2018: God, they ruined your life.
No, not even close, says Buckingham with a wan smile.
Hes right, in a way. Over the past three years, there have been other life ruination candidates. In short order, Buckingham nearly died, lost his voice, had an album repeatedly delayed, and suffered through a pandemic funk.
Still, he insists, he is in a good place. Right now, Buckingham is in a Burbank rehearsal space preparing for a tour supporting his new solo album, a self-titled 10-song, 37-minute pop gem sprinkled with enough California melancholy, domestic uncertainty, and sunny hooks to satisfy a divorced Santa Cruz poet. The album has been done for three years, but because of the aforementioned hiccups it remained unreleased until last month. Combined with the best songs on his 2017 duet album with ex-bandmate Christine McVie, Buckingham has churned out an hours worth of pop masterpieces at an age when most contemporaries are having a hard time pushing back from the all-you-can-eat nostalgia buffet. The new record is just the latest in a startling late-career renaissance that, not coincidently, began shortly after consummate bachelor Buckingham married his wife, Kristen Messner, and his three children were born.
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Play On:Now, Then andFleetwood Mac
In April, 2013 New York Times AuthorAnthony Bozzabegan working with legendary drummer Mick Fleetwood on his life story, which will span the entire history of the band that bears his name.

In this candid, intimate portrait of a life lived in music, Mick Fleetwood sheds new light on well-known points in his history, including many incredible moments of recording and touring with Fleetwood Mac, as well as personal insights from a man who has been a major player in blues and rock 'n' roll since his teens.
The group Fleetwood Mac has sold over 140 million records worldwide, and they continue to attract a huge following, selling out their biggest arena tour ever in 2013, decades after their debut. Finally, the group's admirers will have a unique portrait of what made Mick and the rest of the group tick in the midst of their massive success and personal trials.
Available Now EverywhereHardcover, e-book and Audio Book320 pages, 16 pages of photosPublisher:Little, Brown and Company
Canada | USA | UKGet Tusked: The Inside Story of Fleetwood Mac's Most Anticipated Album
by Ken Caillat and Hernan Rojas
In this behind-the-scenes look at the making of Fleetwood Macs epic, platinum-selling double album, Tusk, producers and engineers Ken Caillat and Hernan Rojas tell their stories of spending a year with the band in their new million-dollar studio trying to follow up Rumours, the biggest rock album of the time.

Following their massive success, the band continued its infamous soap opera when its musical leader and guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham, threatened to quit if he didnt get things his way, resulting in clashes not only with his band but especially Caillat, who had been essential to the bands Grammy-winning sound.

Hernan Rojass story recounts a young man who leaves Chile after General Pinochets coup to seek his future in the music industry of Los Angeles, where he finds success at one of the hottest studios in town. When Fleetwood Mac arrives, Rojas falls in love with its star singer, Stevie Nicks, and the two of them become romantically involved.

Throughout the book, both Caillat and Rojas detail not only the trials and sacrifices they made to finish the album, but also triumphs of musical inspiration and technical innovation that have made Tusk the darling of music critics and indie rockers today.
Available at Amazon392 pagesPublisher Backbeat (November 22, 2019)




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WEB | SOCIAL SITESFleetwoodmac.com|Twitter|FacebookFleetwood's on Front Street!Mick Fleetwood's restaurant is located at 744 Front Street, Lahaina, MauiTo make reservations call 808.669.MICK or reserve on-line at Fleetwoodsonfrontst.com


If you see the Red Flag below flying above the restaurant, that means Mick is on the island. If the white flag is flying, Mick is off island.

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